Sep. 14th, 2008



I'm not very good at making icons. But I've made a bunch of Lancia icons, and since there aren't many of him around I thought to share them even if they aren't very good.




Here @ my ij
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Aug. 25th, 2008



So, it's official that all the current sub groups have dropped the KHR anime.

Please allow me a minute of bitterness to clap my hands at d-rights and Funanimation, because even if they do license the series in the US, I'm not American and except for internet subs I'm never ever going to see the anime in my country. And it's not as if they're losing much money because people watch the subs instead of buying their DVDs, given that most of us don't understand Japanese and are likely not going to buy the DVDs anyway. But it's their series, so it's obvious that they should protect their interests.

That said... )
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Aug. 23rd, 2008


KHR Original Soundtrack 3


Finally the 3rd KHR ost is out!

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Aug. 11th, 2008


Episode 95

Episode 95 (subbed by Yuurisan-Subs) is out.

Download (AVI) : here
Torrent (AVI): here
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Aug. 10th, 2008


New chapter & anime info

Chapter 205 is out on onemanga, check it out!

Also, this piece of news is a couple of days old, so you might have heard of it already, but Shinsen-Subs got a C&D letter about the KHR anime (and other projects) and is therefore dropping the series.

More's a pity, but there's nothing to worry about. Yuurisan-Subs is still working on the project, so you can still get your anime fix from them.
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