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[11 May 2011|12:47am]
Who: Evan and David
What: text
When: tonight
Why: they're BFFs, Evan is just checking in

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[11 May 2011|03:43pm]
Who: Jacen & Josie; Alan & Josie
What: text
When: Wednesday, May 11th, afternoon
Rating: Low/Medium

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[11 May 2011|04:23pm]
Who: Josie & Elliot
What: A talk...and powers make things awkward
When: backdated Monday, May 9th, right after school
Where: Allen residence
Rating: Medium/High (pheromones, Josie, need I say more XD)
Status: In-Progress

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[11 May 2011|04:29pm]
WHO: Nathan and Mrs. Evans
WHAT: Some last minute extra credit?
WHERE: Mrs. Evans' classroom
WHEN: Friday, May 13th / after school (forward dated)
RATING: Most likely high
STATUS: In progress

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[11 May 2011|08:05pm]
Who: Josie & Toni
What: An angry text
When: Wednesday, May 11th, afternoon
Rating: Medium

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