Iconics - January 16th, 2009

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January 16th, 2009

05:18 pm - *January 2009 Contest, Brian/Justin Category Voting Poll*
The voting is opening late for this contest. I hope you'll forgive me. In an effort to take some of the load off [info]happier_bunny, I am doing the voting polls this contest. Let me tell you, it just gives me a whole new level of respect for her because IT AIN'T EASY! I got the mechanics down yesterday, and actually had a large chunk of time to work on the post, got it *ALL* done and then I couldn't post because of an error that I could *never* find. Bunny checked, couldn't find it either, so my work was for naught. Talk about frustrating.

So, I am trying something different this time and I hope you'll bear with me and that it won't be TOO MUCH of an imposition for you. We're going to have four different voting posts for each contest. There will be one for each category in the contest. That way I can better control the polls and hopefully it will aid in counting votes as well. (and if you hate this or have comments or suggestions, please let me know)

I don't have time right now to do all four posts, but I'll be back later this evening to do the other three if this one works.

So please, vote! Even if you didn't nominate icons, you can vote. Anyone can vote, so please encourage your friends to come and vote as well. The "polls" will remain open for a week, we'll close next Friday, January 23.


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09:35 pm - *January 2009 Contest, Other Canonical Pairings/Ensembles/The Gang Category Voting Poll*
Here is the post for the second round of voting! Thanks to all of you who voted in the Brian/Justin category already. I was thrilled to see so many when I got home a while ago. :D

I'll put up the next two posts as soon as I can, so be sure to vote in ALL FOUR categories!


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10:01 pm - *January 2009 Contest, Individual Category Voting Poll*
This is the post for the third round of voting, Individual Category. One more to come shortly!


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10:14 pm - *January 2009 Contest, Wild Card Category Voting Poll*
*sigh of relief*
*fingers crossed*
This is the final category (wild card) voting poll! Please vote and tell all your friends!

There are some icons nominated in multiple categories. Since the wild card was couples, some of those were also in the Brian/Justin category and the Other Canonical Pairings category, so that wasn't a *huge* surprise.


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