Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Drabble Day 2018: Masterlist

Oh hello.

If you don't know me, I'm Johanna Mason and I don't give a fuck about what's going on. The Effies were supposed to do this, but they're... a little busy. So you're stuck with me, unless...

[Uhm, no, Jo, literally no one wants to do that. If you're gonna be super-dramatic, we told you we could do this ourselves...]

No, it's cool, me and Dolphinboy-on-crack here got it.

[We are so pleased.]

Wheeeee! I am told you have written drabbles, and this is somehow impressive. Okay. Here is a complete masterlist of this baffling achievement! Please click the hour links for your reading pleasure.

Hour 1, Maroon
Hour 2, Silver
Hour 3, Azure
Hour 4, Purple
Hour 5, Green
Hour 6, Ivory
Hour 7, Turquoise
Hour 8, Saffron
Hour 9, Charcoal
Hour 10, Burgundy
Hour 11, Indigo
Hour 12, Black
Hour 13, Olive
Hour 14, Crimson
Hour 15, Cerulean
Hour 16, Cyan
Hour 17, Pink
Hour 18, Tan
Hour 19, Lavender
Hour 20, Mahogany
Hour 21, Rose & Amber
Hour 22, Yellow
Hour 23, Lime
Hour 24, Magenta


You're very welcome. See you next year.
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Monday, January 29th, 2018

Drabble Day 2018: A Record-Breaking Rainbow of Results

So, dearest Cinna, I was saying to the girls, [info]lilithilien and [info]aldiara, I mean, their intentions are ever so good, but they've got no eye for colour at all, have they-

[Effie? We're live.]

Results after the cut... )
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Sunday, January 28th, 2018


Aaaaand that's a wrap, my brilliant drabble stars! You have all been MAGNIFIQUE.


yeah, hey, not entirely terrible i guess?

Thank you, Haymitch.

anytime, darlin'.

ANYWAY. Submissions for Drabble Day are now closed - do feel free to post more drabbles if inspiration lingers, we will still adore and comment on each one, although late ones won't count towards the official tally.

And speaking of the tally, your mods will compile some numbers and master lists and impressive accomplishments and such, once they have caught up on, as they hyena-cackled in my general direction just now, ALL THE SLEEP OMFG. So watch this space.

Adieu, you have been the brightest of bright phoenixes!
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Friday, January 26th, 2018

Drabble Day 2018 - And So It Begins

*taps mic*

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 2018 Drabble Day!

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Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Save the date for Drabble Day!


Starting at 11pm GMT on Friday, 26 January, you are menacingly cordially invited to participate in 24 hours of drabbling madness. (Yes, we decided that 12 hours was not quite mad enough and have returned to our usual format). As in previous years, drabbles will be limited to exactly 100 words and will be accepted for all pairings and all fandoms.

Time zones are as follows:
US midwest (CST): 26 Jan, 5pm - 27 Jan, 5pm
US/Canada East Coast (EST): 26 Jan, 6pm - 27 Jan, 6pm
UK (GMT): 26 Jan, 11pm - 27 Jan, 11pm
Europe (CET): 26 Jan, midnight - 27 Jan, midnight (i.e. starting 24:00 Friday or 00:00 if you're counting from Saturday)
NZ (NZST): 27 Jan, noon - 28 Jan, noon

Another post announcing the rules and this year's theme will be coming soon.* In the meantime, have a hint and also an annoying earworm:

Hope to see you all there! \o/

*Just as soon as we've relearned how the hell banners and IJ work.
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