April 30th, 2009

12:19 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: ART: "Nice Wandwork, Young Man" for tripperfunster

Recipient: [info]tripperfunster
Artist: [info]venturous
Title: Nice Wandwork, Young Man
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Minerva/Severus
Media: Pastel and a bit of PS
Warnings: teacher/student explicit penetrative het smex
Summary: Severus found he could enhance his education with extensive private tutoring in Transformations
Artist's Notes: Dearest Tripper. ..a challenge to make arts for you, one of my fanart heroes? Yikes! Minerva insisted that she enjoy the many gifts of young Severus. I hope you have as much fun as she does. Inspired by the drawings of Louis Jaugey,

The Question and The Answer )

12:22 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Lady of Sorrows" for flourish

Recipient: [info]flourish
Author: [info]miramiraficfic
Title: Lady of Sorrows
Rating: PG
Pairings: The Grey Lady/Sir Cadogan
Word Count: 5274
Warnings: Mild violence and an ending of the non-"happily ever after" variety
Summary: A budding romance between a ghost and a portrait could be a tale out of a storybook. But does Helena Ravenclaw's "fairy godfather" have good intentions, or something more sinister in mind?
Author's Notes: [info]flourish asked for a complicated, non-fluffy relationship where magic was an integral part of the story. I hope this suits. (Also, I hope Cadogan's frequent use of "my lady" doesn't come across as smooshy; I certainly didn't intend it to. Please imagine him saying it in the most respectful fashion possible.) Thanks to my beta and the fest organizer for their help and patience.

Lady of Sorrows )