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New addition!

Hello all~

I want to introduce you to a new guy that I brought home yesterday.

Hes a dark standard male and I've aged him to 3 months, though I may be wrong. Anyways, let me introduce, Nori.

Nori pictures )

Hes been really good so far :) Hes eating the Mazuri I've given him (he was most likely fed crappy kaytee pellets, but I didn't have any left over from when I couldn't find Mazuri untill petsmart opened up in town.) and eating alot of hay, when I first god him home his poos were kind of hard and crumbly and tiny, now their normal sized poos, just a little soft, but its alot better then what they were. His fur is getting nicer and nicer with each dust bath (gave him two last night, one was really short, only a few rolls before he went into his hidey home and slept and the second was long and thats where the pictures are from) and he doesn't look as greasey as he did, petco was probaly giving their chins super pet bath sand (sand... not dust) to bath in :/

Hes only cried out once at night as far as I know, which is alot less then what my 10 month old chinchilla did when I seperated him from his mother ^^;

1 day down, 29 more to go before I can start introducing him to Mochi :)!

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Welcome to Chinchilla!

This is the place to share information, pictures, stories, and such about Chinchillas!

Please read the profile for the rules.

Okay~ I'll introduce myself :)

I'm Rory and I own two chinchillas, their both Hetro Beige (I believe hetro... I know their beige :) just not sure if their homo or hetro...). One is 3 years old (4 in October), Her name is Bento Box or just known as Bento or Mama. the other is 9 Month old Mochi who was birthed here in my room :) Mochi is also known to go by Mo, Momo, Boo, or pain in the neck X3

I came into owning Chinchillas 9 months ago. I brought my first chinchilla home from a breeder in Sacramento on October 3rd. October 6th I was napping and was woken up by a high pitched ... 'squeal' I guess it could be called. I went to check on Bento and saw that she had two tails, she moved out of the way to show a very wet, tiny baby. My Mochi :) I even have a picture of him a few seconds old (Baby Mochi). Right now hes a very hormonal 'teenager' ... hopefully by his first birthday he'll calm down and not try to sex up everyone's hands. haha.

I've been playing with the thought of getting two more chinchillas and hope to buddy them up with my chins (same sex). I'm currently thinking about getting a baby chin from petco (I know, not the best places, but I just really don't want him to go to a family that has young children that'll throttle the poor guy).

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