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July 28th, 2011


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Some RL stuff has come up that's got me incredibly distracted. I'm really sorry for going awol, and I'm going to do my best to keep up and to get to all the tags I owe, but this RL stuff is heavy shit, and I'm kinda barely keeping it together as it is.

Please feel free to send me e-mails, I'll do my best to get back to them. I'm just... trying to keep my head above water at the moment.


July 11th, 2011

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I know things have been lagging here lately (I haven't had but a few moments all summer to check the site >.<) but I love all the people here and our pups and I hope that in the fall we can think of something fun to do :) Whether it's keeping PSLs alive, or starting something new.

Anyone interested?

July 8th, 2011

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So, after 3 hours in the ER yesterday (on my wedding anniversary, no less) I was diagnosed with "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo"... the good news is that there's an explanation for my dizziness/vertigo/light-headedness, and that I'm on medication and have a way of treating it. The bad news is that the prognosis is "we have no idea when it's going to get better"... it could go away tomorrow, it could be around for months.

This has been a terrible, terrible week. If anyone's still checking this comm, I'd love to play with you more. But I'm going to be AFK for a while, until I get used to my new medications. Please feel free to contact me. E-mail is probably best. <3


June 3rd, 2011

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I hate to add to the string of semi-hiatus posts here in the OOC community, but I kind of must.

I started school last week and have a lot more work/am a lot more exhausted at the end of the day then I thought I would be. Plus, my stupid phone doesn't have an internet connection half of the time so I can't tag and stuff between classes. So I'm going to go on a sort-of hiatus for now. I'll still be around, just not as much.

Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll get more into the routine and be around more.

(Daphne and Adrian)

June 2nd, 2011

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I also didn't disappear. Having the flu sucks, and it's taking me forever to recover and I've barely had enough energy to deal with my play practices. I'll hopefully be up and running again by tomorrow unless my luck continues and something else happens.


May 31st, 2011

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Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't disappeared. I've been very busy with this summer's rep productions and this morning I woke up with food poising! I plan to be beck ASAP but it is looking like I might need to be on quasi-hiatus, at least until The Full Monty opens. You can always reach me by email, and I have been poking my nose into the community to see what's going on lately. I just don't know how active I can be for the next few weeks.

Miss you bunches!

- Praxyn (Oliver & Katie)

May 15th, 2011

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Hey guys. I've been a pretty absent mod the last few weeks and I apologize for that. I've been wrapped up in starting a family business and promoting my book to come out in July. That and the fact that I was working 10-20 hours more than I was hired for consistently, made it hard to RP. I'm kicking myself back into committing to my games, but this one has petered down to a group PSL and I don't think it'd be fair to new players, at this point, to try and pump it up as a community again.

This is a drop notice, letting you all drop anyone you're not really playing. Leave me a list of who you ARE keeping, too, just so I can clean out no-response people. I'll clean up the community this week. Thanks to everyone who has stuck around.

May 3rd, 2011

Scrimmage Time Table

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All matches to be played at Exmoor Stadium, Cornwall, while the Ministry of Magic prepares Yorkshire Moor, Ilkley Moor, Ellis Moor and Bodmin Moor for the European Champions Cup. Matches are on Saturdays at 1:30 in the afternoon, with the exception of "Opening Weekend" where there is also a match Sunday, 1:30 pm. Due to an odd number of teams, the Caerphilly Catapults have drawn a bye. All games are scrimmages and will not count towards next season.

May 8th - Falmouth Falcons vs. Holyhead Harpies
May 9th - Pride of Portree vs. Puddlemere United
May 15th - Chudley Cannons vs. Appleby Arrows
May 22nd - Wigtown Wanderers vs. Kenmare Kestrels
May 29th - Ballycastle Bats vs. Tutshill Tornados
June 5th - Montrose Magpies vs. Wimbourne Wasps

Fall Season Schedule TBD.

ETA I'm a retard and meant to put The Arrows against The Harpies so our quidditch players might be able to actually play a game against one another. I see that Mile's post has already mentioned the game against the Arrows -- I leave it up to all of you if we want to leave the schedule as is or correct it.

Sorry about the mix up >.

April 28th, 2011

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Im sitting with Sarah RIGHT NOW at Aeternitas. XD

Miss you guys!

April 27th, 2011

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And now for that moment you've all been waiting for... the UEQA European Quidditch Champions Cup 2004 Schedule! )

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Hey guys! I thought I'd update you guys since I've been gone longer than I thought. After I finished my project I ended up getting sick, the meds they gave me made me sicker, and now that I'm finally feeling better it's finals week.

My class one is on Monday, so if everyone holds on until Tuesday I'll have tons of time for playing!


April 26th, 2011

Ugh! For when the internet just wont cooperate.

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I haven't had internet since last Thursday. I didn't even have internet at WORK today! Praise be the gods of ethernet, though, because I have it now at home. I'll get the promised Quidditch stuff up sometime this evening. For now - more work >.

April 22nd, 2011

Hiatus Notice

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I'm going to be scarce over the next couple of weeks, though I'm going to try and write up posts while traveling. Please consider this a mini-hiatus, and have patience with me?

Here's the deal: )
Feel free to contact me anytime for anything!

(Verity, Audrey, Kherrie, Miles, Stephen, Draco)

April 19th, 2011

All you ever needed to know about Quidditch!

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Friday, the Ministry of Magic will announce something spectacular, unexpected, and possibly annoying.

Important Info:
- Euro Cup to be hosted in England June 12th -> July 4th
- England's regular Quidditch Season will move to September 2004 - May 2005
- A new scrimmage season will be announced between May 1st - June 1st

For those who want to know the whole story, click here! )

April 12th, 2011

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As you may have seen by now, Jackie has withdrawn her characters from the game. Right now it seems a bit silly for me to have Neville when I'm also Harry if his fiance isn't around. I think Ginny is his only in-game friend that I don't play.

So Neville is going to take the position at Hogwarts. I'm going to retire Neville from the game so he can go to pursue his canon path. BUT the Hannah/Neville wedding will still be a party in a couple of months.

April 10th, 2011

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I have found myself unable to get plot for any of my characters outside of my ships. I have also found myself struggling for general interaction. While I could continue to go on writing only with my ships, I've found myself struggling with the concept. I started writing in communities again for the sake of being part of the community.

Thus, I'm pulling all of my characters out. (Hannah, Astoria, and Seamus.) I can't express how grateful I am that this community helped me to ease back into playing in a community. It was fun while it lasted. I really do wish everyone the absolute best.


April 9th, 2011

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Okay! I've been really spacey this week and I will continue to be so until Wednesday. I have an accounting final project due Tuesday and it turns out one of my partners bailed on us. So, lots more work for me and I will be in no position to write anything good (or anything that doesn't mention net income) until then.

I know I owe a tag to Missy and I will try to get that done soon! Wish me luck!


April 6th, 2011

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Hey Lindsay... !

April 5th, 2011

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Okay, I'm back! (...sorta. My Jaw is ACHING today, especially since I had a long day.) Assume my pups have been doing what they were supposed to be doing, yeah? And if we want to backdate anything, I can totally do that. Going to get to posting right away!

Anyone want scenes with Verity, Audrey, Kherrie, Stephen, Draco or Miles?


April 1st, 2011

Imma let this RP finish, but first... An introduction

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Why hello there to all of you lovely RPers of Potterverse.

My name's Maggie and I am so incredibly excited to be here. A short blurb about myself: I'm 20, full time student, pharmacy technician, and all around RP whore. I will probably annoy you with my incessant nagging to play with me, so I apologize beforehand. But let's be realistic here, you're not really interested in me but who I am bringing to the table. So without further ado, here is Susan Bones.

She's had quite a rough run of life and has been recently trying to rebuild and put everything back together. After the murder of her Aunt Amelia, the world kind of fell apart around Susan and after the 2nd War she went off into the world to forget about it all. She found a job at an art gallery in London where she works painting and drawing along with many other talented artist to put together shows. She is also involved part time in modeling. She has a small problem lately with partying a bit to much and finding her therapy to life at the bottom of a bottle. But of course, she's not all bad.

In all reality, Susan is one of the nicest people anyone will probably meet. She loves more than anything to see someone smile, especially if they were having a bad day. She wants to get to know everyone and anyone she can, even if there may be a 'bad stigma' surrounding that person. She's not one to conform to rivalries or take part in any backstabbing drama. Really, she would rather just keep her life as laid back and positive as possible. She will be your shoulder to cry on and your therapist when you need one, but she lacks the ability to really talk about herself which is why she tends to lose herself in her artwork so much. She's also very bright and intelligent when she finds a topic stimulating enough for her to actually think about. She's also kind of loud, vulgar on occasion, and a tad sarcastic when the time calls for it, so don't take anything she says to personally. She has a crappy time with boys, partly because she can't seem to sit still with one long enough for anything serious to happen, but she is open for ex boyfriend/fling plots and the like!

So seriously: friends, enemies, ex-loves, crushes, futures loves and all the like. I'm so ready for it! Also I mentioned in her history that she hung out with Hannah Abbot because they were the same age, but that can ALWAYS be edited if its not okay. Just let me know, yes?

Thank you for putting up with my crazy long intro. I tend to talk to much. <3
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