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Mar. 20th, 2008 @ 07:00 pm Sketch - Dark Fina
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Here's a sketch, it's not colored yet... It'll take me a whole day to color this crap....I might start on it tonight though... XD

Fina, Fina, Fina... )

By the way~ I'm an old lurker from the crescentisle community @ LJ. My username was slashedbeat_exe. The thing is, I'd be more active if I weren't in SO MANY communities. XD; So I rejoined under a different username to start fresh. That username being puchamon. << I need a universal handle man...

Anyway, I'm going to be drawing more SoA art for my little site BattleQueen. Where I dump all my junk. <<

I'll be dumping all my SoA junk here. XD And maybe some of it on LJ too. ^^;
I hope to spread teh luff of SoA~ <3
Jan. 6th, 2008 @ 02:23 am Sequel Buzz Origin
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Current Morale: curious

It seems like this is the source of the Skies of Arcadia II for Wii hype. It's very matter-of-fact, and no one comments on it.


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Jan. 3rd, 2008 @ 10:13 am Sequel Prediction Contest!
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By now I am sure you have all heard the rumors that Sega is resurrecting the Eternal Arcadia/Skies of Arcadia franchise for another title, which may or may not be Wii-exclusive.
I know that we have all heard this song and dance routine before, but I do not think that is a reason not to get our hopes up! After all, Sega might be watching, and do we want them to think we are not excited about the prospect?

Of course not!

So I would like to propose a contest. This contest will occur in two phases:

The first contest phase will last from now, on January 2nd, until January 31st.
During the first phase, members of the community are invited to suggest up to three ideas each that they think will be included in Skies of Arcadia II.

Please keep your ideas as specific to individual characters and concepts as possible. A good rule of thumb is to use relationships between two concepts, rather than open-ended individual concepts. "Black moonstones will be involved" is not specific enough. "Black moonstones will corrupt Vyse into Dark Vyse” is more like it.

Also, to keep people from ganging up on obvious ideas, I will be adding the following five ideas to the pool without any input:

- Vyse becomes romantically involved with Aika
- Vyse becomes romantically involved with Fina
- Vyse becomes romantically involved with Aika and Fina
- Vyse does not become romantically involved with either Aika or Fina
- Whether Vyse becomes romantically involved with Aika, Fina, both, or neither will be a matter of player choice.

Do not waste any of your three choices on these options, or on permutations thereof (involving marriage, sex, etc. Assume that "romantically involved" is blanket terminology).

If you would like to participate, make a comment on this post containing your entries.
I have selected the option to screen all comments to this post, so everyone's entries will be anonymous. If you wish to ask a question or otherwise discuss this contest, please do so in a comment separate from your contest entries, so that I can approve your discussion item and other sailors can read it.

During resolution, accurate predictions about Skies of Arcadia II will earn the guesser points.

The second contest phase will last from February 1st until February 29th.
During the second phase, members of the community will be invited to cast lots on a number of ideas that were suggested in the first phase. How many lots each sailor can cast is going to depend on how much response I get during the first phase of the contest, so start coming up with those ideas!

Each lot cast on an accurate prediction will earn the bidder points – but not as many points as an accurate prediction itself earns for the guesser.
Participation in the second phase of the contest is independent from participation in the first phase, although sailors who only participate in one phase will be at a real disadvantage when the contest resolves!

On March 1st, I will begin to collate the contest results, and I will aim to post what I have by the end of March. Unfortunately, we will not be able to score the pool until Skies of Arcadia II is released, but at least we’ll be able to discuss the anonymous results in April.

When (when!) Skies of Arcadia II is released, there will be a mandatory period of time during which we will not be allowed to discuss the game in the community, in order to avoid spoilers. Once I have finished the game, I will score the pool, and we will find out who has won once the period of mandatory radio silence is over.
The number of points that will be awarded for an accurate idea or a successful bid is going to have to depend on how much feedback I get during phase one of the contest, but I will announce the values I decide on in early February so that there is no confusion come scoring.

The prize, awarded when all is said and done to the sailor with the most total points across both phases of the contest, will be a $25 gift card to GameStop, to help offset the cost of the sequel to the best game of all time.

I look forward to reading your predictions and seeing which are the most popular in the bidding! Good luck to all!


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