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Jan. 14th, 2011




Jan. 3rd, 2011



The Parallel Proxy Dimension (or PPD for short) is an amalgamation of every given location that would conceivably exist within Yu-Gi-Oh! canon. It's largely created from the characters' thoughts and memories, which means the nature and structure of the dimension is subject to constant distortion. It normally takes on the form of a large island, but the size and shape of said island is always in flux. Objects and locations come and go, seemingly at will.

There are no permanent residents. NPCs will refer to the PPD only as "Domino," regardless of what area they're in or time thread they seem to be from. The dimension this Domino resides in is an odd one, existing as sort of an "in-between" state from which it can interact with every other version of itself that has ever existed, does exist, or may possibly exist at some point in the future. It is chaos in its purest form, unpredictable, unstoppable.

Your character's actions in this Domino will have a ripple-effect on all other realities, which are infinite. The scope of these changes is unknown to all characters ICly; they will only be privy to what happens in their own time-thread. It is up to individual players to determine the consequences of their character's actions in the PPD, or whether or not they choose to complete their assignments at all. Their task is, essentially, to create order out of chaos; as they make progress, the PPD will "settle."
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Just a sample. Feel free to alter as needed.

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Need a break? Calling it quits? Let us know!

Policy: hiatuses can last for up to a month, at which point, the mods will PM the account. There is a seven day grace period following this in which the character may return; at the end of this period, they will be declared "inactive" and removed from the game.

Or, if you're dropping, indicate that in the subject line and we'll remove the journal and all relevant information from the community. It was nice having you!



Comment here and I'll make a pretty table when we get a decent number.



Since this is an actual game, we do have applications. However, we're not super harsh on characterization and won't make you write a novel just to demonstrate your knowledge of card games.  If you'd like to join us, fill out the form below and copy/paste it in the comments.


Name: what do you want to be called?

Email: for contact purposes.

IM handle: see above.

Personal journal (optional): not everyone keeps one of these, after all.


Name: duh.

Series: also self-explanatory.

Canon or AU: as it says. Are you playing from the original canon, or is your character a little different? Also indicate the source (manga or anime) and the canon point (chapter or episode). Note that only player-made alternate universes will be counted as AUs in this case-- Yu-Gi-Oh: R and the GX and 5D's manga series, for example, will be counted as canon for the purposes of this app. IC clusterfucks are fun, okay.

AU History: note the changes you made to this character's background. This can be in paragraph or bullet form, whichever. If you're playing a canon version, just put "n/a" for this field. No minimum word limit, but be detailed if the change is something huge.

Personality: You know the drill. What makes your character tick? What are their strengths, their weaknesses, their hopes, fears, and so on? This needs to be at least two good-sized paragraphs.  If you're playing from any of the dubs and there were obvious personality changes made to the character in question, please note that. Also, if a character's altered history means certain personality changes have occurred, let us know about that. Keep in mind that the character should still be recognizable; we are totally not going to approve an application for a Yuusei that doesn't care about his friends, okay?




→ What happened?

There was a glitch in the system. A wrinkle in time! A fly in the soup, perhaps. But, either way, you're here now, and you're not leaving until it's fixed.

→ Fix what?

Well, time. It broke, but not in a way that's immediately noticeable, though - if you're perceptive, you'll see that small details in your environment may have changed. Maybe there wasn't a store on that corner before. Maybe you're certain your mother liked lilies and not roses. It may not look like it on the surface, but the damage is far-reaching. Important historical figures and events may suddenly and randomly poof away, and we can't have that happening, now can we?

→ So what does this mean for me?

Every single one of you will have a hand in restoring things back to normal. You don't have the proper clearance to know the ins and outs of this process, but we'll keep you updated on the situation at hand. And busy. Don't forget that.

→ How do I help?

By taking on assignments. They may seem like little, pointless things at first, but trust us when we say that every bit counts.

→ What do I do?

Access the parallel proxy dimension and get to work. Hope you don't have sleeping problems!

→ wut.

It's like this:

The PPD can only be accessed while in an altered state of consciousness. The easiest way to get into it would be, well, while sleeping. Your brain does all kinds of nifty things when you enter the dream state, and while you're in a particular phase of sleep, it's easiest for you to slip back and forth through tears in your reality, whatever it may be.

Theoretically, you could also access the PPD through the use of various hallucinogenics and other questionable substances, but good little boys and girls don't do those sorts of things, right? Or, you know, if you happen to be in a coma, but that's kind of unhealthy too. In all seriousness, we wholeheartedly recommend catching a nap every now and again when we need you. It's just less complicated that way.

And just so you're aware: normal people (that is, the un-contracted), in theory, won't notice anything's amiss, but we can't make any guarantees at this point.

→ What if I die?

Uh, can you please not? It's super-inconvenient. But we understand that accidents happen, so your first revive is free! If you die once in the PPD, you'll wake up in your bed safe and sound. Any more than that and it starts getting more and more difficult to bring you back, and you may find yourself without memories or skills or other important things, and wouldn't that suck?

→ Who's 'we?'

Sorry, the 4th wall is already crumbling as we speak. Perhaps another time?

→ Okay, seriously. What about game mechanics?

That's simple enough. Every character in this game will be taken from specific canon points and has an individual "time-thread." While in the game, unless given moderator permission after a certain amount of time (to be determined), they may not advance in their particular canon (the only exception to this being characters coming from other RPs). When characters return to reality, they will find themselves living the same day over and over again and note that only a tiny amount of time has passed for them. No one else in their little corner of reality will have a clue as to what they're on about, as this is something that only that character is experiencing, no one else. Juudai will not be able to ask the Johan from his universe about anything that happened in the PPD that night, because he just won't know about it. You are completely on your own in the waking world. Hopefully this doesn't prove too damaging to your psyche.

→ Assignments?

Every seven days, characters will receive a new assignment. Assignments will range from the sensible to the absurd, or the powers that be might decide to give them a break that week. If a character isn't otherwise engaged, he or she is free to explore the world itself, make friends, pick up a new hobby, and so on and so forth. Not a bad deal.

→ The world?

It's basically an island created from a mishmash of the characters' knowledge and experience. Therefore, all locations that would reasonably exist in every bit of YGO canon may in fact exist in the PPD. Yes, this causes a bit of a TIME PARADOX but we're sure you'll deal. Certain areas are only accessible when characters from those worlds are present in the game. For example, if there are no DM-era characters on the roster, then then DM "world" cannot be entered. Characters may experience a bit of an odd pull when passing through one era to another; just a few seconds of feeling slightly off/disoriented to let them know they've moved between eras. Manga-verse characters and anime-verse characters are considered to be from different timelines, not eras in the PPD itself. For organizational purposes, eras are defined in accordance with the three anime series, sans Toei (series 0).

→ Plot?

Open-ended. This isn't a standard jamjar or a heavy plot game, and a lot of what happens will be determined by members or what the characters, themselves, decide to do. There is a loose sequence of events already planned, but... hey-- look over there!



1. This should go without saying, but, if you have a problem, bring it to the mods. Seriously, we don't even care if it's something as simple as HEY GUYS WHAT COLOR ARE THE WALLS IN THE CARD SHOP STORE ROOM? It's preferable if you bug us with a bunch of little things than let something huge stew to the point where it becomes a crock pot full of fail. As cheesy as it sounds, WE'RE HERE TO HELP YOU and all that, so please come to us.

2. IC=/= OOC. We know this is listed in every RP ruleset ever, but people still don't seem to get it. You are not your character, your character is not you, etc. If someone else's character hates yours, it's not an expression of hatred from the player. HOWEVER, if there does seem to be an OOC grudge involved and you can prove it, bring it to the mods and we'll straighten it out.

3. Do not godmode or metagame. It's really, really annoying. If all else fails, ask the other player if something's okay before you do it. We have a handy little permissions form over here for you to fill out and post on your character journals, just to cover the basics.

4. All violent or sexual content must be labeled as such and placed under a cut. This is just a common courtesy to those players that, for whatever reasons they may have, do not wish to view certain subject matter. Use your own discretion with this one: for example, a particularly manly tickle fight does not need to be warned for, but a chainsaw massacre really does require some sort of heads-up.

5. Using the game-wide crit post is encouraged, but not mandatory. If nothing else, posting there will give the impression that you are - indeed - open to feedback, and save you the trouble of having to make sure each character journal has its own post. Whether you get crit or decide to do anything with it has nothing to do with us, and we won't be acting on complaints about so-and-so's characterization.

6. There is currently no character limit, mostly because we can't be bothered to enforce something so arbitrary. Also, since player-cesting/munsterbating tends to get on people's nerves, we're going to advise you not to do it. You're here to play with other people, not... yourselves...

    6a. However! There is an individual character limit, and that's only three per mun. We'll explain. Say if you were going to play Saiou and applied for him from canon; that would count as one. Later, if you came up with an AU where he's the sparkly princess of Muffindom, that's two. Lastly, say you find yourself torn between an FF7 or Glee crossover Saiou-- you would only be able to pick one of the two, unless you were willing to drop the princess or the normal version. So yeah, you're only allowed three of the guy, or anyone else. This is mostly to prevent character flooding on the part of a single player.

    6b. That doesn't mean other people can't apply for Saiou, though! But they're limited to three of their own.

    6c. We do allow original characters! The only stipulation is that they must be a part of the YGO-verse and not of the "I am from the real world what is this" variety. Also, you only get three. Note that the player characters from the World Championship or Tag Force games, for example, count as original characters.

7. Taaaag your posts, oh god. There's the potential for this game to have a ton of characters and we'd like to stick to a system of organization here. Tag format is:

series: character's first name

And yes, we're aware of the possibility of epic name wank, but we're going to use the Japanese canon names for now. You'll notice that certain characters already have tags, and there's a reason for this! It's to prevent future disputes. Namewank makes us cry, okay? Feel free to use whatever romanization you prefer in the body of your posts. We may come up with a nicknaming system at some point in the future, or the characters may develop one ICly as time progresses, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

8.Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. This goes a long way, surprisingly enough! Anyone found to be harassing other players or just generally making things un-enjoyable for all involved will receive a warning. Three warnings will get you and all your journals banned from the community. That ban will be permanent. So yeah, just. Don't be a dick, okay?

9. Have fun! It seems obvious, but people often seem to forget that games like this aren't supposed to be an obligation or a chore. If you're not having fun, then there's really no point, now is there? Feel free to suggest events and improvements in our feedback post should you come up with something that may improve your gaming experience.

Dec. 21st, 2010


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