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August 28th, 2007

MOD POST: A Pr0n Filled Saturday & Best Mates Xmas! [Aug. 28th, 2007|10:16 am]


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Yeah, it's me again! Some important news:

Sign-ups for the 2007 BEST MATES XMAS FIC EXCHANGE are now underway. Please head on over to the comm and join in the festivities; sign-ups close this Saturday, 9/01. Clicky on the banner for full details:

Speaking of this Saturday, that's also the date of the BRING BACK THE PORN CHALLENGE!! The brainchild of [info]florida_minxie, it's very simple: EVERYONE writes some pr0n, whether a drabble, ficlet or full-length (heh!) fic, and posts it on their journal this Saturday.

In addition, you post a link to your smut on the IJ comm to enable easy access to your work. Cool, eh? Thanks to [info]knic26 for turning me on to this challenge!

I'd like to see each and every BestMeater (members AND watchers alike!) post some Ron/Harry smut here this Saturday...let's see if the LJ servers can handle it. For full details, please clicky on the banner:

Back to the pr0n!

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