November 24th, 2008

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Challenge 13

Challenge 13: Theme: food

This week we will try out a food challenge, you may use any image you find as long as it is from a disney movie or tv show (if this is not clear I may ask for a link to the original picture) and the focus is on food.

*You may use any image, I have provided a few for you.
*You may submit up to 3 icons. Submit them to this post, details for this are in the profile.
*Any texture, brushes, etc. are allowed, just no animation
*Icons are due Sunday December, 7th
*Vote for Lion King icons here!

Click on the thumbnails to get the full-size image.

"Num Yummy"

magical screencaps is a great resource for animated Disney movies.

[info]truthanderror in [info]disney_icontest

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Don't vote for your own icon.
use the following format to vote for your favorite two icons:
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The new challenge will be up in a few minutes!