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Jan. 20th, 2020


DT is Officially Closed

Jan. 20th, 2021


Members Only Post

Since we've been active for so long, we have decided to make the OOC friends only, so be sure you've added it to your friends list and that you have been accepted as a member to it as well.

Thank you!
The Modlies

Jan. 20th, 2009


The Long Awaited Death of Greatest Journal

You heard it right! By January 30th, 2009 GJ will be clearing everything! SO if you have beloved old character journals there with posts, profile, etc. Go save them!

Just thought some of you may like to know.

Jan. 11th, 2009



I just wanted to throw out a general question...erm, on the actions to follow the dissappearance of Gypsy.

I wondered if anyone was planning on starting a thread detailing people looking for her and what not.
If you are or want to contact me on AIM at NurseFioona, cos I was thinking of setting up a group thread.

Thanks xxx

Jan. 10th, 2009


Illness sucks

I got totally blasted by evil flu but back now...what have I missed/ where does ellie need to be?

Dec. 31st, 2008


Dudez, I am back! Finals were nuts. Would you believe it if I told you that they scheduled one for two days before Chritmas? Well, believe it! Spent the rest of the week mostly sleeping :-)

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and hope that everyone has a fun and safe New Years!


Dec. 30th, 2008


The animals went in four by four hoorah!

So as Fiona was waiting out the christmas holidays her tiny brain started to work her creative section like a mother hoe and as a result Wren was born.

Wren is a nanny for thw Wolves, it came about in anon so direct way but small child started to cling to her and claw at her bright pink hair Grey decided that perhaops babysitting was a job most suited for her.  Unfortunately tiny faces with huge eyes are hard to resist and seeing as they are seldom depressed creatures Wren decided that perhaps looking after big bundles of tiny spastic joy wasn't such a bad idea afterall.

She's loud (unintentionally), she's random and she hates it when people frown for too long.  She is never without a story to tell be it real or make believe (truth is stranger than fiction after all) and she is never not making noise.  Though the virus ruined alot of things for people it was evident that sadness really didn't get anybody anywhere so as a result Wren has decided to dance around like she's on prozac 24/7.  It annoys as much as it endears.

She's outspoken but tactful, but can be rather obtuse when she gets on one of her "Let's all be happy," tirades.  She stands out in the snow with her coloured hair and highly colourful jumpers, but preferes to be indoors buried under a duvet with a book that has enough adventure in it to whisk her away to a fantasy land.

So yeah as far as plot goes she's a pretty blank canvas though not without it I'm sure, but I really want her to be an active player so if you have any kind of plot throw it straight at me like a snowball in the face!........
And yeah, she had a boyfriend before the virus that she had to leave behind so if anyone fancies making a cameo that would be the most immense ever.

toodle pip xxxx


OMG Hello all This is Kris Shepherd's player! Let me introduce you to the rifle toting hunter/boarder guard for the Wolves. English has a bad attitude and an English accent. Can you tell how she got her name? She has lived in Sundance since she was six so if you went to the school you know her. She was the weird girl who lived in the woods cause her dad was a survivalist. English is one of the three part team that has always been on the farm. She has known and been friends with Grey and his brother since she was six. She will shoot you in the face for either of them without hesitation.

She needs a good deal of interaction. I can probably go ahead and tell you she wants to punch Wolf for just being him and she rather dislikes Nova for the thing that went down with Grey...not to mention it was probably her that had to go out in the blizard to look for the girl since English is the one that could find her way back home. No girl is good enough for her boys.

Speaking of OMG WE SO NEED THE YOUNGER BROTHER!!!!! Come on! Someone!

Dec. 29th, 2008



Hi everyone!
I hope that finals and the holidays went well for everyone! DT passed it's one year anniversary last week so hooray for us! It wouldn't have been possible without all you amazing people! Thanks for sticking with us for as long as you have and I hope that we can all keep writing together for a long time to come!

A new week change has been posted. We've unfortuneatley lost Gypsy/Psyche/Flower mun so we're in the process of working out the plot kinks.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions we're always more than open to hearing them!

E> you guys.


Santa baby,

I hope everyone had a good christmas, and got lots of goodies =]
That's really al I wanted to say

Dec. 21st, 2008



Hello all I just thought I would give a quick heads up I'll be disappearing this week from Wednesday morning until Saturday night (should be back on then). So if I don't poke you......

Merry Christmas!!

Dec. 17th, 2008


Hi just wanted to let everyone know that I am changing my MSN and E-Mail address to I will have both for awhile as I transfer everyone over, but please please please change it so I don't miss you!



Almost there!

So I've been studying 24/7. I have a test today in less than three hours and then another test tomorrow which means, after that - I am frrreeeee! Well except for work.. but that won't be so bad! So yeah!! Don't give up on me, as soon as finals are done I'm back with a vengeance! E>

Dec. 14th, 2008



Just to let you know my AIM went bat shit crazy this morning so I had to delete and set up a new account and username.

So as of today I am no longer Darlasheen but NurseFioona

I'll try my best to add everyone so if you see that adding you it's me. And erm if anyone could add me too that would be wonderful. I promise this means I'll be more accessible cos I know I havent really discussed plot lines over AIM before.

ta xxxx

Dec. 11th, 2008



Sooo sorry I've gotten super slow again, I have finals this coming week and lots of work so I've been trying to stay on top of that. My last final is the 18th but I should have time to update a bit here soon. :) E> you guys.

Dec. 10th, 2008


Massive Fail!!

Oh my giddy gosh I am not even sure how to start apologising for my extreme lack in commitment to this.
Things have been crazy with me, my project just finished and I'm applying to universities and it needs to be done before christmas which is in less than two weeks so I'm in major panic distraction mode.

Please let me know now what threads you need me to finish up I know I owe Pan and Silver a long overdue reply to their posts cos I've kinda put a story line on hold and I'm sorry for that again.
I also need plot for Saint and Carbon otherwise I have no choice but to drop those characters.
After the 16th of december I'm free to be on here like a trooper again.
Ta for not writing me off lovelies.

Dec. 6th, 2008


thank you

I just wanted to say a collective thanks to everyone for their support with what happened the other day. I'm worlds away from being whole again, but your words mean a lot to me. E> you guys.


And here he is all shiny and knew and with a new name it's Grey the Farm Leader of the Wolves plot plot plot away!

Dec. 5th, 2008


Why Hello everyone. I'm Kris and some of you might remember me from the very begining of DT. I bring to you a revamped man. He likes to think of himself as the oldest man in existance...and he might be right. This is Shepherd and he is going to soon be a member of the River Runners but he will be a drifter first. I can be found at redheartedqueen but I usually have people not on my list blocked so hopefully I will get around to adding the people on the contact page *headdesk*

Look forward to playing with everyone!

Dec. 2nd, 2008


Otter....realated ish

Alrighty so I've decided in my infinite wisdom that now that I am back and completely back, that I really do want another character. Since I gave all my other lovies away to good homes, I asked a few people who we needed and the answer was basically the same every time.... The Farm Director of the Wolves a.k.a. Otter

I've talked to a few people and I've started to read posts with or about him, but I thought I would see if anyone could help me out. I already have a PB and don't worry he's HAWT! But what I need to know is who all had plot with him, visible to me or not and of course who would like to have plot with him in the future since his last girl is preggo with someones else's baby hahahha DRAMA!

Also I'm not sure about the name Otter as I don't know how to involve it. Any ideas on either why or even other names would be awesome!

As for how he will be when I pick him up, obviously I am going to tweak him to the character I need him to be to play him well (we all know Lass loves to play certain types of boys *cough* *cough*). Most of the back story is going to be the same but there will be a couple of key switches in his personality. He is going to still be a bit of a goof but only occasionally, and he is also going to have a bad temper. He will also hate having to make decisions for others because he tried making decisions for his family and that didn't work, which is of course why he was more than happy to let Wolf take the lead.

Okay so that's a rough idea of him, now I need lots of ideas!

Please, please please leave a note or IM me at TartanedLass on AIM as I really want to get into this character. Oh and also Peri needs plot so if anyone has any ideas even involving her... even in a minor role I'm more than happy to jump on it!!


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