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MOD POST: "The Totally Smutty BestMeats Epilogue Thingo" Master List [Aug. 27th, 2007|12:34 pm]

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Our Totally Smutty Epilogue Challenge has drawn to a close. A hearty BestMeats round of applause to each of the talented authors who thrilled and thoroughly titillated us with their fantabulous submissions!

As promised, here's the (not so) shiny banner that our Challenge writers may snag if they wish:

Great thanks to everyone who wrote, read, commented and otherwise contributed to make this Challenge so enjoyable.

Here's the master list of the stories submitted. All Story links point to LJ:

So if you haven't already, please give each one of the stories a read. Remember:


Again, many thanks to all, and on with the pr0n!
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