BloodRayne Walkthrough
 e3 - (sevastra)
09:46pm 03/07/2009
A cross-breeding of Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein seems to be the concept behind this latest third-person adventure from Vivendi. The resulting game sees a generously-endowed, foxy female protagonist embark on a quest to investigate some rather mysterious supernatural goings on within Nazi Germany. As the full story goes, in the years between the World Wars, Agent BloodRayne works as a killing machine for a top-secret fraternity that hunts down and destroys supernatural threats. Two missions, five years apart, turn out to be connected by one particular man who, for years, has been searching for powerful occult relics to bring Germany into a new age of domination. Agent BloodRayne must face this man's elite Nazi army to prevent them from releasing creatures of unfathomable terror onto the world in their unwavering quest for the relics.

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Complete game walkthrough by 0verlord73 over at YouTube!

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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
03:32pm 01/07/2009
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix and Japanese studio Jupiter and published by Square Enix in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. The game serves as an intermediary between the two larger-scale PlayStation 2 games in the Kingdom Hearts series. It was one of the first GBA games to incorporate full motion video (FMV). The game was remade into a PlayStation 2 game titled Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, which was released in Japan as a second disc packaged with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix in March 2007. The remake was released in North America on December 2, 2008.

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LEGO: Rock Band
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
09:59pm 15/06/2009
We already know you dig Rock Band, but you might be thinking: Why LEGOs? Here's why: it's for kids. Or, more accurately, for the whole family. LEGO: Rock Band takes the familiar gameplay of the large-scale Rock Band and Rock Band 2, and throws in that unique LEGO magic.

You already know how to play the game -- match the notes coming down the note highway, try to hit them on time and on-point -- so let me discuss that LEGO difference )

As for the hands-on part of the game: I played "The Final Countdown" by Europe on guitar, and it played exactly like Rock Band, although I did find myself a bit distracted by the LEGO antics of the the onscreen avatars.

According to the MTV representative on hand at E3, LEGO Rock Band's family-friendly song list won't be able to be augmented with DLC, and the game will probably feature a mixture of master tracks and covers. It comes out this Fall for the PS3, PS2, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360.
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MotionPlus Compulsory for Next Zelda
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
09:52pm 15/06/2009

"Miyamoto says peripheral required for Link's next adventure."

MotionPlus will be an integral part of the next Zelda game, with comments from Shigeru Miyamoto suggesting that the peripheral will be compulsory for Link's next adventure on the Wii.

'The goal at this point is that we would make Wii MotionPlus required in order to play Zelda', Miyamoto told Wired. 'The bigger hurdle for us is not really whether people have a Wii MotionPlus or don't have it, it's whether or not the experience is one where people will think they want to have a Wii Motion Plus in order to experience it.'

Released this Friday, MotionPlus augment's the Wii's existing remote and introduces near 1:1 control.

The new Zelda game was absent from Nintendo's press conference at this year's E3, with the only details coming in the form of a piece of concept art shown to journalists by Miyamoto.
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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
09:43pm 15/06/2009
August, 1864. America's Civil War staggers toward a bloody end. But for the McCall brothers, the war never stops. Answer the Call of Juarez and embark on a gritty adventure though a fractured America. When their family home is ravaged in the burning of Atlanta, the brothers vow to rebuild after the war. And when the promise of an ancient treasure beckons, the fortune might be too much toide out to seek fortune and revenge as you travel across the Wild West to Mexico, making up rules as you go. Keep your cool and try to survive in a lawless world where somehow it always feels like high noon.

Read more on this game
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Interview With Nintendo's Miyamoto
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
09:29pm 15/06/2009

Watch Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto Talks Mario Galaxy 2, Motion Controls, Zelda And More

X-Play's Blair Herter had the honor of sitting down and chatting with Nintendo's legendary Shigeru Miyamoto during E3 2009. Among the topics discussed were:

* Going four players with New Super Mario Bros.
* Super Mario Galaxy 2
* Integrating ideas from 2D development into a 3D game and vice versa
* Introducing fresh ideas after decades of game development
* The new Zelda game
* Metroid: The Other M
* His thoughts on Microsoft's and Sony's respective forays into motion controls

Regarding that last bullet point, Miyamoto said, "I think it's a testament that everyone has been able to see that when gamers are using their entire bodies to play in a physical nature, that they're having fun. It's just nice to see that everyone is recognizing that it's a fun style of gameplay for our audiences."

Be sure to watch the entire interview to get all the answers from one of the most brilliant developers in gaming history.
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The Sims 3 Sells 1.4 Million in First Week
 e3 - (sevastra)
10:11am 11/06/2009
When the Sims 3 went on sale in the midst of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, some worried it might be overshadowed by the event. They shouldn't have. Buoyed by sterling critical praise, the game has sold over 1.4 million copies in its first week on the market, Electronic Arts announced today.

The Sims 3's milestone further fills the coffers of the Sims franchise, which has generated well over $4 billion since its launch in 2000. And while the Sims, the Sims 2, and their myriad expansions have sold over 100 million copies, the Sims 3 may outshine its predecessors, if its first-week sales are any prognosticator. EA reports that the game is the fastest selling PC title in its history, auguring that it and its inevitable expansions will be fixtures on bestseller lists for years to come.

As outlined in GameSpot's review, the Sims 3 includes several new features. Players can customize their characters' personalities, choosing among traits, such as brave, artistic, absent-minded, and kleptomaniac. Furniture and clothing can be customized based on color and pattern. The game also sports a new dynamic, real-time neighborhood system where households are seamlessly integrated.

Ironically, EA is celebrating the Sims 3's sales without the mastermind of the Sims franchise, Will Wright. In April, he left EA Games to establish an "entertainment think tank" called Stupid Fun Club.
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Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
05:22pm 07/06/2009
Valve is rapidly making a name for themselves as one of the coolest video game studios producing games today. Their multiplayer masterpiece Left 4 Dead has left gamers wanting more and they're ready to deliver, announcing Left 4 Dead 2 at E3 2009.

Here in this preview, L4D2 writer Chet Faliszek talks about how Valve approaches making a sequel and what's new in L4D2, including new special infected, the game's improved storyline, new weapons, and much, much more.

Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Preview

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Katamari Forever Hands-On
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
05:15pm 07/06/2009
When it comes to quirky, kooky and flat-out bizarre games about collecting as much random crap as you can by rolling around equally random settings in order to appease a body-less space king, the Katamari series is among the best. Bandai Namco’s next installment in the famed franchise, Katamari Forever, features a new story, new modes, new maps, new graphics filters, a remixed version of the original game’s soundtrack, runs in 1080p, and will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 this Fall.

Katamari Forever tasks you, the Prince, with satisfying the outrageous demands of not one, but two collect-o-phile kings, King of All Cosmos and Robo King. Robo King assumes the throne after the King of All Cosmos falls into a coma and loses his memory. It’s therefore up to the Prince to traverse the game’s various maps, including five new Robo King maps (bringing the game’s total level count to well over 20) in an attempt to revive the fallen king and help him regain his tainted crown.

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Katamari Forever E3 Gameplay Trailer

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
 e3 - (sevastra)
08:29pm 02/06/2009
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (pronounced "Kingdom Hearts Three-Five-Eight Days over Two") is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS with assistance from h.a.n.d. It is a new installment in the best-selling Kingdom Hearts series. The story is an interquel taking place between Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. The game centers on the daily life of the main character Roxas, exploring the time from his creation during the first game, Kingdom Hearts, and leading directly into Kingdom Hearts II. It features 3D graphics, and single and multiplayer modes of play. The game was announced at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show to be released in Japan; a North American release was later confirmed as well as a European Autumn, 2009 release. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will have a special edition of the Nintendo DSi when it launches in Japan. This game is already released in Japan. The game's official US release was announced at E3 2009, to be September 29th 2009, along with the first English trailer.

KH: 358/2 Days at G4tv
Nintendo E3 Trailer
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