July 7th, 2011

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The Premise


Since Damon was bitten by Tyler
Since Jeremy saw two women he thought he'd lost
Since Stefan bargained for a cure
Since Elena and Damon kissed
Since Katherine brought Damon the cure
Since Klaus staked his own brother
Since Damon was cured
Since Klaus and Stefan disappeared
Since Katherine left the Boarding house
Since she admitted she loved them both.

In Mystic Falls, they cling to the normal, the sunlight, the things they can understand. Even those totally unaware of the supernatural world around them have begun noticing the tragedies piling up in the Gilbert family. Whispers of them being cursed have people ignoring them, turning their backs, or simply shaking their head in pity. Jeremy and Elena have more than welcomed Alaric into their household and tried to get life back on track this summer, while still hoping for clues to where Klaus and Stefan have gone.

No one has seen or heard from Katherine but Damon is reluctant to believe that she is gone. He is frantic to find his brother, especially if he's on human blood. Jeremy has yet to tell anyone about what he has seen, not even Bonnie knows. Everyone knows about Bonnie and Jeremy though. Finally they are out in the open about their feelings. Caroline and Tyler aren't quite there yet.

As usual, there's little time to just relax in Mystic Falls, not when there is still danger and questions. The ritual is over and unfortunately, it's unleashed a powerful hybrid vampire/werewolf out on the world. Not to mention turning Stefan feral and releasing him out to cause death and destruction everywhere. The answers may just lie with the Originals. The entire family now staked and hidden somewhere near Mystic Falls.

Everyone is dealing with their own problems and more secrets.  Jenna hadn't left a will, and until things are straightened out in court, Elena needs a job.  The only one she could find?  A waitress at a strip club just outside of town.  What she doesn't know is that it was all set up in advance by Klaus.  While he and Stefan are out painting towns red, literally, he knows there's unfinished business in Mystic Falls.  Damon is putting out feelers to find and talk to Katherine, but is keeping it to himself for now.  Everyone has secrets, but what happens when they divide them?  When Klaus returns to finally, and completely, destroy everyone?

July 2011

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