March 5th, 2009

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[Fic] A Scratched Record (Kyouko and Haru centric)

Branch presents:

A Scratched Record

Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Uni, Kyouko, Haru, Tsuna, Gamma
Word Count: 802

Summary: Fourth in the Bond Between the Land and Sea arc. Kyouko and Haru meet Uni as she’s introduced to Tsuna, and get a shock.

Abruptly Haru’s mouth snapped shut and her eyes narrowed. "Your necklace," she murmured, as if casually. "Is it your rememberance of your mother?"

The quirk to Uni’s mouth turned a bit sour. "Exactly."

Kyouko looked down at the pendant, puzzled. She’d seen it once or twice before, though Unità usually wore it under her clothes. It was an odd shape, she remembered…

And then her heart nearly stopped as she really looked at it for the first time.