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Ride OF Their Lives [Jan. 12th, 2009|08:32 pm]
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Harry and Ron had been noticing certain things about each other the last couple of months. Although, in retrospect, Harry remembered other times certain thoughts and feelings had stirred inside of him towards Ron. The last couple of months, however, they had gotten stronger: perhaps not stronger, but more difficult to ignore. As he and Ron sat on the Hogwarts express across from one another they couldn't really pay much attention to Hermione's chatter. Ron and Harry nodded occasionally and pretended to respond. Both boys eyes seemed to keep straying towards one another the entire trip. "Don't you think so, Ron?", asked Hermione, causing Ron to answer, instantly, in an attempt to pretend he'd been listening. "Oh, yea.. er.. absolutely", Ron stuttered, obviously caught off his guard. "You two haven't heard anything I've said this entire trip, have you?!", Hermione said through an angry grimace. Both boys looked extremely guilty. "Well!, I was trying to tell the two of you about an argument I've just had with my parents; but obviously neither one of you are paying me a bit of attention!" Ron and Harry tried to apologize, but Hermione was too angry to listen at the moment. "If you'll both excuse me; I think I'll just sit with Neville the rest of this journey. HE won't ignore me!" Hermione gave each of them a parting scowl and slammed the door of the compartment. "Bloody hell!", barked Ron," Hermione's in a bit of a snit isn't she?" "Well, we did really hurt her feelings", Harry added, feeling guilty. "Well, we tried to apologize. It's not our fault if she's too bloody proud to accept it". For a few moments both boys sat in silence. Finally, Ron broke the tension. "Well, we shouldn't take it out on each other though, should we?", Ron said, more as a statement than a question. "No, I guess not", Harry said quietly. "So, what were you really thinking about?", Ron asked, suddenly. "What?", Harry answered, caught off guard. "What were you thinking about when Hermione was talking?", Ron pressed. Harry didn't know what to say. He couldn't tell Ron that he was thinking about how beautiful he thought Ron's eyes were as he had been staring at him. "I.. don't remember", Harry lied. "Yeah,.. me either", Ron fibbed. Ron had actually been thinking of how sweet Harry's smile looked when he grinned. "I really am looking forward to another year at Hogwarts, though", Harry chimed. "Yeah, me too", Ron grinned. "I.. really missed school, Especially...certain things, Harry hinted. "Such as"..., Ron coaxed. Harry took a deep breath. He had sworn to himself he'd say something about his feelings to Ron when he saw him again. If these last couple of years had taught him anything it was how short and precious life is. He didn't have time for lies, not when Voldemort could kill him at his leisure. "I.. really missed you, Ron". Ron reddened and gave a big goofy grin. "I missed you too, Harry", Ron whispered. "What?", Harry teased, wanting to hear it again. "I said I missed you too, you silly git". Ron was very red now. Harry grinned widely. "Ron... I.." "Yeah?", Ron asked. "I've been thinking about you a lot lately". "Really, wh.. what about?", Ron stammered, hoping and dreading where this conversation was leading. "I..." Harry stayed quiet a long time. Ron almost asked again but Harry finally continued. "I'm not thinking about Cho anymore... There's someone else I can't seem to get my mind off of lately..." "Who?", Ron barely managed to whisper. Harry looked his best friend of the past six years deep in his crystal blue eyes. "You". Harry finally managed. Ron stared him in the eyes for a long time. Neither could look away. "What is it you're saying, Harry?" Both stayed quiet, unable to push it further. Finally, Ron asked the question that he literally had to force himself to ask. "Are you saying you have feelings for me, Harry?" Harry blushed and looked away. "No, please don't turn away from me", Ron pleaded. The catch in his voice caught Harry's gaze again. "I.. I think I'm in love with you, Ron", Harry choked. Ron stared opened mouthed at Harry, unable to speak. Harry felt as though he wanted to sink through the floor of the train. "I'm sorry. Forget I said that. I'll.. just move to a different compartment". Harry started to get up but Ron grabbed his wrist, quickly. "No, please don't go!", Ron urgently pleaded. Harry sat there. Ron kept hold of his hand. Ron spoke slowly. "I... never knew you felt that way, Harry. I never knew you... fancied other guys". "Neither did I, really, not until these last few months". Everything poured out of Harry; things that he didn't even known he'd been feeling or thinking poured forth. He didn't think he could stop himself even if he tried."I guess a part of me's always known. I knew it made me really angry sometimes when I'd see you and Hermione together. I... see the way you stare at each other. Look, Ron, I'm not expecting anything. I.. just wanted you to know. I... hope you won't feel really uncomfortable around me now". "No, mate", Ron said, instantly. Harry couldn't help but notice Ron was still holding his hand but he liked it too much to draw attention to it. He figured Ron was just in shock and hadn't noticed. "I guess I've got a confession to make too," Ron said, looking out the window, still holding Harry's hand. Harry held his breath. It seemed Ron was speaking to his reflection because he couldn't look Harry in the eyes as he talked. "You... you're not alone in this, mate". "What do you mean?", Harry prodded, anxiously. Ron looked at him at last. " I love you too, Harry". Ron said this so fast that Harry wasn't sure what he'd said. "What did you say?", Harry cajoled, afraid, yet hopeful, of what Ron had said. Ron put tongue in cheek and forced himself to say it properly. "I love you too, Harry. I.. I guess I always have". Both stared at the other for a few moments. "I.. guess we have a lot to think about don't we?", said Harry. "I guess so," said Ron. Then without a preamble or warning Ron leaned towards Harry, took both sides of his face in his hands and gave him a long passionate kiss. He only stopped long enough to look at Harry. Harry's eyes were closed. He seemed to be in a trance. Ron smiled and began kissing him again. This time Harry kissed back. Both reacted like starving men. Ron crossed from his seat into Harry's in a microsecond. He introduced his tongue to Harry's. "MMMwmait... wammmint," Harry mumbled. Ron, reluctantly, stopped kissing Harry. "What?" Ron asked, breathlessly. "Wait a minute. What if someone comes in?" Harry breathed. Ron thought a moment, grabbed his wand and said a few "nonsense" words: only the nonsense words sealed the door, making it impossible to open it without the exact counter spell. "I've waited too long for this, Harry". Ron didn't wait for Harry's consent, not that Harry objected. Both boys pulled off their clothes feverishly. Ron then sat down, pulling Harry onto his lap. Ron waved his wand and both felt a wet sensation below. Harry beamed and giggled at the sensation and Ron's take charge attitude. Where did Ron learn all of this? He decided he'd ask him later. Harry felt Ron enter him and scrunched his face as he felt a pressure in his tight hole. Ron squinted his eyes but wanted to watch Harry ride him. Harry realized that the spell Ron had done had also removed any sense of pain. Had he done this before? Before Harry could question him, Ron started pushing his hard dick upward into Harry's hot ass."Ohh, fuck, Harry! Your ass feels so good-mmmm- you're really tight, Harry". Ron gritted his teeth as Harry began to bounce. Harry enjoyed the sense of power he had over Ron. All Harry had to do was clinch his ass and gyrate his hips and Ron's face contorted into all sorts of funny shapes as guttural growls and moans escaped him. Harry pretended he was riding his Firebolt and found that he could handle Ron just as expertly. Someone came to the door and tried to open it. Harry stopped. "No, don't stop, Harry,"Ron begged. "But, the door..," Harry panicked. "Don't worry. That spell also sound proofs our compartment. No one's gettin' in here until we're ready". "Where the hell did you learn all of this, Ron," Harry grinned, suspiciously. Ron grinned in a mixture of embarrassment and pride. "Hermione's not the only one who can come prepared". Harry laughed until Ron smothered him with kisses again."God, I love your laugh, Harry," Ron said into Harry's mouth. Harry grinned as he tongued wrestled Ron. Harry then started to pick up the pace riding Ron's firebolt and started getting a rhythm going. Every time the train hit a bumpy patch of track Ron felt Harry bounce harder. "OH,uh shit,uh Harry, uh! I can' hold off much mmm uhh more! OHhh fuck, Harry! Harry! Harry! I'm ... gonna.. UGGGGHHH YEAHBABYFUCKYEAHHARRYMMMMSHIT!!!!"Ron kissed Harry and grabbed his fleshy wand that Harry had been jerking ecstatically. Harry yelled, luckily blocked from the rest of the train because of Ron's spell. "RON! RON! AAAAAAAAH!!!!" Ron jerked his best friend with a maddening fury. Ron's hand and smooth chest were coated with Harry's spunk. Harry felt Ron's cum leaking from his ass. Both fell into one another, exhausted. They breathed deeply for about four minutes, kissed and, reluctantly, separated and dressed. Ron said the counter spell to remove the barrier he had set up. After about five minutes Hermione returned to the compartment, looking confused but not angry. "Why was the door locked? I called out but neither of you answered". "Oh, um, we both went looking for the treat cart. We got hungry. We didn't trust Malfoy to keep his big nose out of here". Harry fabricated. It sounded plausible."Oh..probably a good idea. I decided I overreacted, sorry". "Yeah, us too," Ron and Harry said at once. Hermione laughed. "You both sounded like George and Fred". Harry and Ron smiled broadly at one another. "You know how it is," Harry smiled, looking at Ron. "Yeah," Ron said, "birds of a feather". Both boys knew without saying that they would really be inseparable now. Hermione would just have to get a clue.
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Fic: Taking Advantage by lena3 [Sep. 1st, 2007|08:40 pm]
Title: Taking Advantage
Author: lena3
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Written for the Bring Back the Porn challenge on Insane Journal.
Summary: Harry and Ron go to a concert and a party. People pass out, Colin takes pictures, and Harry fucks Ron.
Warnings (if applicable): Not dub-con to me, but Ron isn’t capable of giving consent.
Notes: Thank you to my dear comma queen lorien_eve. There are a couple of odd bits in there for a few people on my flist. Let’s see if they pick up on it. ;)
Taking Advantage )
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MOD POST: Monthly Chronicle for August 2007 [Sep. 1st, 2007|06:37 pm]

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Howdy, BestMeaters! We've had quite a month, what with our lovely August Challenge.

Here's your digest of the new stories submitted this month:

And some wonderful re-posted BestMeats smut:

Remember: It's easy to post a link here to your Ron/Harry smut posted elsewhere! And don't forget,


On with the pr0n!
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MOD POST: A Pr0n Filled Saturday & Best Mates Xmas! [Aug. 28th, 2007|10:16 am]

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Yeah, it's me again! Some important news:

Sign-ups for the 2007 BEST MATES XMAS FIC EXCHANGE are now underway. Please head on over to the comm and join in the festivities; sign-ups close this Saturday, 9/01. Clicky on the banner for full details:

Speaking of this Saturday, that's also the date of the BRING BACK THE PORN CHALLENGE!! The brainchild of [info]florida_minxie, it's very simple: EVERYONE writes some pr0n, whether a drabble, ficlet or full-length (heh!) fic, and posts it on their journal this Saturday.

In addition, you post a link to your smut on the IJ comm to enable easy access to your work. Cool, eh? Thanks to [info]knic26 for turning me on to this challenge!

I'd like to see each and every BestMeater (members AND watchers alike!) post some Ron/Harry smut here this Saturday...let's see if the LJ servers can handle it. For full details, please clicky on the banner:

Back to the pr0n!

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MOD POST: "The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Thingo" Master List [Aug. 27th, 2007|12:34 pm]

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Our Totally Smutty Epilogue Challenge has drawn to a close. A hearty BestMeats round of applause to each of the talented authors who thrilled and thoroughly titillated us with their fantabulous submissions!

As promised, here's the (not so) shiny banner that our Challenge writers may snag if they wish:

Great thanks to everyone who wrote, read, commented and otherwise contributed to make this Challenge so enjoyable.

Here's the master list of the stories submitted. All Story links point to LJ:

So if you haven't already, please give each one of the stories a read. Remember:


Again, many thanks to all, and on with the pr0n!
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FIC: "Once More, With Feeling" Ron/Harry, NC-17 [Aug. 21st, 2007|11:32 am]

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Author: [info]wolfiekins
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Ron Weasley, Harry Potter
Genre: Romance, Humour, PWP
Warnings: Adult Language, Slash, Sexual Content, Some Verbal Abuse
Word Count: 2710
Complete: Yes
Beta: [info]evilauntiesnape & [info]thrihyrne
Summary: Harry's devised a plan, and Ron doth protest too much... Post Hogwarts/War.

X-posted to [info]ron_and_harry

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FIC: A Private Celebration H/R [Aug. 13th, 2007|10:10 am]
Title: A Private Celebration
Author: [info]rickey_a
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2700
Genre: PWP
Beta thanks: [info]the_ghost_11
Generic DH spoiler and graphic man-on-man-action warning :)
Summary: One year later Harry and Ron have a public appearance followed by a private celebration.

A/N: Written for the "The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Thingo", a smut Harry/Ron epilogue challenge

A Private Celebration
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MOD POST: AUGUST CHALLENGE: "The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Thingo" [Aug. 12th, 2007|01:41 am]

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Howdy, purveyors of Best Mates Pr0n! Your pernicious Pooba here, with an deliciously debauched Challenge that will hopefully satisfy our appetites for some post-Deathly Hallows Ron/Harry smut!

The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Challenge: Details under here!  )

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask!

On with the pr0n!

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