August 2010



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Jul. 6th, 2010



After coming off hiatus to consider, and much deliberation, the mod team has agreed on a game-closing end date for Bellum Letale. The date is Saturday, August 7th at 11:59 pm PT.

At ten months of age, Bellum Letale is an extremely successful game. The mods are pleased and impressed with the quality of the writing here, and we hope you all feel the same. However, the nature of the game, being very plot-heavy and event-oriented, necessitates an end-date before we all start going around in circles with the same material. We felt a last hurrah would be preferable to the equivalent of a tenth Jason movie that we all watch from our wheelchairs.

The parameters of Le Fin will be as follows:

→ There will be a final, closing in-game event, which will run August 1-7.
→ We will allow individual character closing narratives a week (7 days) after the end-date, after which we will close the communities to further posting.
→ No existing posts will be deleted!
[info]letalesquee will remain permanently open for your use, be it fanfic or networking.
→ Pax Letale will remain open, and applications for Pax will reopen after Bellum closes on the 7th.
→ Your characters are your property and you may take them elsewhere or do what you will with them. By default, all characters are held by the players and you may not duplicate them or make derivatives (this license). Note: we will not accept existing [info]bellumletale characters into [info]paxletale.
The mods are retaining ownership of the game’s premise and game files, and we are allowing non-commercial derivatives. That means if you would really like to set up a building across the street from the heap of rubble that used to be Bellum Letale named Apples and Oranges, you may do so just by crediting us and not making money off of it. :D

Jun. 11th, 2010


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