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Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

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    A Very Important Announcement
    Greetings, oh drabblers and dreamers, creators of stories and lovers of... what do you call it... fanfic? It is I, Hermes, herald of the Gods, here with a message from your Overlords:

    "Beware the 29th of May."


    I think that's it.

    *looks at back of paper*

    No, nothing there. Just "beware the 29th of May."

    Well, that's not very informative, is it. I swear, sometimes the Divine can be so vague. Is Zeus planning to wreak havoc upon the world of mortals? Are the gates of Hades to burst open allowing the souls of the dead to spill out? Or is it just going to rain and get your head a bit damp? I DON'T KNOW. I'm just the messenger.

    All I can advise is that you don't make any plans for the weekend of May 29th, because Something Will Happen and Things Will Change.

    Hermes, out!

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