two down, two to go
 dreamingdarkly - (lost_girl)
02:54pm 13/04/2009
Lost_Girl posting in Cthulhu, Dreaming Darkly
They are well and truly enmeshed now, the ones that are left. The foolish, incautious, humanly arrogant doctor stumbled into an unearthly predatory plant causing his death and that of the reporter. Such a deliciously revolting way to die. Their pain and terror was like a cool drink, an addictive drink. Now the four have become two again and those two are delightfully unhinged.

There was an Irishman too, but he got away. Definitely smarter and more cautious than the others. He would have been such fun to break. Ah well, there are so many minds to shatter and so many, many souls to devour, I may yet weave a web that will bring that one in.

There are some new ones now, on the periphery. But they have seen a few tasty tidbits from that garden of wonder. I like the smell of these new ones and I want to watch them unravel. Perhaps this time, perhaps these ones will unravel slowly so I can savor their increasing madness. The Bureau man seems cautious and careful, maybe he will avoid getting a faceful of toxic death?

And Corbitt, and his child. Such a loss that the child is dead! And so close to its maturity. Oh the madness and pain it could have spread! Oh the destruction and terror that will now have to wait to be unleashed! But there will be other children...

For now I must be content with the soothing babble of the mad girl... and the scrumptious terror of those two incautious souls. Those will be mine to torture for millenia...
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always with them
 dreamingdarkly - (lost_girl)
12:15pm 01/03/2009
Lost_Girl posting in Cthulhu, Dreaming Darkly
They are more resilient than they look, and resourceful. The hungry dark with its jagged claws was not their undoing as some had hoped it would be. I wonder; do they feel smug and self-satisfied with their survival? Do they imagine it is any kind of genuine triumph? If so, they will learn; with every step along the path, win or lose, they are drawn deeper into the nightmare... drip... drip... drip... They have allied with the priest and, it seems, will be joining him on his journey across the pond. He teaches them tricks to help them but it will avail them nothing in the end.

Deeper and deeper they go, looking nervously around and behind; almost, but not quite, hearing the scratching and skittering in the dark, almost but not quite seeing twisted, alien bodies that pursue them and stay just outside the range of their failing lanterns. The fear is always with them now, a slight but acrid bitterness in their blood, a bit of the cloying, poisoned darkness that follows them into even the most brightly lit rooms. A dark companion that stands beside them invisible but recognized by the cold claws it draws softly up their spines in even the most sunny and cherished company. The cold shiver of fear that washes over them a reminder of past horrors and a promise or a threat of so much more to come...

The last is so near now... I can sense her there in the dim light far above. I can smell her fear as she teeters on the lip of the abyss. Afraid but unaware of how close the danger really is. She has already entered the labyrinth but does not realize it. Just a few more steps and all will be lost... her dreams will draw her in and lead to her undoing...
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cold marble
 dreamingdarkly - (lost_girl)
11:15am 21/02/2009
Lost_Girl posting in Cthulhu, Dreaming Darkly
My mind wanders and I cannot feel the slip-stream of time. It must still move around me, but I cannot sense it.

They are lost, stumbling through the hungry dark, they do not sense that they have drawn the attention of things it would be better to be overlooked and unnoticed by. They strive and they struggle to maintain their precious and fragile sanity against the odds. "Too bad, too bad." mournfully calls the white owl from the tree. "Too late, too late!" cries the raven with its beak all bloody.

Drip, drip, drip echoes in this endless, marble maze that watches us with dead, colorless eyes that no longer recall the warmth of the sunlit world.
mental state: restless restless
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One Whole
 dreamingdarkly - (lost_girl)
04:09pm 08/02/2009
Lost_Girl posting in Cthulhu, Dreaming Darkly
They are nearly all together now. The last is being drawn inexorably in and soon they will start to see the faint outlines of what cannot clearly be seen.

Already their sanity frays from what slight exposure they have had to the jagged edges of the mythos. So early in the game and yet the world they know dissolves in small patches like oozing sores on diseased flesh. Their brief glimpses of the truth, behind the delusive world they live in, fill them with horror and drive them shrieking from their dreams.

And all they've seen are the dead arising and plagues of vermin, common themes from their own religious tomes! Just wait until they see what is yet to come... Such tantalizing madness those vistas of darkness will bring.
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the light dims...
 dreamingdarkly - (lost_girl)
03:35pm 01/02/2009
Lost_Girl posting in Cthulhu, Dreaming Darkly
He has drawn them in. He was so charmingly hesitant to talk about the horror he witnessed and yet so easily exposed them to the real danger. But that is the way of things. His anxiety to find a logical explanation for what he has seen is intoxicating... I suppose that goes for all of them. Their belief in the rational, their devotion to science and learning, their eagerness to disprove what they do not wish to accept has already been their undoing. All three of them are losing their way in the dark now. Still clinging to the illusion of normalcy, they have not yet noticed, not one of them, that they are sliding ever so slowly away from reality. What was it the photographer said? "I'm a believer at parties." Soon it will be so much more than that.

They think their resistance and rationalizing will save them. How delightfully innocent they are, especially the doctor who imagines himself so immune. One cannot blame him for his belief, his knowledge has ever been a shield and sword to him. Its only natural he believes that will be the case now. All the more fun to watch. They rid the world of the entity. They are resourceful and determined and not easily distracted from their goals. Let them wrap the world they think they know around them like a quilt a while more. The seeds of their destruction are sown, they have entered the labyrinth, there will be no turning back that does not draw them deeper in.

One more dreamer has yet to show herself, but I hear her soft steps approaching. So ineffectually cautious, as if a slow approach will ameliorate the consequences of stepping into the trap. Soon she will be snared and they will all be lost in the dark, willing themselves to wake from the nightmare, waiting for daylight that will never come.
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 dreamingdarkly - (lost_girl)
06:47pm 28/01/2009
Lost_Girl posting in Cthulhu, Dreaming Darkly
The nightmare has begun for Ed Norton of the Boston Globe. In his investigations of a haunted house he caught the merest glimpse of that which no man was ever meant to see. Little does he suspect the mysteries he will come to understand and the terrors that will come to haunt him sleeping and waking. Better this way, as he tries to put behind him, to forget that which he has seen and better to forget so many questions he has that have not been answered. Better to bury his head in the sand while that is yet something of an option. Feel pity perhaps for he who imagines he might still pull back from the mystery and live as other men do; blind and ignorant of the true and terrible reality.

The nightmare has yet to begin for the others, but I feel them there, in the dark, dreaming their little dreams. So innocent, so unaware of how very, very fragile life really is. They are not yet ensnared in the twisted truth behind the lies, but they are coming nearer. Yes, nearer all the time. Soon enough they will be lost, as all must one day be lost....
mental state: dreaming the dark dreaming the dark
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