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[16 Nov 2012|12:13am]
Who: Mao and Jack and Corporate Lobotomy members.
What: Audition time!
When: Thursday night.
Where: Jack Patel's garage.
Rating: Medium for Mao's potty mouth?

Rock and roll all night and party everyday. )
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[16 Nov 2012|12:48am]
Who: Jacob and Scott
What: a text
When: shortly after Ari tells Scott that she's cancerous

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[16 Nov 2012|03:32pm]
Who: Caleb West, Adrian Clarke, other Guardian agents. Later appearances by Josie Clarke.
What: A mission goes bad
When: Saturday, November 17th, evening
Where: A suspected Hellfire HQ and then the GUARDIAN facility hospital
Rating: Medium/High (violence, blood, and language)

Grab your gun, time to go to hell )
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