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Restarting! [Feb. 28th, 2008|07:10 am]

Alright, this is being left open to former members to see. This is how our restart is going to work.

1. All prior canon we played through is being wiped! We are going to go for a proper restart, so that we're as accessible to newcomers as possible. HOWEVER if there are threads that you absolutely don't want to lose, then it's up to you to save and repost them, once the game is reopened.

2. We're shooting for a re-open next week, but can push that back a week if need be. We will be emailing all former members who asked us to, and they will be able to reclaim ONE of their characters automatically. Those with more than one character will be asked to choose just one. Why? Because this time around we're opening the Brotherhood for application, and keeping the two-character limit for now, so we thought you might like to take a Brotherhood for your second one. Also we wanted to keep some options open for newcomers when we do our advertising. If after the first round of advertising no one holds your second character you can go ahead and take them back, if you'd like. If you'd like to take a second character for the first time, or take a different character, you may hold them when the game opens for holds and applications, like newcomers will. ETA: We've currently scratched our available/taken character list back to a clean slate, except who we know we're playing so far. This does not mean you won't can't have your kid. It means we did not want to make assumptions or risk forgetting to add or take someone off. (OMG so blank!)

3. We're going to go advertising heavy for three rounds of advertising, or maybe four. If by that time we don't draw enough players, we're going to open up the character limit, and the game will settle into a lightly advertised semi-private game, running along the lines of Pensieve, a small game that runs slowly, but stays open. We'll still be open to new players, but we won't go actively hunting for them as much, and plot-pushes and prompts will come less often, it will be more of a casual game without strict update limits. Unless those circumstances arise, we will have standard two-week thread and/or journal update limits.

4. NO ONE should feel obligated to keep the same kids from before, or to play if they don't want to. Most of us already play in two games together, so if you're just not up for a third, that's fine. We won't hold it against you. If you'd like to hold a character until after RL settles for you to play later, then go ahead and grab Tygs or Dena on AIM and we can talk about it.

5. If you have friends who are looking for a game, or would like to try something new, by all means bring them over. If you have plot ideas, storylines from the comics/cartoons/etc that you'd like to bring in - by all means, let us know.

I think that covers it. We're still in the process of cleaning things up, so if you look over the info and see if there's something we haven't changed over yet, by all means let us know. IF you have questions/comments/condemnations, go ahead and comment here with it. Also go right ahead and give us journal names for your kid that you're starting with if you do plan to play, and we'll get you added. Feel free to pimp around on your own too, once we get the ad set up again.

If there's anything we forgot, then let us know.
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[Jan. 13th, 2008|09:36 pm]
[Tags|, ]

((This game is not yet open! Check back in the beginning of March 2008!!!))

[•premise•] [•rules•] [•application•] [•available•] [•taken•] [•faq•] [•additional•]

[info]domino_effectis a ______________________ (See Rules and the Available pages for more info) and we are geared towards mature roleplayers with good writing skills, including themes sexual or violent in nature. Open for players 16+ older only please.

[+] Accepting holds soon! Applications OPEN on __________!!
[+] Journal-based RPG
[+] Friendly mods who run a strictly drama-free, fun playing enviroment.
[+] Active plots, open to player feedback and suggestion.
[+] Reflects most movie canon through all three films.
[+] Strong focus on character development.
[+] Het, Slash, Femmeslash friendly.
[+] Dark themes friendly.
[+] Rated G - NC-17.


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