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Showstopper Chibis [May. 3rd, 2009|09:48 pm]

[mood | accomplished]

*LOL* I admit, when I first heard about the musical, the thought of a Takarazuka Edgeworth was a beacon of shining light for me in dark, dark times. But I did wonder how some of the other characters would translate. <3

really, it's a damn shame they didn't all get to parade down the light-up staircase. )

Next week's theme is: Spring Fever! Edgeworth and I both would like to know what's so refreshing about a spring breeze. I haven't been able to breathe since all the trees started having sex everywhere.
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Weekly Prompt #1 [Apr. 27th, 2009|05:29 pm]

[mood | hot]

Okay! I know there's not a lot of content here at the moment, but I'm hoping that will change! Really, this isn't a one-man show, here. Feel free to post introductions and all of that jazz. ^_^ (Tag your post as introductions!)

In the interest of having more stuff on the community, I'm going to be posting a weekly PW:AA prompt every Monday. You can do anything you want with the prompt: write a drabble, write an epic, find a song-call, do some fan art, doodle chibis on a napkin, make icons, write it on tape and stick it to your forehead while in cosplay, whatever! But mostly it's an excuse to do something fun and off-the-cuff every week. Please post your responses by Sunday, in time for the next prompt to come out! (Really, that's not a rule. You won't be punished for posting a prompt response late. Just to keep things tidy, it's nice to have them in chunks!)

In honor of the DVD coming out this week, (and the music I ripped from it being in my ipod 24-7) this week's theme is:


Take that, toss in some lawyers, and run with it. I'm curious to see what brings the courtroom--(or any other show, we have rock stars and magicians too!)--screeching to a halt. Bonus points for wacky hijinks and inexplicable dance numbers.

Please tag your posts as: prompt: show-stopper!

And of course, feel free to post other stuff in the meantime. Even if nobody else does anything, I will be here, relentlessly gung-ho the whole time. So! Please contribute so I don't look like an egomaniac. ♥
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