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Fénix posting in Elba II Asylum for Star Trek Fanatics
First off, I want to introduce myself: I'm Morgayn, and I'll be your moderator. I'm eighteen years old, got into Trek about two years ago (my family never owned a TV; I wasn't introduced to Trek until my mother got nostalgic and rented TOS on DVD.) I've now seen TOS, TNG and the films, and am waiting for Voyager or DS9 to show up at the local video store so I can catch up on those. I prefer TOS to TNG. My favorite episode is "Spock's Brain" because it's so dumb it's come out the other side. Funniest episode ever.

I'd like to get a conversation going, and to that end:

Who're your five favorite characters in Trek, and why? Mine are:

-Spock -- I may be able to function socially, but I still identify strongly with Spock.
-Uhura -- shallow bit here. She's PRETTY! I also appreciate the function she served as a stereotype-smasher, and I think she still does that; she's a completely capable, efficient, strong, and independent character, which is still a rarity for women of any description.
-Scotty -- I'm an engineer in training.
-Geordi -- see above. I also quite like Levar Burton, so that helps.
-Sulu -- this I got from my little brother. He loves Sulu, so it was a bonding thing for us, watching good Sulu episodes and such. Then I read George Takei's autobiography, and that helped, 'cause George Takei is cool. (I actually, er, run a fansite because my brother asked me to make one.)

Your turn!
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