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GIMP Question?

When making an annimated icon how do you go from pic to pic in the layer window?

The Bri-Bri [userpic]
ij icons - promote!

ij icons )

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about mood themes

Anything regarding mood themes should now be posted in [info]moodthemes, not in this Official Asylum.

:) Thanks for your time.

Insanity [userpic]

We have decided on a logo for IJ mechandise. 2 People will be getting credit for it, because on had the idea, the other is going the actual art. Congrats to you both.

I will release names and the logo as soon as the finished art is done.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. I know it took much longer than we expected, but due to hurricanes and money issues and other unexpected ickiness things kept getting pushed back.

Now.. i want some input on what kinds of merchandise youd like to see (im pretty sure we did this once before, but i forgot).

Poll #112 Merchandise Options
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What kind of merchandise would you purchase from InsaneJournal?

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6 (66.7%)

5 (55.6%)

Paper Journals
6 (66.7%)

Polo Shirts
1 (11.1%)

7 (77.8%)

Other.. leave in comment section.
1 (11.1%)

Insanity [userpic]

Due to lack of funds from having to try to get caught up on bills, we havent got the funds to do the merchandise.. that and i havent found a suitable logo type thing yet. Going to talk to my uncle about it. Thanks for all the submissions. If you'd like, you can still submit an entry.


Hopefully after the new year we will be all caught up and able to actually put $ into IJ.

The Bri-Bri [userpic]

I was just reading [info]insanity's journal just to see where we were at with the logo.

If you want to win, better submit a darn good logo quick, b/c I believe she is going to get someone else to do it.

I just wanted to let people know b/c I didn't know... LOL.

It's not a big deal, but just for those who don't know the site very well -- now you know what's going on with the logo contest. :-)

[info]insanity, I might try to do another logo for you, but I can't guarentee it. ;-)

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The Bri-Bri [userpic]

Hewo? lol. I can't think of any new graphics... still. :-/

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The Bri-Bri [userpic]
Re-make IJ pic2

Here is yet another attempt...

Yes, there is pencil marks and I was editting it in photoshop, and when I made it all white... it looked kinda bad. :-/ So, I just did the notebook cover.

edit: is anyone out there? lol. I need a comment to know if it's good or bad! lol.

IJ pic2.JPG )

Hope you like it... :-/

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Tempest [userpic]

So I heard about this from Bri-Bri, so I figured I'd try something new. I think I stuck to the idea alright, but now that I've read it again I see that you wanted, and mine say INSANE JOURNAL. Well, if that is a problem you can let me know, and if there is anything else you want to suggest please let me know.

So here are two ideas I was kind of tossing around.

Here you go . . . )

Give me some feedback--I want to be able to make a logo you like.


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