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May 8th, 2021
10:55 am


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May 4th, 2021
11:50 am


MILLIWAYS BAR: A Panfandom RPG Set At The End Of The Universe



milliways_bar is a medium-fast paced, community-based, prose-based panfandom jamjar game, set within the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Universe.

Characters are allowed to move freely from their world to the titular Bar At The End Of The Universe through doors - which on their side of the door might be anything from a porthole to a hole in the ground, and from there can either willingly move back and forth between worlds, stay upstairs at the Bar's inn or be "Bound" or trapped at Milliways without an escape hatch back for any length of time.

Feel free to ask any questions you have, and you may also peruse our cast list. You can also check our our FAQ

Community members talked about some characters they'd love to see here, and the game is welcoming to any character. Apps run throughout the month!

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April 5th, 2021
04:19 pm



This is the life you know very well.

You live it every day. It's difficult, it's riddled with uncertainty, and it is filled with joy, love, disappointment and pain. But sometimes you have a feeling that this is not your life. It's a feeling that can't be explained, but you spend your life trying to explain it, trying to make sense of it. Valar explores a duality embodied within each character.

One version of the self exists in Orange County, living a life that seems ordinary, sounds ordinary, feels ordinary. The real self, whatever that might mean, exists only in a time and place which you are just starting to remember. As characters grow and live and interact with each other, they embark on a journey to piece together fragments of their half-forgotten dreams. They have to come to terms with who they really are, and what this life means to them.

So who are you, really, and what does this life mean to you?

[FAQ] [Rules] [Drop Box] [Application] [Wanted] [Holds] [Taken]

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March 28th, 2021
08:51 pm


the wizard royals
Known as the ‘Dark Age’, Licorus Black became King not long after turning 17 after his father’s sudden death to Dragon pox as it swept through the wizarding world. Under the iron-fist of King Licorus, the wizarding world seemed to freeze in time, forcing industry and all innovation to a complete halt. His Nobles deposed him in late 1849 in favor of his son Cygnus I, who died 3 years later in 1852 after his coronation from ‘unknown causes’. His brother Arcturus I became regent until his son, Phineas Nigellus was old enough to take the throne though his reign ended in 1900 when his son overthrew him in favor of ‘change’.

King Sirius II’s reign became one known as the ‘Golden Age of Wizards’. For the next 52 years, under King Sirius II, the Wizarding World of London and Paris thrived. Beneath him, trade was at an all-time high and purebloods developed far more power than they ever had in time before it. It was also under King Sirius II that the Statute of Secrecy was reinforced to ensure that Muggles remained out of the wizarding world. The goal at that time was to ensure an eternal divide.

Arcturus III brought an era where the people were counted among those that mattered. Where the Nobility was charged with the protection of not just the Crown but of her people. It was an era where your purity did not promise you favor with the king, as two unfortunate families discovered when their lands and titles as higher nobility were taken in favor of families that were able to manipulate their way into the good graces of the King. Under Arcturus III Nobility began to rise in power (in some ways even above the King himself) and it became a dangerous struggle for power that was never quite recovered.

Upon his death, Orion I was crowned and what hopes the people had for possible reform died almost immediately as the High Nobles were charged with being more ruthless in hopes of bringing the kingdom back together and maintaining order. By 2005 Orion’s interests have shown that they do not stand with his people so much as with the wealth and power that comes with his station and his nobles. The more ‘trivial’ tasks of daily life within the kingdom and its lands have fallen on the high nobility who are constantly at war amongst themselves and the nobles who foam at the mouth to become one.

As Orion’s fate grows ever more in question as age takes its toll, nobles and commoners alike begin to wonder - what will become of the kingdom once the King dies. His son, Sirius III has a reputation for being a troublemaker and far more progressive than his father but the nobility has no desire to allow their power to slip away so easily. The youngest Prince - Regulus has been steeped in tradition his whole life and of the two, he is far safer for nobles to trust than his brother.

When push comes to shove, who will win the war for the throne and will they keep it? There is outright war on the horizon but that war will start in the very heart of the Kingdom. What side are you on?

Join the Discord server to chat with current members!

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February 1st, 2021
08:42 pm


All war has a cost. As the final curses were uttered on the battlefield of Hogwarts on May 2nd, and the Death Eaters reign of terror - indeed, Voldemort himself - was ended, the world began the process of healing. The wizarding world was wrong.

As the world began to repair itself, the world began to notice something strange. Hogwarts registry was beginning to decline, the maternity ward became emptier and emptier. Regardless of the conspiracy theory anyone chooses to believe, the reality was clear: Wizarding kind was facing its end. Though there were several proclamations that were issued after the war, each one meant to better society, there was none so important as the tenth -- the initiative to save wizarding kind from extinction.

opening february 12th

Premise | The Proclamation | Cast | Pairings | Holds | Application

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October 19th, 2020
10:19 am


a pandfandom
role-playing game
Lots of popular roles open!

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November 21st, 2020
01:03 pm


a space based panfandom

Will we find you Among the Stars? Join us and see the galaxy! Interested in meeting new and interesting people from all over the time space continuum? Not from space? Thought you'd never leave your home planet? Write your way off the hunk of dirt you currently call home and we will see you among the stars. Already careening from one planet to the next? Welcome to our corner! There's a spot on our docking ring for you and your ship. Our mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Our mission is better summed up as "Something good, something bad? Bit of both?

The Dyson Sphere floats in space, filled with the technology to recreate a piece of your home world. Take a spaceship, explore other planets, fight aliens, become a space pirate or a bounty hunter….. Or a space faring Mary Kay independent consultant….. But at the end of the day, go back to Wuthering Heights and kick it in your own digs. You decide.
This is a Log-Based Panfandom RP- set in Marvel's version of Space. There will be both game-wide and character driven overarching plots. Player input is strongly encouraged and welcomed. Want to blow the popsicle stand we call the Dyson Sphere? Got a spaceship? Need to borrow one? Knock yourself out! Enjoy the freedom to write. This is a 18+, R rated game with NSFW logs welcomed in a tagged and dedicated community. We are looking for writers who like to write and who appreciate a no-bullshit take on role playing. If you are uninterested in logs, this is probably not the game for you.
Rules FAQs HoldsApplyWantedTaken

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September 26th, 2020
11:11 am


would you rewrite your story?
2 May 1998 was a day that would reverberate throughout history and changed the course of life as the Wizarding World knew it. Lord Voldemort had won. Narrowly escaping death, Harry Potter was forced to go on the run along with the surviving members of the Order of the Phoenix. Those that fell during their hasty retreat into the Dark Forest, were unfortunately left behind to their fate. There was little that could be done for them. Small comfort for those that ended up in hiding at Grimmauld place, before eventually fleeing outward toward other countries and new lives. The Order, or so it seemed, was fractured beyond repair and redemption.

Refusing to give up on their world, a small group of Hogwarts students began the painful task of trying to regroup and come up with a plan. Through that process the idea what if we used a time turner came about. Maybe it was a joke, a laugh someone thought to give the group that were desperate as their options began to dwindle, maybe they were serious. Whatever the reason, despite it being brushed off at first, Hermione took it upon herself to research it. What did they have to lose? Even if it wasn’t viable, at least they’d researched every option.

Months later, Hermione came to the group with a plan. They would indeed go back in time but not just a few months to prevent Voldemort’s rise, not a few years to prevent Peter Pettigrew from rejoining him, no they would go back further. They would go back to the beginning of the war where it all started. Back before Harry Potter became the chosen one. Back to where Voldemort can be truly killed before any of this ever happens.

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June 10th, 2020
09:52 pm


r e o c c u r r e n c e.
It starts with a man cooking his breakfast. It's Sunday, he thinks. It must be Sunday, because it was Saturday yesterday, and even though he can't seem to remember yesterday finishing, the sun is slung low in the sky of a new morning. His head hurts, and the memory loss is slightly disorientating, but he is hungry, and soon his wife and child will be awake and eating with him and he will put this discomfort aside. Sure enough, his wife enters the kitchen. He drops his frying pan from the surprise of her scream. It's Tuesday, not Sunday. It's a year after his death.

Reoccurrence is an alternate universe Harry Potter roleplay set in 2005, seven years after the second war. It takes inspiration from French drama, Les Revenants, and BBC's In The Flesh. It asks the question: what would the wizarding world look like if the people we thought were gone returned one day?

game opens june 19th!

In the meantime: place your holds, keep a keen eye on [info]reoccurooc where we'll be posting memes and opportunities to test drive characters (you don't have to be accepted to join in!) and join us on discord if you want to know more.

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May 4th, 2020
07:01 pm


Opening Soon!

A Dragon Age Panfandom Game
After the infamous Mage Rebellion, the Veil opened and everything changed.

The entire city of Kirkwall and its surrounding areas have been pulled through the Veil. In this purgatory, time had no meaning. Years have seemed to pass without the citizens of Kirkwall aging, but they almost do not remember a time without war. While they rarely encounter demons or spirits, the mages and Templars continue to fight one another. The infamous and powerful Hawke has stepped forward as a sort of mediator, the Champion of Kirkwall now the defacto leader. Stranger still, the hole has also opened Kirkwall up to other, stranger places. People and beings from all time and different worlds now wake up in the city, and the citizens have grown used to seeing odd Strangers living amongst them.

Kirkwall is a Panfandom game, where your characters find themselves now living in the city-state of Kirkwall and in the universe of Dragon Age. Here, super-powers and abilities are dismissed as magic and dwarves are fascinated by new technologies that are brought by new arrivals. While the characters might come and go, the city remains in conflict though individual stories continue to develop.

Who will you be? What changes will you make? Will you take a side or simply try to live a peaceful life? Will you ever find a way home? The choice is yours in Kirkwall.

Opening at 10 Characters

Most Wanted Characters: Dragon Age, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter

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