March 12th, 2009

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[fic] They Also Serve

Title: They Also Serve
Author: [info]lysapadin
Rating: PG
Characters & Pairings: I-Pin, Sasagawa Kyouko, Miura Haru, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Gokudera Hayato; Tsuna/Kyouko, Gokudera/Haru
Warnings: Mild swearing; Family politics
Summary: Kyouko and Haru deal with Family (and family) politics.
Notes: Originally written for [info]khr_undercover; revised and expanded. Goes along with [info]branchandroot's arc The Bond Between the Land and Sea; though it should stand alone on its own merits, you may enjoy it more if you've read those stories as well--which are well worth looking at in their own right. 18065 words, post-TYL arc, assuming a divergent future.

The first day of her official duty as Sawada Kyouko's personal bodyguard was nothing like I-Pin had imagined it would be.

[info]branchandroot in [info]ciaossu

[Fic] Gray Willow Catkins (Yamamoto/Gokudera)

Branch presents:

Gray Willow Catkins

Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Yamamoto/Gokudera
Word Count: 2413

Summary: First in the Saving Nickles, Saving Dimes arc. Yamamoto decides Gokudera is broken and needs to be fixed. It takes a while to find the right opening.

Gokudera’s constant growling had always kind of amused him, and he admitted that every now and then he sort of poked Gokudera just to get him going. Like playing with a cat; a few scratches were fair trade for getting to watch it flail at you. Actually, Gokudera reminded him a lot of a cat, sometimes, a feral cat that would only let one person pet him without biting, and that person was Tsuna. Even when they’d just met it had made Takeshi wonder a little how often Gokudera must have gotten kicked, to be that way, and now he was wondering more seriously.