Black Bottle Chapter 9
 elba_ii - (hermit9)
Stardate: 12.03.2008, 10:53pm
Bet y'all thought I was never gonna post it huh.

Title: Black Bottle
Chapter: 9: Aftercare (is this a cliche chapter title? I don't know, I don't actually read stuff that's anything like what I write.)

Takes place during Tears of the Prophets and beyond.

Rating: Adult (but only just barely, sorry)

a/n: Holy hell. I went digging through some of my old LiveJournal stuff and I came to the realization that I have been writing this series for two years now. I posted the first part in March of 2006! On the one hand I think to myself, "What the hell are you wasting so much time on something like this?" and on the other I think,"Wow, this is possibly the longest I've stayed with anything except my husband," and on yet another hand still, because I'm actually Zaphod Beeblebrox and thusly, three-handed, I think, "There is no way I'm giving up on it now, but I really really gotta finish it soon before it consumes another two years." So. That's my mission now. Finish this bad boy. After this chapter, and I realize that my chapter predictions have been horrible and I never stick to them, but after this one I think I have three or four more to do that occur within the boundaries of the DS9 series, one "final" chapter after that, but then the potential for say, three or four more after that if I decide I want to continue the story beyond the end of the series. So, since every new post is farther from the last post than the last one to the one before it, I should be writing this for the rest of my life, easy.

a/n2: I fear I may have unintentionally plagiarised a tidbit in this chapter. Possibly from an episode of DS9 or another source altogether, but I can't nail down what it's from. If you read it and go "hey, I heard that before" let me know. If nobody spots it I'll assume it came creatively out of my own head! ;)

Warnings: AAAAAANNNGGGST. I promise after this chap it'll get more fun, and for those of you who like the angst, there will be more a bit later. There is some stuff in this chap. that sort of starts to begin to think about maybe bordering on violence and non-con. Just a heads up. I think it still falls under the normal bdsm umbrella though.

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What's up in bookland?
 elba_ii - (brawlyball)
Stardate: 18.01.2008, 01:27pm
So I've heard something strange about the Next Generation book Before Dishonor.

Book spoilers... if you read 'em )

Anyone here actually read it? Is it TRUFAX?
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 elba_ii - (hermit9)
Stardate: 22.12.2007, 07:57pm

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Star Trek
 elba_ii - (brawlyball)
Stardate: 20.12.2007, 11:54pm
So there's a new Star Trek film being made. New Spock, new Kirk and all that. (I don't know if fandom's decided it's a reboot or not yet)

It's supposed to come out Christmas Day, next year.

Any thoughts? There's pictures out already.

(Is anyone actually going on opening day?)
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The illogic ... of WASTE, ... Mr. Editor ...
 elba_ii - (dkmnow)
Stardate: 17.12.2007, 12:50pm
This just in from SlashDot: Shutting Down
Posted by kdawson on Monday December 17, @04:36AM
from the could-have-offered-it-to-fandom dept.
Curlsman writes to let us know that the fan site, operated for 13 years by CBS, is being shut down and its staff laid off. Is this site worth a write-in campaign? From the (perhaps final) post:
"Goodbye from the STARTREK.COM Team. Sadly, we must report that CBS Interactive organization is being restructured, and the production team that brings you the STARTREK.COM site has been eliminated. Effective immediately. We don't know the ultimate fate of this site, which has served millions of Star Trek fans for the last thirteen years. If you have comments, please send them to editor @ — we hope someone at CBS will read them."

My comment to

That's quite all right. Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, and others are already doing a magnificent job of covering Trek and related material -- and unlike CBS, they regard the public as sentient beings, worthy of acknowledgment and legitimate service. One more CBS consumer tracking site will not be missed. In fact, with a little more "restructuring" such as this -- especially coupled with the near-complete collapse "restructuring" of CBS NEWS into abject GovCorp sycophantry -- the public will soon have no more use for CBS at all. I submit that your CBS is illogical, because it cannot endure! I submit that YOU are illogical, for being a willing part of it!

I for one look forward to exploring the new frontiers that will spring forth on the heels of the self-inflicted implosion of the corporate media. If change is inevitable, beneficial ... doesn't logic DEMAND that you be part of it? BEHIND EVERY REVOLUTION ... THERE'S ONE MAN ... WITH A VISION!

New worlds lie ahead! The word is given! Warp speed!


oh stop! i'm killing me!

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ST:DS9 G/B: Black Bottle: Chapter 8: A Lie for Love
 elba_ii - (hermit9)
Stardate: 08.12.2007, 08:19pm
Title:  Black Bottle  Chapter 8: A Lie for Love
Author: Hermit9
Fandom: Star Trek:DS9
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: Overall: Very Adult, This Chap: PG-ish
Warnings: Overall:BDSM, Violence, Angst, Canonical character death.  This Chap: just angst
Summ:  Chapters 1-7 saw the beginning of a new and unexpected love affair, now life throws a wrench in the works.
A/N: Takes place during Tears of the Prophets, just the parts of the ep. that I changed to fit in my universe and of course all the G/B stuff that didn't happen on screen.  I'm not super-confident I hit my mark on this chapter, but it's been forever since I posted an update, partly because of NaNoWriMo.  It seems maybe a little drippy to me, or..something.  I'd have to leave it alone for another month to be able to see it clearly, but that would suck, so I decided to stop sitting on this one and just post it.  So if it's less than quality I apologize, and hopefully I'll be back up to snuff for the next installment.  Oh and we'll be getting back to the funner stuff like around Chap. 10 I guess.  Previous chapters can be found here.  They might even be in the correct order.

He is being kissed...
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Fic for the heck of it
 elba_ii - (hermit9)
Stardate: 02.12.2007, 08:22am
Greeeetings fellow geeks.

So like I said I have some Trek Fic to post. I have a DS9 series in the works still which I'll post when the next chapter is ready, and I have a Spock/Kirk in the making as well, a kinda long but one shot quasi AU, but in the meantime I was digging through my old LJ content to remove and save what I wanted and I found a PG Next Gen fic I wrote years ago as a gift for someone, and since I THINK no one else has posted any fic here yet, this being such a young comm, I'm going to uh, do the deed.

Title: Double or Nothing
Author: Hermit9
Fandom ST:TNG
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen/Friendship
Characters: Data, LaForge
Warnings: frightened pussy cat/confusing phenomena
Sum: Friends spends some time in the holodeck, but someone interferes and Data must unravel a mystery to save Geordie's life.
A/N: It's not terribly good being that it was written for an extra-fandom general audience, I was limited to length, and I wrote it several years ago. I like to think my writing has improved a bit since then anyway.

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(no subject)
 elba_ii - (hermit9)
Stardate: 23.11.2007, 05:37pm
can we post fanfic here?
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Happy birthday, dear Star Trek
 elba_ii - (spacelogic)
Stardate: 08.09.2007, 03:12pm
Fénix posting in Elba II Asylum for Star Trek Fanatics
Trek turns 41 today! Anyone doing anything special?
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New Voyages
 elba_ii - (spacelogic)
Stardate: 01.09.2007, 03:36pm
Fénix posting in Elba II Asylum for Star Trek Fanatics
Hey, guys! I don't know if you know Star Trek New Voyages, but if you don't now's a good time to learn: Star Trek New Voyages "World Enough And Time", starring George Takei, is finally available.
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so, recognizing modly duties and all that...
 elba_ii - (spacelogic)
Stardate: 16.06.2007, 07:04am
Fénix posting in Elba II Asylum for Star Trek Fanatics
First off, I want to introduce myself: I'm Morgayn, and I'll be your moderator. I'm eighteen years old, got into Trek about two years ago (my family never owned a TV; I wasn't introduced to Trek until my mother got nostalgic and rented TOS on DVD.) I've now seen TOS, TNG and the films, and am waiting for Voyager or DS9 to show up at the local video store so I can catch up on those. I prefer TOS to TNG. My favorite episode is "Spock's Brain" because it's so dumb it's come out the other side. Funniest episode ever.

I'd like to get a conversation going, and to that end:

Who're your five favorite characters in Trek, and why? Mine are:

-Spock -- I may be able to function socially, but I still identify strongly with Spock.
-Uhura -- shallow bit here. She's PRETTY! I also appreciate the function she served as a stereotype-smasher, and I think she still does that; she's a completely capable, efficient, strong, and independent character, which is still a rarity for women of any description.
-Scotty -- I'm an engineer in training.
-Geordi -- see above. I also quite like Levar Burton, so that helps.
-Sulu -- this I got from my little brother. He loves Sulu, so it was a bonding thing for us, watching good Sulu episodes and such. Then I read George Takei's autobiography, and that helped, 'cause George Takei is cool. (I actually, er, run a fansite because my brother asked me to make one.)

Your turn!
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