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January 29th, 2009

[Jan. 29th, 2009|06:14 am]

We don't need no fancy-schmancy banner image to attract the badasses who know what image is all about already. You know who you are. You helped shape the fucking world these kids live in. They're the little runts that play on our lawn, the lawn we built from the ground up and someone's gotta show them who's boss. FUCK THE SYSTEM! It's time to cause another revolution, motherfuckers. -- Dynamite Tommy, CEO of Free-Will Records and vocalist of COLOR

You heard him, folks. I can't put it much better than that. Well, except like this. Thrill Show is a non-AU game. And just like many other non-AU games, Thrill Show runs real-time and in many ways, is very much based on reality. Your muse should be as close to their real as possible, maintaining their schedule and personality (you may not have a choice in the matter, here, as demonstrated above). They should be Japanese, or producing music in Japan -- which is where the game is based -- at least some of the time, but there is a catch. Ideally, we want muses who are "old school" and by that we mean if your muse isn't at least 30, he or she better be able to pull some strings with their old school homies.

You may also consider trying your luck anyway, as some will be more acceptable than others and better connected or better able to chill with the olds. We don't want no age segregation happening, you dig? We tend to be lenient about this, but don't expect to get your muse in if he's a 20 year old visual kei kid who is fresh on the scene and out of his parents' garage, got it? He probably won't be able to handle his liquor, let alone his balls in a room full of J-Rock legends. But maybe, if you have an oldie already, maybe, we'll think about letting him in after a few months. Maybe.

Here are the basics. We play on AIM, third person paragraph/novel style, and our muses update their own journals for game activity once a month. If you're not comfortable with pushing yourself to write this way, you're better off not joining. We also don't allow uber, so expect to be IC or OOC at all times. The links below should offer you everything you'll need to come play with the best before rogaine robs them of their livelihood. Act now!

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