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January 21st, 2011

Irreparable RPG OOC


January 21st, 2011

OMFG Mod Post

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Because I'm totally insane and self-loathing (apparently) I tagged every single damn entry in the IC community. After days of tagging, a full tag list is available here. Please, from now on, try and remember to tag any threads with the characters involved. Tags are set up by canon name, so Ginny is Ginny Weasley, Robert is Summers, Kherrington is K Bundy, etc. Tags make things sooo much easier to find.

Read back over select entries along the way, I realized a few things. So here are my awards. We're very close to our one year anniversary, btw.

Adrian likes to send women flowers.
Most active character: Audrey
Most Played and Dropped: Sue Li (three incarnations of her seen!)
Biggest Change between incarnations: Adrian Pucey

Remember to tag!

Plot Shots

I'm working on an In Character game (like OTA 2010) that should be up sometime this weekend. Please keep an eye out. I'll probably post it on Sunday.

Who Do You Want?

I made a nifty Most Wanted code a few weeks back in my CDJ and now I want an excuse to use it. SOOOOOO I want 2 things from you.

A. A list of the top 5 characters you want to see in game (by Name)
B. If you want a specific role filled for a character, put what character and what role (ie. a girlfriend for Joe, an enemy for Tim).

This will help with advertising and also for plotting with who we already have. Thanks!

Happy threading!
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