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jaeger and lime [22 Nov 2009|05:18pm]

so mar-s convinced me to come back here, as if i could get away from this game with everyone still loving it so much! anyway, this is jaeger blake, who recently moved back to key west again from australia.

her story is, she moved around a lot as a kid, following the death of her pseudo-rockstar father. jae went to tegesta for most of her highschool career and started dating [info]dylaan. the two moved to california together but it proved to be too much for dylan, so jaeger moved back to australia to "find herself". she was working doing promotions for a surf company. when she heard that [info]marilon's mum wasn't doing well she made the move back home and she's currently staying with mar and helping out around the house (with ben, errands, cooking..whatev).

jae herself is almost too considerate for her own good. she tries to put out this kind of BAMF image but she's really a big softy. her friends have been her family for most of her life so they come first for her. she's confident and outgoing and has a problem showing any kind of vulnerability...especially after the dylan situation. she had her heart broken and it's not something she took lightly, so she's still a bit of a mess. jae is sarcastic and goofy and she's not afraid to look liek an idiot once in a while. she believes that soemtimes you have to do stupid and crazy things, just for the laughs and the story. anything else you need to know about her is here.

i'm determined to have some solid lines for her this time around, i feel like she was always sitting on the outskirts. she was in tegesta for a number of years so i'm hopinfg for some friends from high school, either that she could have kept in touch with while she was gone or that she can be reunited with now. This includes some potential exes maybe? she's strictly ladies so that would have to be girls but whatever. i'd love some close friends for her, and the line i've always wanted filled, her step-brother/partner in crime. maybe a potential love interest or something? and a best girl friend would be amazing because she needs a ride or die bitch. everything though, really, i'm willing to brainstorm and try and work out something epic because all of the characters here are amazing.
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[21 Nov 2009|09:11pm]

sup people! i'm thinking of bringing in this taylor york pb and i figured a few lines might actually get the ball rollin' when it comes to writing up some facts and a biography. he's a blank canvas so i'm up for anything. what i do know is that he's 18, he was born and raised in key west and made what he thinks is a stupid decision to move to la or ny for school (i haven't decided) and is homesick as hell. family, friends, exes (he can be quite a gaymo) are all welcome!!
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[21 Nov 2009|08:59pm]

let's try this again now that i've cleared some things out and checked in with a few of his old lines.

this! is lucas evigan, a former tegeta high student who lived with his bad ass grandma before he was sent back to live with his parents in new york about halfway through his senior year. he only got there that summer before senior year, so he wasn't around for long. but he did make some very memorable friends. including [info]mcknzie, [info]gainsworth, [info]rquel, and the love of his life who broke his heart b/c she was scared of his penis: [info]dylaan. it was a very interesting few months before he went back home. basically he was thrown into a ton of random drama that scared him for life! jk, but close enough. he was mostly known outside of those named as the kid who was always taking pictures of everything. he keeps an online album (which will be coming back!) of all the pictures he takes and that was his big ticket into the world of professional photography after graduation in new york. alright, not big, but it got him a job as a paparazzi. that gig pays his bills while he's attending nyu (or tisch, specifically); majoring in photography, of course. other than that stuff, he's pretty much the same old lucas. his parents are still pot heads, his grandma is still the coolest old chick ever living in tegesta, he still has his irrational fear of rabbits, and he's still falling for all the wrong kinds of girls.

i'm open to working out lines from tegesta that he didn't have last time around, re-hashing old lines, or creating completely new lines with anyone else he could have met during his time in new york, snapping pictures of celebs. brainstorm with me and i swear something amazing will pop up.
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scrumdylumptious~ [21 Nov 2009|10:45pm]

hey hey! dylan's coming back~. my hiatus was up a while ago and i'm finally ready to be back in the action. what i'd like to know is: will she have any lines coming in?

i'm not name dropping some of the old lines she had. please, don't be offended. i'd like to think of this as almost a fresh start!

dylan is an eighteen year old california native who has lived in tegesta since she was ten years old. some of her random qualities would be her legit fear of the penis, a gluten intolerance, a serious hard on for terrible and gory horror films, a dorkiness that she can't begin to deny, an ego of gigantic proportions, a strong aversion to sleep that borders on unhealthy, and an addictive personality. dyl considers herself a lesbian although she has kissed a few boys and even dated one for a short time. she has the worst luck with relationships and usually ends them badly.

i suppose i'm looking for old friends, new friends, exgirlfriends, potential new girlfriends, people to flirt with ( even though she thinks she's bad at it rn ), classmates from high school, a female best friend that is platonic ( or even a love unrequited ), pot smoking buddies both new and old, drinking buddies both new and old, and anything else you could think of. just comment and we'll come up with something epic.
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[21 Nov 2009|04:25pm]

would this lady gaga pb be wanted here? she has a lot of backstory including a m2f transition in her past. cousins, family, friends, roommates, anything would be ideal.
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[21 Nov 2009|02:34pm]

[ mood | marilonaire ]

i wish i could quit you, [info]tegesta. i love my character and i couldn't keep him away with everyone still talking about the game. this is marilon murphey! he's eighteen, grew up in tegesta, and was the stereotypical popular jock in high school. his parents split up, his life got turned upside down--you know, the typical drama that life throws on people. he's changed a lot in the last year and a half (dang, it's been a long little piece). before the crazy senior year, marilon was a jovial, good-hearted person who would help anyone and always stuck up for the underdog. now he's more reserved, has douchebag tendencies, and is a lot meaner when he's pissed off. around the people he knows, though, he still the same old marilon--for the most part. i won't bother you with details on where he has been! but he dropped out of berkeley and gave his football scholarship a big 'fuck you~' and moved back to key west because his nana got sick (they don't know what's wrong with her yet). so him, his three month old son (benjamin!!), his mother, his aunt and uncle, and his little cousin, haley, have been rallying around her for support. his entire life before this was about football and he's really upset that he gave football a big peace out, but his nana is more important. but he hasn't given up his dreams yet! he's going to apply to be a gator and hopefully be good enough for their football team. anyways. he's going to be living in key west until that happens, though, unless stray from good with nana. he's about to move into an apartment with his son. yes, he's a stable single dad! he just doesn't want to live above the garage in that cramped apartment again. freedom was nice out in cali, he wants it back.

name drops! his best friends are [info]dylaan and [info]gainsworth, he loves them like a fat kid loves cake. his family is friends with the [info]herston's, but he tries to avoid blaine. he will not discuss [info]klln with you so don't even ask. he's loosely friends with [info]nessac, [info]marianna, and [info]mcknzie! he also has a thing for [info]jnll, but he isn't talking about that either. hai [info]raleighm~ but i'd love new lines and old lines! friends, cousins, renewing old lines (who all is still here?), whatever. i'm down.

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[20 Nov 2009|01:03pm]

Meet Raquel Parker. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana as a good Southern lady nineteen years ago. She lost everything when Hurricane Katrina happened and she was put into foster care until she was adopted by a Key West couple. She lived with them for three years enduring the crazy antics of her senior class. Yeah, she was there for the mud in the hallways and the pig’s blood at prom and all that jazz. Raquel is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California, loving every minute of her time in the City of Angels. Her major is kinesiology with the goal of becoming a physical trainer for the LA Lakers, the best basketball team in the league. She doesn’t take much from anyone but she’s never actually had a true conflict with anyone. Intimidating can definitely be an adjective used for her even if she’s pretty laid back. Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’ is the motto she lives by. Talk Beyonce or Project Runway with her and the conversation won’t end. With that being said, I’d love lines with everyone new and old.
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[19 Nov 2009|10:58pm]

Hey [info]tegesta! I'm looking to bring this Sam Droke PB in and, while I have a general idea of what she's going to be like, I need your help. Is there anyone who needs a younger sister (around 17ish)? Biological, step, even adopted; I'm not picky. The only thing is that the family needs to be based in Tegesta.
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[19 Nov 2009|07:36pm]

what males are wanted here?
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[19 Nov 2009|04:47pm]

would alyson michalka be wanted for anything here? she'll most likely be based in the north east.
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[19 Nov 2009|12:57am]

hello all! this is kirstin and she's a key west native who is in desperate need of lines. her best friend is [info]laporte and other than that she's open to whatever you can offer. she's 18 and a 2009 graduate and ummm i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot but her bio is in the journal if anyone is interested.
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[18 Nov 2009|04:37am]

not sure how many people remember him, but i'm considering bringing this kid back with (yet another) new face. any chance in reconnecting old lines? obviously there'd be some explanation as to why lucas disappeared for a while. i'll let you know what it is once i work it out, lol. i'll get a real one of these up tomorrow for new lines, after i get his old crap sorted through.
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[12 Nov 2009|11:06am]

so I'm putting this girl together and I thought I would throw her out for some lines! this is marleigh bennett, native of dallas, texas and a true southern belle. she's outgoing, has impeccable manners, an intense love of football, she has a naturally flirtatious, charming and sassy demeanor. She's stubborn as hell and can be the ultimate antagonist in an argument. She has recently moved in NYC to attend Parsons after dropping out of USC where she was a song girl (aka a cheerleader). Oh and she's [info]talon's high school sweetheart/ex girlfriend. So a new roommate in new york, a key west connection (I'm thinking a cousin?), maybe some friends from USC/Los Angeles, anyone from Dallas she might have grown up let's work something out!
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[12 Nov 2009|05:22am]

sorry i have been so mia with talon, a lot of real life stuff got in the way but i've enjoyed my time here so far and i plan on coming back full force. with that said, i think its time to put him out there for storylines. he lives in new york city, where he goes to college. he's the room mate of [info]kentwood. i'd love lines from back in key west (where his grandparents are from, he spent summers there), and new ones from new york. i'm open for anything so just throw them at me. he's a really friendly guy, so even if you're not one for setting up lines ooc and taking the organic route, feel free to throw random ims at him! thanks so much.
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[08 Nov 2009|11:07pm]

This little chickie here is Nora Nessler. She is a Key West native, but moved right after graduation. She is 18 and kind of a strange bird. She doesn't do things like other people. I wouldn't exactly say she's a drama queen, but she does like to keep things interesting. She pulled a raccoon out of her hat not too long ago by upping and moving to Santa Monica to study culinary arts after wanting to write and illustrate children's books for most of her life. She's a sweet girl who would do just about anything for those she loves. She has a lot going on in her life, but she pretends she doesn't to keep her baggage off of other people. She's pretty straight-edge. She does drink, but she isn't the type to get stupid drunk. She's kind of quirky and a little bit of a smartass. She's really opinionated and she likes to consider herself somewhat wise. Not enough to have her own self-help show, but enough to get by. Hmm...what else? I don't know! She loves to bake and cook so she's always making goodies up for her friends and family. She also loves trying new recipes and is even considering writing a cookbook.

As for connections, [info]vincnt is her boyfriend, [info]matthw is her ex turned close friend, she considers [info]maravilla, [info]sjones, and [info]kailan to be her closest and best friends. She also considers [info]klln a good friend, if only because they both love to hate on matthew and vince. i'm sure i'm forgetting someone and i apologize in advance for that! anyway, she could use some lines! She's going to be coming back to Key West next weekend for Thanksgiving break so maybe some old friends she's going to be dropping in to see and new friends she'll make during her visit. Anything and everything else too!
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[07 Nov 2009|10:57pm]

Here I am to add to the sl-wagon! With it coming up close to Vanessa's one year (holycrapcakes) I thought it was about time to toss one of these out there again.

For a more in depth look into her check out her bio here but here is the jist. Vanessa is a Key West native and no matter where she goes will hold a soft spot for the place. Her family tree is a little confusing since the man who raised her, her dad Neil, turned out to not be her biological father. Her bio dad is her mother's high school sweetheart Ghram who lives out in Texas. She has grown to accept it now and is on better speaking terms about it. Her mother is about to give birth to her little sister, Magdalene, who is fathered by Ghram but has no idea. She is a graduate of the 09 class and had planned to get a degree in Communications at UCLA. However, when push came to shove she wanted to come home and has been for a couple of weeks now after attending college for less than a month. Her current occupation is a maid at a resort hotel and lives in the same house she grew up in solo while her dad is a truck driver elsewhere but who returns every few weeks. She has had, or has a bad rep sometimes but she is a sweet girl who just lets things get her and doesn't think before she asks.

Name dropping time! [info]nate is her best friend that has through hell and back with her and still has feelings for though it's complicated, [info]raleighm is her sister from another mister and her roomie when she lived in California. Her core other friends include [info]maravilla and [info]zard plus a bunch of other people she talks to. There have been some old friends and acquaintances that she has lost contact with over awhile so I'd be totally up for opening up those friendships again. As far as other lines go I'd love a cousin for her, people she works with at the resort and other friends from Tegesta. I'm up for anything really! And like it's explained in my contact post, don't fear the mobile sign (IM forwarding)! Alright ending this now before I get too far into babbling.
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[07 Nov 2009|11:08am]

Okay now it’s my turn to play follow the leader! I figured that it’d be a good idea to toss one of these out there because let’s face it, this game rocks. And I need some more lines on top of that too.

I’ll first start off with Janelle Davenport [[info]jnll]. She’s 19 years old, born and raised in Australia, moved to Key West when she was 15 years old, graduated in class of 2009, and is now going to school at UC Berkeley where she’s majoring in Liberal Arts. She’s a really big sweetheart, too nice for her own good, a little shy at times, a bit naïve when it comes to certain things, friendly, a good girl, a bit of a bookworm, and pretty reserved too but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like going out and getting down every now and then. As far as lines go, her identical twin is [info]asly, she’s real good friends with [info]coleb believe it or not, she was [info]marilon’s flavor of the week at one point, [info]kristalynn tried to help break Janelle out of her shell, and things are kinda awkward with [info]brinker. I think that pretty much sums it up! As far as lines go for her, she can use just about everything. More people in Berkeley that she could hang out with, maybe an ex that she dated in high school, and just more people for her to talk to in general! I’d definitely love to do some brainstorming.

Now my other girl, Tinka Vasquez [[info]tinkab], is kind of on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to Janelle. She’s going to be 19 in a few days, was born and raised in Key West, graduated in ’09, and is a journalism major at the University of Miami. She’s outgoing, feisty when necessary, outspoken, doesn’t believe in sugar coating, and kind of thinks of herself as the Wendy Williams of her generation. She does have her nice side too and she is always down for having a good time no matter the time or the place. She’s also not a big fan of her name, but, that’s what she was born with all thanks to her Disney-obsessed mom. She is currently dating [info]matthw, her little cousin is [info]chnel, [info]coleb is her long lost twin only not really, she likes to torture [info]gorten from time to time with Olga~, she knows [info]ashten through her cousin, and she’s also been chatting/hanging out with [info]sjones and [info]eggleston who she met through Matt. If I left anyone out, I’m sorry! But I want to get more lines for her too! I know she comments people randomly at times, but she could definitely use more people to talk to. Childhood friends, friends from high school, ex-boyfriends, anybody else who might be in the Miami area, and anything else!
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[07 Nov 2009|11:44am]

ugh, okay, so i'm apparently too retarded to make the decision by myself so i need some help. i want to bring nora back with a different face but i can't decide between tiffany dupont or lea michele?
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[07 Nov 2009|10:10am]

Alright, ch'all, since Tegesta is my Ennis and I just can't quit this bitch~ So...sorta hopping the bandwagon.

This is Kellyn Ryan, 18, ad a 2009 Tegesta graduate. Former skank and Mean Girls skid mark, I think it was. She was born and raised in Key West, but moved out to San Diego this past summer, sort of on a whim, but has fallen in love with it. She works at Sea World and is signed up for Gen. Ed. classes in the spring. She has no brain to mouth filter and says a lot of disgusting shit and her favorite past time is googling nearly everything, but mostly nasty stuff like larvae breasts and genital beading. She used to be very judgemental, very mean for no reason, and she used to lash out at...well, nearly everyone that said/did something she didn't like, but after an incident over the summer, she's sorting out her life and getting herself back on track and trying to just find happiness in everything.

As for name dropping, she's somewhat seeing [info]ontaine, her best friends are [info]matthw (awkward sort of tension there tho) and [info]maravilla (soulmatez). There's a lot of people she's acquainted with/has connections with and would love to reconnect with, especially [info]thornton. She wants to stab [info]herston in the face, but he's still the Britney to her KFed. And her and [info]tallant need to be locked up in a room with each other and lots of sharp objects and a chainsaw and a bonzai burger or something~

I'd lovelovelove to get her little sister, who would be a senior at Tegesta, and a cousin or two. Other California kids would be amazing, and basically...anyone who wants to put themselves out there for a random IM when she's back in the game would be wonderful.
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[07 Nov 2009|01:35am]

hopping on the bandwagon!

valerie needs pretty much... well, everything? friends, a roomate, potentially a boy, and overall, a life? she works at starbucks and goes to school at Barry. she can be a tough nut to crack and is rather careful about what she says, especially regarding herself. she loves music and honestly, doing her homework. she dislikes work and being poor.

did i mention she makes INSANE brownies? she does!
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