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Episode: 1x08: I Robot... You Jane [22 Apr 2008|06:13pm]
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We missed our regular viewing last week due to IJ being down and I apologize.

Synopsis from
Willow has a new boy friend she met on the Internet and Buffy and Xander are worried about who he is. Also it seems that when doing some scanning Willow accidentally released a demon trapped in a book into the Internet and now he is causing havoc with files and recruiting helpers. After two of his goons attempt to kill Buffy she becomes suspicious that he may be Willow's new friend. Giles does a binding spell with the computer teacher, Miss Calendar, while Buffy and Xander track down Willow who has now gone missing. The spell works and the demon is trapped in a robot body that has been built for him but he doesn't last long as Buffy electrocutes him.

For a longer synopsis of this episode, you can read one here.


Episode Trailer

Episode Goofs:

Buffy's birthdate: On the screen as Moloch looks up Buffy's dossier (while the screen is still green and lists two others below her), her birthdate is shown as 10/24/80, her status as senior, and her GPA as 3.4. When the full dossier comes up, her status is shown as sophomore, and her GPA is shown as 2.8. Mere seconds later, when Moloch sends the dossier to Fritz, birthday is shown as 05/06/79, and her status is back to senior again. While Buffy is a sophomore at this point in the series, both birthdates are proven to be incorrect when Buffy celebrates her 17th birthday in January 1998 ("Surprise"), which means that she was born in January 1981. Mod's sidenote: It's rather interesting that this is the biggest goof in this particular episode. Although I don't know if we can really consider it as a goof or just Joss & Co. changing something to fit their story arc in a later episode.

Notes & Trivia:

In the scene after the credits, as Buffy and Willow talk in front of Willow's locker, a photo of Willow and Giles can be seen stuck to the inside of her locker door.

This is the first time we see the inside of Willow's house, and her bedroom.

Buffy's assertion that Xander is jealous of Willow's new "boyfriend" ("Yeah, but you got used to being the belle of the ball") implies that Xander is aware of Willow's unrequited crush on him, and that his awareness is common knowledge among his friends.

In the scene just after Willow is chloroformed, as Giles listens to the radio, the announcer is voiced by none other than BtVS creator Joss Whedon.

This episode is our first introduction to Jenny Calendar who will come to play a huge role later on in the series.

Mod's comments: I don't think that this episode is a popular one, in fact in one of the guides that I use as a reference, the writer actually states that despite the potential it has, it doesn't live up to it. Personally, I think that this episode is one that sets up the mythic arc of the story in a lot of ways and it's not just an episode preaching the perils of internet dating. For me, we meet Jenny Calendar and she'll become crucial in the second season. We also see that Willow is very unlucky in love, something else that will be revisited. As well, I think it's important for the audience to see that Xander really does see things and he's not that oblivious after all. This is one of those episodes where at the time, it's an okay episode but looking back at after having seen the whole series, things make more sense.

Up Next: 1x09 "The Puppet Show."

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