Jan. 18th, 2008


Bandom Post 2 - Friday the 18th to Friday the 25th

Never Was A Badger So by [info]skoosiepants
Brendon/Spencer | Hogwarts AU

There Should Be A Name For Something Like This by [info]skoosiepants
Brendon/Spencer | Hypothetically speaking....

Everything Else Is Secondary by [info]skoosiepants
John/Rodney pre-slash | SGA | Not actually bandom, but it's close enough so, it might as well be here

Just One Of The Girls by [info]skoosiepants #
Brendon/Ryan | Two Parts | Wherein Ryan is a douche and dresses like a girl for douchey reasons

Special Delivery for Hoops McCann by [info]skoosiepants
Spencer/Jon | AU

cutest thing since puppies by [info]skoosiepants
gen drabble | in the Never Was A Badger So 'verse

The Animal Shelter AU by [info]skoosiepants
Multiple Pairings, multiple bands | Gerard runs an animal shelter

last night I dreamt an emo kid loved me by [info]provetheworst ##
Brendon/Spencer | plenty of ideas about the hypothetical wedding for Brendon and Spencer, or is it?

comment drabble by [info]lordessrenegade
Brendon/Spencer | remember that time that Brendon legitimately thought Spencer was a girl?

My in Yours by [info]disarm_d
Brendon/Spencer | two parts | set in the pornocabin

A Better Kiss by [info]kueble_fic
Brendon/Jon | the one with the post-it notes everywhere.

Our Life Is Not a Song or Maybe by [info]turnyourankle #
Brendon/Jon | where Brendon likes to tune other peoples instruments

befalls the flawless by [info]disarm_d ##
Brendon/Spencer | AU | Brendon is a studio musician that does work on lots of pop albums. The Summer League asks him to play bass for them.

The new face of by [info]disarm_d
Brendon/Spencer | Spencer takes a year off while he waits for his father to pay his way into Yale.

Just Like A Fairytale by [info]acroamatica
Brendon/Jon | Brendon makes a wish on some tiaras, and then forces the guys to put them on

Just Close Enough To Touch by [info]acroamatica
Brendon/Spencer | College AU | Jon works at a Starbucks on campus, Brendon has a recital at the end

nothing quite cleanses like fire [info]raye6
Brendon/Jon | nuclear war

felt like a lifetime by [info]jezzabe
Jon/Spencer, Pete/Brendon |
and Bonus companion fics
felt so good same story, but from Brendon's POV, so it's mostly Pete/Brendon
and we were standing after the others and from Patrick's POV, with a new element of Patrick/Ryan

Sleepless by [info]geneli4
Pete/Brendon | under 500 words, relationship more a possibility than anything else

Unlucky by [info]kueble_ficl
Pete/Brendon, Ryan/Patrick | Pete has nothing to do when Ryan seduces Patrick

Brand New Hero by [info]provetheworst ##
Pete/Brendon | AU | bonus material roundup post | Brendon's an artist, kinda hung up on Spencer a little bit.

spent so long waiting [info]jezzabe
Brendon/Pete, Brendon/Jon, Pete/Patrick | Someone sells a story about Brendon to the press, this is the aftermath

Hold it Together (with craft paste) by [info]madsciencechick #
Brendon/Spencer | Elementary School Teach AU

The Country Of Your Skin by [info]jocondite
Brendon/Spencer | The boys meet the rest of FOB, there's a hot tub.

My Favorite View by [info]inthekeyofpike
Brendon/Spencer | AU | Jon Walker. Fetish photography. 'Nough said.

Montezuma's Castle, 101 Omelets, and Other Lies by [info]o4fuxache
Brendon/Spencer | Brendon is blackmailed into doing a signing, him and Spencer drive there and back.

With Friends Like These... by [info]iamtheenemy
Brendon/Spencer | Spencer can remember a time when he didn't want to have sex with Brendon Urie

Sweat the Battle Before the Battle Sweats You by [info]chopsticknoodle
Brendon/Spencer | Ryan says: "Brendon's in love with you, you know," and Spencer spits his coffee out everywhere.

Never A Boy Scout by [info]foxxcub
Brendon/Spencer | Kissing, and dirty talk, in a game of I Never with TAI which Spencer isn't even playing.

hear the ground beneath you by [info]parcae #
Brendon/Spencer | double genderswap, on vacation

Towns Flying By by [info]jocondite
Brendon/Spencer | the van's heater goes out

Best For Last by [info]anew_leaf
Brendon/Spencer | Decaydance Fest afterparty, Brendon is a kissingwhore

Photo-Proofed Kisses by [info]beingothrwrldly
Brendon/Patrick | Valentine's Day

Confession of a Baffled Mind by [info]circuity ##
Brendon/Patrick | Patrick starts hanging out on the Panic! bus a bit too much.

in between the rights and wrongs by [info]kissingchaos9
Brendon/Patrick | opens with slightly drunk Brendon posing philosophical questions about being a lead singer to Patrick

Chicago Ink by [info]iphignia939
Brendon/Patrick | Patrick decides to get a tattoo

In Such Great Places by [info]savvygambols
Brendon/Patrick | Brendon and Ryan hang out with Pete and Patrick in the studio

My Crush Came Out, But He Still Won't Kiss Me by [info]alex_boylove
Brendon/Jon, Jon/Bill, Jon/OC | Jon comes out all spur-of-the-moment-like

The Blurred Lines Between Friendship And Taking Advantage by [info]crayola123
Brendon/Jon, Jon/Bill | big advantage taking, made me cringe, kept reading because it always seems about to turn, and then it does, and it's awesome

Manscaping by [info]ficsoreal
Ryan/Ray, Brendon/Jon, Spencer/Patrick | interesting idea, but not truly rereadable

The Desperate Housewives AU by [info]joker_and_thief #
Ryan/Ray, Brendon/Jon, Spencer/Patrick | this author's take on "Manscaping", mostly about Spencer and Patrick

Apples by [info]joyfulseeker
Brendon/Jon flavored Gen | Brendon wants to make pie at the cabin

comment ficlet by [info]lordessrenegade
Brendon/Jon | Brendon wants Jon to dance with him

What To Do If Your Roommate Is A Constant Nudist (Or, How Spencer Met Brendon) by [info]duendeoflorien #
Brendon/Spencer | two parts | Brendon likes to be naked in his dorm

turnover by [info]stereomer
Brendon/Jon | short bit from the new years pictures

Jon Jacob by [info]dsudis
Brendon/Jon | 825 words | waring for earworm | Jonnn-athan-Ja-cob-Walker-Smith

Never Forever by [info]lady_deathangel
Brendon/Jon | it’s Brendon and it’s Jon and it’s a kind of Epic Gay Love Story (though the epic bit is only implied, as it's relatively short)

to the beat in my head by [info]audreysrev
Brendon/OMC | FBR keeps trying to set Brendon up with chicks, but Jon knows what's up.

Crush (With Eyeliner) by [info]addictedkitten
GSF | Yeah, honestly, Jon Walker totally is that kind of guy. He just doesn't know it yet.

Wanted To Be Your by [info]provetheworst ##
Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Jon | Patrick and William are roommates, Patrick gets Jon to help him with Chem., and Pete is Jon's roommate

You Are The Word I'm Looking For by thegoldsky
Pete/Patrick | Patrick has a dream about Pete and Pete walks in on the aftermath

asleep at your feet by [info]formerlydf ##
Brendon/Jon | Brendon thinks they really need to start talking when they're sober.

The Restaurant AU by [info]schuyler
Brendon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Ryan/Greta | AU | title says it all

The Sun Always Shines Here by [info]enoughoflove
Pete/Patrick | AU | Pete lives in a house called Barkley, in Portland, Joe brings Patrick over to work on a college project

You're Retail, But You're No Therapy by [info]kueble_fic
Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon, Pete/Patrick | AU | Spencer works at Spencer's and Brendon at The Disney Store. In The Mall.

Keep It Simple by [info]never_walk
Brendon/Spencer | Spencer is introduced to Ryan's crush, who seems to like him more.

The Intricate Steps of Pickpockets by [info]torturemysoul
Pete/Brendon, Pete/Ryan | Pete's all about Ryan, until he isn't anymore, and by then he's all about Brendon.

comment fic by [info]inthekeyofpike
Brendon/Pete | Brendon is drunk, Pete likes his mouth.

Afraid of Change, Afraid of Staying the Same by [info]disarm_d
Brendon/Pete, Brendon/Others | Taco Bell bathroom, New Years Eve party

[Insert Fall Out Boy Lyric Here] by [info]impertinence
Brendon/Pete | AU | Superheros. 'Nough said.

Used to know the name of every person I kissed by [info]disarm_d
Pete/Brendon | Interesting, only 1900 words, but very compelling. Makes me want to know how it'll go in the future, if they'll ever get to any other places, emotionally.

Stealing by [info]proteinscollide
Pete/Patrick, Pete/Ryan, Pete/Brendon | Pete sometimes steals things he doesn't need.

Break Me Down by [info]le_disko_queen
Spencer/Ryan, Ryan/Brendon, Brendon/Pete | Spencer learns over time to let Ryan make his own mistakes and encourage him to do things he shouldn't.

I Know I'm Not Supposed to Love You by [info]alex_boylove
Pete/Ryan, Pete/Brendon | Brendon falls in love with Pete pretty much instantly. It takes Pete a little longer.

Sex Is The Most Awful, Filthy Thing In The World [Save It For Someone You Love] by [info]stereo_junkie
Brendon/Jon, Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Pete implied, etc | AU | Last Chapter | Too graphic and harsh for my taste, with no one compelling to make that worth my while. I should go back and read the other chapters, but I'm not too interested o see how it go to this point.

Bowling Tutorial by [info]arsenicjade
Brendon/Pete | Short and sweet. Shirtless bowling is dangerous and can lead to other things.

this is not a fairy tale by [info]jezzabe #
Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Pete | In which Ryan is in control, Brendon isn't in love, and Pete is there to pick up the pieces.

To Where The Sky Opens by [info]torturemysoul
Pete/Brendon | In the rain (with possibly some implied Brendon/Ryan)

Brendon And The Beast by [info]matchsticks_p
Brendon/Pete | Pure Crack. Beauty and the Beat told crack!Bandom style.

The Making of Axe: the Horror of Man by [info]provetheworst ##
William/Travis, William/Siska, Brendon/Spencer | Two Parts | Everybody works in a Video Game Making office, called Umbrella Games

I will Destroy Ryan Ross And All That He Loves: A Cautionary Tale by [info]jae_w ##
William/Siska, Ryan/Jon | William Beckett vs. Ryan Ross. This is Thunderdome, dollface.

Anything You Could Keep by [info]gigantic
Siska/Ryan, William/Tom, Siska/William | Starts with a meeting and ends in a car

One For The Money by [info]alex_boylove
Frank/Gerard | AU | Three Parts |

Vertigo by [info]sori1773 ##
Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/William, Jon/Cassie | AU | The Doctor's Office story

the pets story by [info]disarm_d
Brendon/Jon | Jon's cats are not Brendon-people

Pete Wentz and The Internet by [info]jawbreaker_x
Pete/Patrick | Patrick thinks Pete's addicted to the internet

the way you walk by [info]mariannafic
Brendon/Spencer | AU | cute little college thing, with color changing eyes and betting

Crush by [info]gondorknowsbest
Brendon/Jon | quick little highschool thing in a hallway with an ass-slap

Turning The Pages by [info]karneval
Pete/Brendon, Pete/Ashlee, Pete/Patrick | Pretty. Interesting. Sad. Almost hopeful? Leaves me wanting to know more.

if the world is ending, i'm throwing the party
Brendon/Spencer | Gabe assures Brendon that the world is ending

scan the radio [info]jezzabe
Pete/Brendon | Pete and Brendon go on holiday together

Jan. 16th, 2008


Bandom Post 1 - Thursday the 11th to Thursday the 17th

The first P!ATD fic I ever read..... after I read all the primers anyway.

Always Leaving But by [info]gigantic
Brendon/Ryan | four parts

Stuff on Jon's cat. by [info]sparklingjadex
gen | the boys in the cabin putting stuff on Dylan

The World May Never Know by [info]skoosiepants #
Brendon/Spencer, Joe, Gabe, Bill, Adam Brody | Brendon get tricked into being a sort of go-between for William and Gabe

Solvation by [info]skoosiepants #
Brendon/Spencer, Patrick/Pete, Frank/Gerard, Bob/Joe, Jon/Ryan | The SGA crossovers

Refractory Period by [info]rossetti and [info]schuyler
Spencer/Jon | Now that he and Jon are together, Spencer expects - nay, demands! - crazy hot sex.

Compulsion by [info]joyfulseeker
Pete/Patrick | Pete has to touch Patrick

King of the Boudoir by [info]giddygeek
Pete/Patrick | Pete gets cursed and has to fuck or die

"proper use of SAT words, or: a facetious copulation" by [info]flimsy
Jon/Spencer | inspired by some sleepy sexy Spencer pictures

Snake Bite by [info]sangredulce
Brendon/Ryan (?) | at the cabin, Brendon picking berries

The Words We Say by [info]beingothrwrldly ##
Brendon/Patrick, Spencer/Jon, Brendon/Spencer | so fah-reakin sweet, my two favorite pairings

Featuring Murray, Starring Rootbeer, And Z Is Totally Short For Zombie by [info]skoosiepants
Brendon/Spencer | Saddle Club AU | Brendon thinks Spencer barely knows he exists

That Lefty Curse by [info]imogenics and [info]jae_w
Jon/Ryan, Ross/TAI | the Ryan's slutty twin stories

Everybody's got to Exercise a Little Caution [info]dreamofthem #
Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Everyone | Brendon's a kiss whore who has NOT kissed Justin Timberlake

Other duties as assigned by [info]wearemany
Pete/Brendon, Brendon/Ryan | Some gropage with Pete, implied Brendon/Ryan

The Quickest Way to Ruin a Friendship by [info]arsenicjade ##
GSF | includes the loosing of Brent and gaining of Jon

the first rule of broom-wielding by [info]skoosiepants ##
Brendon/Spencer | Apartment AU

The Monroeville Farms Starlight Ride by [info]skoosiepants
Patrick/Pete | Saddle Club AU | sequel to "Featuring Murray..."

The Thoughts of Youth Are Long, Long Thoughts by [info]skoosiepants
Brendon/Spencer preslash | Winnie The Pooh AU

The Way It Is Now by [info]skoosiepants #
Brendon/Spencer | Wherein Brendon texts Haley often, and is scared of Zombie Fangirls

the ways i was once by [info]beingothrwrldly
Jon/Tom, Jon/Spencer, Jon/Tom/Spencer | a bunch of pictures and some links embedded into the story

Anywhere You Let It Go by [info]skoosiepants ##
Brendon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick | Five Parts | With Brendon staying at Patrick's after Patrick's wife moves out

I dropped my coffee by [info]mazily
Patrick/Pete/Ryan | Patrick walks in on something

send message/poke/view friends by [info]stereomer
Frank/Patrick | college AU

.not afraid to feel. {or; how four boys feel about fame, life, and love} by [info]jezzabe
Spencer/Ryan, Brendon/Jon | Reflections of four boys in a band.

I'd Be Fired If That Were My Job by [info]frausorge
Patrick, Pete | Pete is Jason and Julia

people come from all around to watch the magic boys. by [info]melyssalegend
Brendon/Spencer | genderswap | too graphic for my tastes, probably won't read again, though the outcome is alright

Unreliable Narrators by [info]redbrickrose
Brendon/Ryan | Keltie and Ryan break up

Consummate Professional (Backstage Breakdown) by [info]ailleann23
Patrick/Pete | Patrick just wants

[ETA] Somehow missed one. Hope that's all and didn't forget any others.
Don't Need To Be Anything Other by [info]callsigns
Brendon/Pete, Brendon/Pete/Spencer | The guys work at a Qwik-Mart

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