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fluffyllama [userpic]
The Archive lives!

As you've probably seen, because I've been buried in [info]mcshep_match entries for the last couple of weeks (fun though that is) we made it to the target on the fundraising!

Thank you SO much to everyone who donated, offered help or bought from the Artfire site. (Everything ordered from the site in July has now been sent out, btw, just give it time to arrive from the UK.) You're all fantastic, as is everyone who made suggestions or helped spread the word. Thanks to all of you the domain name has been renewed already, the outstanding bills paid and the hosting is covered for a little over two years. Phew.

As soon as I'm back from my expedition to almost-maybe-possibly-Wales (it's on the border and debatable) I will put up the posts on the LJ and IJ comms so that new fandoms and accounts etc. can be requested. There's not much point putting them up now and immediately disappearing for a week *g*

Thanks again everyone!

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