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[28 Jan 2013|07:12pm]
I'm too lazy to switch into the mod journal, but this is the cast list as it stands! I'll prolly do a crew list later tonight. Sometime this week, at the latest. Practices should have started, fyi! Feel free to use that in your plotting. Any questions or if you for some reason want to change your character's role, feel free to comment here!

Mayor Thomas Sapsea/Chairman William Cartwright- Jack Patel
Edwin Drood/Dick Datchery/Miss Alice Nutting- Eden Adler
Rosa Bud/Miss Deirdre Peregrine-Annie Patel
John Jasper/Mr. Clive Paget-Open
The Princess Puffer/Miss Angela Prysock- Michelle Davis
The Rev. Crisparkle/Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe-Open
Neville Landless/Mr. Victor Grinstead-Aaron LaVigne
Helena Landless/Miss Janet Conover-Open
Bazzard / The Waiter/Mr. Philip Bax-Jaden Garner
Durdles/Mr. Nick Cricker-Open
Deputy/Master Nick Cricker-Open
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