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[17 Jan 2013|04:09pm]
Just so no one assumes I've died, I've got a physiology exam tomorrow morning. Pretty much right after I'm heading out for a ski trip over the weekend. I won't have a computer with me, so I won't be around until I'm back on Monday.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the extra day if you get it!

<3 Ashley
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Challenge Thursday! [17 Jan 2013|11:10pm]
For this week's challenge, you must rewrite a classic fairy tale. You can pick any fairy tale or fable that exists today, so long as it relates somehow to something that your character (and others) are going through. Obviously, there must be parallels that make sense and not just claiming it is a fairy tale rewrite just to get the challenge credit. The point of challenges are to make you think, and to actually...challenge you.
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