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Welcome! [Apr. 25th, 2009|05:01 pm]

[mood | chipper]

Hi, and Welcome to Strictly Courtroom. Membership to the community is open to anyone, but please read the rules first. We run a nice, clean courtroom here and it is imperative that you be absolutely civilized when posting your Phoenix Wright yaoi vampire lawyer devil may cry crossover AU.

This community is about having fun, and not taking ourselves or the subject matter at hand too seriously. After all, the games don't take themselves seriously, so why should we?

Any community issues or questions may be emailed to us[@]odessacastle[.]org, brackets removed, of course.

I will try to tag posts as they appear and will build a comprehensive list of post tags from there, for ease of finding content. Which won't matter if there's nobody here! So spread the word, and thanks for joining.

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