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[05 Feb 2010|08:41pm]

HEY would ya'll please remove me and [info]reaganle! Thanks.
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[13 Dec 2009|01:04pm]

should i bring a female here?
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[07 Dec 2009|07:58pm]

Went with Ashley, thank you for your votes! I'm not even close to being done with her bio, but I figured making this post would be ~motivation, so here it is.

This is Callie Fischer, 18, senior, and a resident of Key West since '05. She was born and raised in Dallas by her politician mother and banker father but moved to Tegesta after her parents got a divorce and her mother hightailed it to DC. The sudden change from having her mom breath down her back to her dad giving her as much space as she wanted went straight to her head, and she's been a little out of control ever since. Callie's pretty volatile and she operates mostly on whim and fancy, meaning that her moods and interests vary on a daily basis. She's not inherently rude, but her filter falters a lot and she's not the best at handling those situations. Her sense of humor is on the perverted, immature side and even if no one laughs at her jokes she still thinks she's down right hilarious. She's not the most conscientious person and sometimes her selfishness gets in the way of her good intentions, but she tries. Her biggest flaw is her contradictory nature, which she still needs to come to terms with. Other than that, she teaches dance classes at the YMCA and works in an arcade down at the pier, where she currently holds the high score on Street Fighter IV.

Lines wise, I need everything for her including family, best friends, neighbors, exes, past co-workers, and maybe even people who she's rubbed the wrong way. I'm all for brainstorming!
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smoke and lennon [06 Dec 2009|03:01pm]

hiiiii. this is lennon auger, played by kieran culkin. i wrote a long, in depth bio but no one reads those anyway, so i'll just sum him up for you really quick. he lives in alabama, but visits key west around four times a year to see his mother. he's a senior in high school. aaaannnnnndddd he is extremely protective and gets jealous easily, which often leads to violence :)

i'm really cool with any sort of line, no matter how weird it is, and i'm really concentrated on developing my character more and creating really complex lines. ~really~ so if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to let me know! thanks.
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[06 Dec 2009|12:37pm]

more lines plz? she's going to be a senior at tegesta high and her best friend is [info]alxandrea! she's also cousins with [info]matthw!
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wow. this was long, sorry! [03 Dec 2009|11:34pm]

Okay, since I'm technically back from hiatus but cannot currently sign Ashten on due to where she's at, I figured I would see about getting her a few more lines and/or reconnecting with old ones. Here we go! Ashten is an 18 year old senior at Tegesta High School. She was born and raised in Key West and has actually never been out of the state. For the first half of her life she was a pageant child and pretty involved in dance. She still tends a class every now again, but it was never her true passion. That would be acting. She's been a member of the Drama Club since freshman year and loves the stage. She's a very friendly person and can sometimes come off as having ADD. She loves dogs- big dogs and currently has four of them. If no one would stop her, she'd probably want to get more. She also loves food and her favorite thing to feed her inner fatty is ramen noodles. That piece of information is irrelevant, I know but it is Ashten. Another thing she loves? Alcohol. Her father was promoted to a captain for the Monroe County Sheriff's Department three years ago and started spending more and more time away from home- she can sometimes go days without even seeing him. About a year into his promotion, she started having a little rebelious streak and would frequent parties secretly hoping that the cops would be called. With the partying came the drinking and she's developed a bit of a drinking problem that has ultimately put a strain on a lot of her friendships. So that's why I'm here: to hopefully rekindle some things and maybe develop some new ones.

Her best friend since they were toddlers is [info]zjk. He is also the love of her life even if they've had their ups and downs. He's ultimately the reason she's cleaning up her act. [info]savannh is her other best friend who loves her no matter what, even if Ashten can't see why. [info]caiden took her to his junior prom and they've become really close. It's caused some strain with [info]maravilla but I think they've worked through a lot of it. She dated [info]coleb for two months during her sophomore year. He broke her heart when she wouldn't have sex with him and ended up almost sleeping with [info]eggleston (I think they're still here?) at camp that summer just because. Since there was some penetration before they had to flee the scene before getting caught, he is technically the holder of her virginity though Ashten claims it doesn't count. [info]jacksonk is her fake, pretend boyfriend but really he is like an older brother figure to her.

People she's ultimately withdrawn from over time include [info]kaiarandall, [info]gipson, [info]tallant, and [info]nessac. There are more that she's talked to randomly and I would love for them to keep doing that along with anyone else who thinks their character would get along with her.
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[03 Dec 2009|10:52pm]

Would Nikki be wanted for any lines here?
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and that's the way sue C's it....... [03 Dec 2009|06:46pm]

i'm bringing in this selena gomez pb and before i get set to working on her, does anyone have any lines they need filled or anything? she's going to be a senior this year at tegesta high.
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[03 Dec 2009|06:39pm]

I'm looking to bring this Demi in but before I work on her, can she be used for anything? She'll be a current senior at Tegesta High, most likely.
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[02 Dec 2009|02:35am]

If I were to apply here, would my Chanel Iman charcter be wanted for any storylines?
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[30 Nov 2009|10:57pm]

okay, i am back and ready for action. school got annoying and then the holidays snuck up on me. this is deedee reiser, often goes by dd since it's shorter and less e's to type/write. she's a m2f in transition so, yes, she is pre-op waiting to gather up enough money. she performs out in weho at a few different nightclubs/bars performing a range of artists being britney to alanis, tina turner to pink. anything that fits her mood, usually. her life revolves around the nightlife, but she does work a day job. no idea what just yet! she's a happy-go-lucky kind of person who has zero time for drama or hate. her little brother is [info]nce and her cousin is [info]klln so those are her connections to tegesta.

for lines, i'm not picky. i love original and complex lines, but i enjoy/need basics such as a roommate or two, friends, pals, other queens to be friends with, enemies, so on and so forth!
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[30 Nov 2009|01:45pm]

Before I write her up, can she be used to fill anything?
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[29 Nov 2009|06:23pm]

i've been thinking about bringing this girl back to the game but i'd love to maybe work out some lines to sweeten the deal. anyone want an elyse taylor?
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[28 Nov 2009|11:17am]

Alrightyyy. before i go get hammad at my friends wedding, i wanna pimp this guy out for lines. He's 19, a freshman Wide Reciever for Oregon State. He grew up in Petaluma, CA which is in the Bay Area. He's the little brother to [info]reiser and the cousin of [info]klln, so he's definitely been to Key West a time or two in his life. He met [info]matthw through Kellyn, and now the two are good buddies at school. That's all I've got for him so far so, lets brainstorm.
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[26 Nov 2009|10:01pm]
I've been heavily debating a Levi Johnston PB for awhile now, but before I take the time to write him up.. Would anyone else like to see him around?
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[26 Nov 2009|02:19am]
i meant to do this earlier before i intro'd but i kinda forgot, and i really have nothing here. so i am offering up dakota for any lines, friends, exes, crushes, cute girls, people he has issues with. anyways! he is 21, and like [info]jadenn his adopted brother, he was born, adopted and raised in key west before he moved to nyc after his first year of high school. he works on the door of a gentlemen's club, and he is really loud, obnoxious, destructive and kind of a sci fi nerd, and night owl. i am open to anything at all, so come on lets brain storm together, and get something rolling.
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[24 Nov 2009|12:03pm]

would taylor lautner be wanted here? for what lines?
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i need to get him more active D: [24 Nov 2009|09:42am]

alright. so hi, this is alex mcgregor. the best mcgregor that is out there, honestly! ;) he was born and raised in key west, not with the richest parents but they do their best. he was the boy who was raised with four sisters. two older, two younger. he is the baby brother to [info]ammc however and he does adore and love her and is protective over her. growing up he was the one that people made fun of cause his jeans were always bejewled and his sisters always pretend he was just like them and everything. the one thing that he does love to do is photography and he plans on going to school sometime for it. and then there's music. he likes to listen to any type of music and he plays several instruments and makes his own music really.

as of right now, alex is a nineteen year old boy living in rhode island with his girlfriend of 11 months, [info]ylrac. which is known that he gets jealous easily over her. it comes and goes, but when he feels threatened he gets all weird, which i'm sure some people have notice lmao. he loves carly and knows she is the one. they recently just got their own place in rhode island instead of living with his cousins, and there he works at a coffee shop and somewhere else, so they can pay their bills. so he's usually tired half the time.

anyways, he needs friend. all his lines but two have left, sadly enough. people he worked with back in key west, people who live near rhode island or anything!! shoot them at me.
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[24 Nov 2009|11:20am]

Now that he's been accepted, I was hoping to get a few lines for Zac. He was born and raised in Florida though was hauled away to Tennessee by his father earlier this summer and just recently returned to live with his mother. In a word, Zac describes himself as 'goofy', he's still a cartoon obsessed fool and goes out of his way to make sure his days are somewhat enjoyable. He's got a tendency of being quite hyperactive and usually is in pretty high spirits, sometimes annoyingly so. His bestfriend is [info]ashten, they've got a weird relationship in that they dated, he left, came back and left again yet still manage to talk to one another. While there are still lingering feelings on his part and she knows this, they've not decided to put a label on anything. Basically, Zac needs the following; people who would dislike him/would advise Ashten not to get involved with him again, people he'd know from school (his schedule can be found here), another friend or two, potentially some family though that's not necessary.
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[23 Nov 2009|01:44pm]

joining the pack here and bringing back an oldie! this here is cristina henrie, former tegesta high student. she was born and raised in key west by her parents and their partners. yep, she's a girl with two daddies and two mommies. halfway through her senior year, her grandmother fell ill and cris left for boston with her family to be with her. her family moved back to key west during the summer while cris stayed and joined a summer internship based in boston. currently, cris is a fashion design major at f.i.t. and loving life in new york city. she's very much a city girl, glam and glitz is basically all she's grown up loving. both her parents are well known in the art world; her mother is also a fashion designer and her father is a writer. their partners are more low-key which keeps her life from being too bizarre to be real.

personality wise, cris has changed from her high school years. she's less of a glacier and more laid back. she's still very sarcastic, has a smart answer for every comment. her number one passion is still fashion. it's the only thing she's ever done and she can't imagine doing anything else in her life. shopping with her is both annoying and an adventure. she plans her shopping days in advance, that is how serious it is for her. she's pretty funny if she says so herself but more in a morbid, gory sense of humor. she was taught by her mother to always be a lady and she attempts to keep that image. classy not trashy, thank you very much. she's also very blunt. to her, timing is everything and she doesn't have time to mess around. she has a bad history with relationships but this doesn't exactly stop her from having a good time when the need arises. while she can throw together an outfit for any occasion in seconds, sometimes she really really loves being in sweats and a tee shirt with a good movie and anything chocolate. she also has horribly geeky glasses that she hates wearing but has to break out after a few days because she always forgets her contacts and ends up fucking up her eyes- thus leading to having to wear her glasses.

i'm open to working out lines both new and old. old friends, new friends, exes, one night stands, classmates from high school, classmates from f.i.t.- anything else you could think of. brainstorming is always fun too!
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