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Jul. 1st, 2012


Who: Bart and Chuck (via phone)
What: Father and son are finally on the same page
Where: Bart's BI office in midtown and the Table D'Hote on East 92nd.
When: After midnight, Thursday (the same night as the attack)

Money money makes the world go round, money money'll make you change your sound )

Jun. 21st, 2012


Who: Everyone
What: ZOMBIES (ie Dan is late for the party, and picks up some uninvited guests on the way)
Where: Constance Billard and St Jude's Schools
When: Before midnight, Thursday

I tremble/They're going to eat me alive/If I stumble )

Jun. 19th, 2012


Gossip Girl Blast #2978

Spotted: The original CB, crashing the Fall Formal. Is this just a trip down memory lane or has he discovered traveling the world isn't half as fun without mommy and daddy’s credit cards?

But don't worry, Carter, CB the younger has bigger problems to deal with than defending his territory. Sources tell me that Bart Bass has traded in a parade of models for one Upper East Side socialite who's already been down the aisle three times. Poor S, it'll be hard convincing us you're a good girl now once you have the ultimate bad boy as a brother.

Apparently the wages of sin are a thing now. Enjoy “Z” and you may find yourself enjoying a trip to the hospital as well. No boys and girls, it's not sharing kisses that makes you sick with this flu. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Gossip Girl

Jun. 16th, 2012


Who: Everyone!
What: Fall Formal
Where: Grand Foyer of Constance Billard/St. Jude's
When: Thursday, September 21, after 10 PM

The only thing scarcer than the alcohol were the students )

May. 7th, 2012



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