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Admin: First post, rules, current fics

Welcome to my fanfiction and graphics asylum. I'm known as Emmy in fandom. You can find all of my fanfiction at Emerald Illusions and Twisting the Hellmouth. Below are the very few rules I have for this place. :)

*Credit for all graphics. Credit me over here as [info]emeraldswan_fic or [info]i_am_mary, and at live journal as emeraldswan. If you use them at greatest journal, I'm emmy7792 over there.
*DO NOT post my graphics as yours. They aren't that great anyway, and I work hard on them.
*You must be a member of this asylum to read the adult fic. No exceptions. And I'd prefer that, if I don't know you personally, you would comment when you join . . . ya know, so I know you're here. :)
*Please don't repost my fic without my permission.

Any questions? Comment with 'em. :)

Fics I'm currently (actively) working on:

*Love Me Good, whatever the next chapter is, for Elisabeth.
*Dark Seduction, whatever the next chapter is, for Gabrielle.
*Untitled Veronica/Weevil as a present for someone I won't be naming yet.

As always, on the back burner, is SKoH. I've given up trying to rush that fic. New chapters come when they're ready to, and not a moment before. I can't force it, no matter how much I'd like to.

If there is one of my WIPs you would like me to update, or a completed story/series that you would like to see a sequel to, feel free to comment here. I won't promise anything, but knowing someone wants something tends to make me want to provide it.

That said, if there is a pairing or fandom you would like to see me tackle, feel free to challenge me. *grin*
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