The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
12:27am 29/11/2009
Transform your Sims’ homes into sleek, edgy lofts with The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff. With a host of new items for the most lived-in rooms in your Sims’ homes, including slick gadgets for your high-tech home office, a next-gen gaming system for the killer game room, modern furniture for the most contemporary living room, and more, your Sims can now give their homes an ultra-modern makeover! After you modernize their homes, turn your attention to their wardrobes and give them an overhaul with sophisticated, cutting-edge fashions. Whether it’s your Sims themselves or their homes that needs a new look, The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff lets you catapult your Sims into a more modern, loft-inspired lifestyle!

Expanded Info:
* Add high-end furnishings to your Sims bedroom, entertainment room, office and patio.

* Transform your Sims’ homes into cutting-edge spaces with contemporary sofas, sleek coffee tables, and eclectic art.

* Give your Sims coveted electronics including high-tech, ultra-slim TVs, video game systems, stereos, and more.

* Upgrade your Sims’ wardrobes with fashion-forward apparel, tailored suits, and sophisticated outerwear.

* Plus Bonus Anniversary Items! This special 10th Anniversary pack also includes three well-loved items from The Sims and The Sims 2 games: the heart-shaped vibrating bed, the electric guitar, and the aquarium.

Pre-order it!
@ - $19.99 (Pre-order ships 2/2/2010)
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The Sims 3 World Adventures
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12:15am 29/11/2009
The Sims 3 World Adventures is the first expansion pack for the strategic life simulation computer game The Sims 3. It was announced on The Sims 3 website in August 2009, and had a North American release on November 18, 2009. Some people were able to obtain it the day prior to the release.

The expansion pack focuses on travelling to various areas in a manner similar to previous expansions The Sims: Vacation and The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. Sims are able to travel to simplified versions of France, China and Egypt. At these locations, sims are able to participate in adventures to earn rewards and benefits. Sims are also able to level up in three new skills; Photography, Martial Arts and Nectar Making. In addition the game provides new objects, socials, wishes and opportunities.

Early reception of the game has been positive with the game earning a Metacritic rating of 85.

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Tokyo Game Show 2009
 e3 - (eviljay)
10:12pm 12/11/2009
We head to the Land of the Rising Sun to play the latest and greatest upcoming titles at Tokyo Game Show 2009.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie for Nintendo DS

It feels like ages since we first announced that Dragon Quest VI was coming to the Nintendo DS system, but we finally got our hands on the Japanese version of the game. The turn-based formula remains the same as in previous iterations, but this time you travel between two different worlds.

Ninokuni: The Another World for Nintendo DS

Just as Level-5 is known for making excellant games (Professor Layton series), Studio Ghibli is known for making excellant films (Ponyo, Spirited Away). These two impressive studios have come together for Ninokuni: The Another World, a turn-based RPG with some of the most beautiful cut-scenes ever put onto a DS card. We have no idea if the game is headed to this side of the Pacific, but we're keeping all of our fingers crossed.

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Epic Mickey
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03:31pm 07/11/2009
Epic Mickey (also known as Super Secret™ Warren Spector Game Project or Junction Point Studios Project #2) is an upcoming Mickey Mouse video game designed by Warren Spector and developed by Junction Point Studios for the Wii console, using Emergnet Game Technology's Gamebryo Engine.

Epic Mickey is part of an effort by The Walt Disney Company to re-brand the Mickey Mouse character by moving away from his current squeaky clean image and reintroducing less savory aspects of his personality. Spector has been collaborating with Walt Disney Feature Animation and Pixar in conjunction with the project.

The November edition of Game Informer confirmed Epic Mickey's existence. The game was officially announced on October 28, 2009 in London.

The game was originally in development for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Development on the Wii started in 2008, when the idea of addressing a Wii port of the game was raised; Specter replied that a straight Wii port would not be viable, remarking that many of the "design ideas just won't work on the Wii, we need to give the Wii its dues". Graham Hopper of Disney Interactive then suggested dropping the development of the aforementioned platforms completely, and instead releasing it solely on the Wii.

Concept art for the game by Fred Gambino and Gary Glover depicts a "surrealistically bizarre" look at Disney characters and locations in a steampunk environment. Featured in the concept art are post-apocalyptic renditions of Goofy, Epcot's Spaceship Earth, Disney's Hollywood Studios' "Earful Tower" and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Cinderella Castle.

Mickey will be receiving a character redesign in this game, which will attempt to give him a "retro" look and the game uses an animation engine to replicate the stretchy athleticism of the classic cartoons.

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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
 e3 - (eviljay)
07:27pm 27/09/2009
Getting to know Bowser from the inside out was never so much fun.

Even if Square-Enix hasn't made a Mario RPG since Legend of the Seven Stars on the Super Nintendo, the legacy has successfully lived on thanks to some very quirky and innovative takes on the iconic Nintendo franchise. Alpha Dream's Mario and Luigi RPG series is one that has been going strong since its 2003 debut on the Game Boy Advance, all due to a combination of simple to learn, hard to master gameplay and lots of colorful humor. Bowser's Inside Story is the third game in the series, second on the DS, and this time around the adventure goes very deep into the very innards of one of gaming's most lovable villains.

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Game Delays From 2009 to 2010
 e3 - (eviljay)
09:22pm 21/09/2009
Publishers are delaying games by the boatload, moving their 2009 release dates to 2010. Some are delayed for development reasons, but a lot of companies are saying straight up that they want to avoid being a casualty in the upcoming 2009 holiday massacre-shot down dead by cold-blooded retail assassin Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which comes out in November.

Here is a list of just some of the 2009 titles that have been moved into 2010:

  • Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC) - First half of 2010
  • Battlefield 2 (PC version) - First quarter of 2010
  • BioShock 2 (PS3/360) - Mid 2010
  • Splinter Cell Conviction (360/PC) - First quarter of 2010
  • Red Steel 2 (Wii) - March
  • I Am Alive (PS3/360/PC) - 2010
  • Singularity (PS3/360/PC) - First quarter of 2010
  • MAG (PS3) - January 26th
  • Dead To Rights: Retribution (PS3/360) - Spring
  • Mafia II (PS3/360/PC) - Spring
  • Red Dead Redemption (PS3/360) - Spring
  • Bayonetta (PS3/360) - January
  • Dark Void (PS3/360/PC) - Early 2010
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Guild Wars Finally Unveiled
 e3 - (eviljay)
09:07pm 21/09/2009
NCsoft and ArenaNet finally released images and info for the long-awaited Guild Wars 2, also at GamesCom. The teaser trailer doesn't convey much (other than the fact that ArenaNet still employs fantastically talented artists), but the developer was willing to shed light on one of the game's new features: the event system. In similar fashion to Warhammer Online's public quests, GW 2's events offer a dynamic way for players to work together to impact something in the gameworld. ArenaNet shared an example of a centaur raid on a military outpost, where the outcome of the raid determines whether the next battle takes place as the human forces counterattack to either retake the outpost or go after the centaur's base. Unlike the first game, Guild Wars 2 features a persistent world like most MMO's, though the relative balance of instanced content to public space is as of yet unknown. NCsoft has yet to announce a release date for the title.

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Dust 514 Announced At GamesCom 2009
 e3 - (eviljay)
08:21pm 21/09/2009
EVE Online developer/publisher CCP blindsided conventiongoers at GamesCom 2009 in Cologne, Germany with its announcement of Dust 514, a massively multiplayer FPS for consoles that ties into EVE's persistent world. This unique title has players engaging in ground combat on planets across the galaxy. Gameplay details are scarce, but we know that maps are created by a combination of hand-crafted geometry and procedurally generated terrain, which CCP touts as allowing it to populate thousands of planets with unique battlefields. Similarly to Battlefield 2, a commander will set waypoints for each team and set up deployables to support his troops on the ground. The game will have limited PvE bot play, but CCP is making no bones about the fact that its focus in squarely on competitive online multiplayer.

The relationship between EVE and Dust 514 hasn't been fully revealed, but CCP has let a few details out. The outcome of battles in Dust 514 helps determine which player faction in EVE controls the planet and its output. The publisher is releasing a game-centric social networking site that will allow players of both games to interact in that way, and it's a good bet that EVE's dynamic player-driven politics and factional warfare will have an impact on Dust 514's social structures as well. Dust 514 has no announced release date.
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New Wii Survival Horror Game "Calling"
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
12:48am 21/08/2009
Hudson Entertainment Brings Wii Owners Face to Face with Spirits of the Dead in Calling

Calling Videogame Strays between Life and Death, Evoking Intrigue and Mystery as Players Fight for Survival

Hudson Entertainment will bring players face to face with death as they roam an alternate existence in an attempt to survive Calling. The adventure horror title is set to be published by Hudson Entertainment, the North and South American publishing arm of HUDSON SOFT, and will be exclusive to Wii in 2010.

“Players will be asked to use their wits and senses to survive the world of Calling,” said Mike Pepe, Director of Marketing of Hudson Entertainment. “It is a game that revolves around real people and real emotions – no chain saws or suits of armor. The game is traditional survival horror at its finest.”

In Calling, players begin by visiting a mysterious “Black Page” website with a simple number counter. Some say it is a bridge to something sinister; the counter indicating the number of people who have died after visiting the page. It is said that people who have visited the site and witness a certain event are drawn into a mysterious space compiled of the memories of the dead - the space between life and death. Someone or something is drawing the living there for a reason, and it is up to the player to discover the horrifying truth. In order to do so, players will use various equipment including flash lights, phones, and other items to navigate and escape the Calling.

Throughout the game players will visit various parts of the Calling world. Memories of houses, schools, hospitals and more bring players closer to either an escape or an untimely death. Players will solve puzzles, search and interact with objects, and ultimately try to avoid the inhabitance of this alternative existence.

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For more information on Calling, as well as other titles from Hudson Entertainment, please visit
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BioShock 2 - Jordan Thomas Interview
 e3 - (ex_spellboun8)
06:36pm 05/07/2009
BioShock 2 is a first-person shooter video game, developed by 2K Marin as the sequel to the critically-acclaimed BioShock. It is due for release on October 30, 2009 internationally and on November 3, 2009 in North America, simultaneously on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Exclusive BioShock 2 - Jordan Thomas Interview

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