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[02 Jul 2012|04:01pm]
Who: Nico Spinelli and OPEN
What: On his way home
When: Today
Where: Subway station
Rating: TBD

It had been a long day )
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[02 Jul 2012|06:18pm]
Who: Sarah, Toby, and Ari
Where: The Mall
When: Sunday
What: Nearly getting busted
Rating: PG? PG-13?

Help me pick one out? )
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[02 Jul 2012|07:02pm]
Who: Emily & Sam
What: A text
When: July 3rd, afternoon

You Have (1) Unread Message )
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[02 Jul 2012|11:54pm]
Who: Scott and Toby
What: a talk
When: backdated to before Shabbos with Eden and Jack and the whole fam damily.
Where: Toby's bedroom
Rated: tbd

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