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Friday, January 26th, 2018

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    Drabble Day 2018 - And So It Begins
    *taps mic*

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 2018 Drabble Day!

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    Drabble Day Hour 2: Silver
    How is an hour gone already? HOW?

    And of course...

    Drabble Day Hour 4: Purple
    How're we all doing? Hanging in there? Manic yet?

    This hour's theme is:

    Drabble Day Hour 6: Ivory
    You peeps are amazeballs! We're entering the 6th hour now - nearly 1/4 of the way through this madness! omg this is so hard how is writing what is time kill me now

    This next prompt was a bit tricky:

    While searching for "ivory" pictures, I got overwhelmed with wedding dresses. I really really don't want to subject us to heaps of wedding fic,* so here, have some pretty from James Ivory movies instead.


    *This is not to say you can't write wedding fic. You can write wedding fic if you are so inclined. Please feel free to write wedding fic. Or anything else you want. Just make time stop, okay?
    Drabble Day Hour 8: Saffron

    So pretty. Let's look at that again.

    And because she rocks...

    And we can't forget YoSaffBridge!

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