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This just in from SlashDot: Shutting Down
Posted by kdawson on Monday December 17, @04:36AM
from the could-have-offered-it-to-fandom dept.
Curlsman writes to let us know that the fan site, operated for 13 years by CBS, is being shut down and its staff laid off. Is this site worth a write-in campaign? From the (perhaps final) post:
"Goodbye from the STARTREK.COM Team. Sadly, we must report that CBS Interactive organization is being restructured, and the production team that brings you the STARTREK.COM site has been eliminated. Effective immediately. We don't know the ultimate fate of this site, which has served millions of Star Trek fans for the last thirteen years. If you have comments, please send them to editor @ — we hope someone at CBS will read them."

My comment to

That's quite all right. Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, and others are already doing a magnificent job of covering Trek and related material -- and unlike CBS, they regard the public as sentient beings, worthy of acknowledgment and legitimate service. One more CBS consumer tracking site will not be missed. In fact, with a little more "restructuring" such as this -- especially coupled with the near-complete collapse "restructuring" of CBS NEWS into abject GovCorp sycophantry -- the public will soon have no more use for CBS at all. I submit that your CBS is illogical, because it cannot endure! I submit that YOU are illogical, for being a willing part of it!

I for one look forward to exploring the new frontiers that will spring forth on the heels of the self-inflicted implosion of the corporate media. If change is inevitable, beneficial ... doesn't logic DEMAND that you be part of it? BEHIND EVERY REVOLUTION ... THERE'S ONE MAN ... WITH A VISION!

New worlds lie ahead! The word is given! Warp speed!


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