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I want to inform everyone that the site is going to be down for one night this week. Our hosting provider is migrating the InsaneJournal server to a new datacenter. We are going to go down on Wednesday night, June 13th at 10:00PM EDT, and should be back up before 6:00AM on Thursday morning June 14th.

Thank you for your understanding in this issue.

Edit: Updated the timezone to EDT from EST as we are in daylight savings here
  • Although I'll be sad about missing time in my new (and favorite) playground, you are AWESOME for giving us this much advance notice.

    Thank you LOTS, and wow do I love this place!
    • You're welcome. I really don't like this idea and I am going to raise hell if things don't go smoothly, but I will make sure I have a good backup of everything before the move.
  • Thank for the notice and for such a late time to be doing this (yay for being west coast!). I'll be able to get my posting in before the servers go down :)!
    • You're welcome. Unfortunatly we didn't get to pick the time. I woudl ahve done it later so it wouldn't affect the west coast at all. The site is going to be going down prime time on the west coast which I am really not happy with.
  • *blink*

    So, we're getting over 48 hours warning of downtime, and someone was told that the person who on any other site we would be yelling at for extra downtime will instead be the one doing the yelling for us in the case of extra downtime? And all this was done in a community that gets published on the front entry of the entire site.

    As someone who has dealt with both LJ and in the past... squee. I feel wanted here.
    • You don't know how much I second that statement. I feel so wanted and at home. You I matter.
      • Same here, even though I've only been here for a few days.

        And it's really odd, because my fandom is mostly over at LJ and I know one of my pairing comms, the one I am the most involved in, doesn't have a counterpart here. And it's not likely it will, because it's one of those post-a-month places that keeps being just on the active side of abandoned and even if I started a counterpart asylum it would probably stay the same way. The community I am absolutely most involved in over there doesn't have a counterpart asylum here either.

        And yet I still feel at home here.
        • Thanks, I'm glad you like it here. It seems everyone is one big happy family over here. I hope it stays that way. I'll do my part. But we need user's like you to help even more!
      • I'm glad you feel that way, because you are wanted here. (not in the dead or alive manner either)
    • Totally! That is awesome. Considering one of the major reasons I didn't like GJ for a main journal was the complete lack of transparency into what the staff are doing, this is total <3
      • I know what you mean. It's like some of those other sites are run by zombies or something.
        • But zombies are the new pirates! That would make them cool or something.

          My ♥ didn't show up, heh.
    • Thanks, I didn't think that much of it. I come from a background where notification of planned maintainance is key. Guess not everyone realizes what notification will do for customer service.
      • True Story.

        No input was acquired from the userbase at before the first of the fabled character strippings. It took support request after support request before users understood that the sudden upload problems were intentional-there wasn't even a distinctly visible notification that there was a new policy. The character combinations stripped included a form of designating telepathic communication used by a segment of the Star Wars fandom. To this day, those character combinations are still banned. If I recall correctly from more recent lists, the canonical way of designating thought-speech in the Animorphs books is also now a problem.

        There's a work around, but it can involve thousands of find-and-replaces manually done after upload, and if the chapter is ever edited again, the find-and-replaces must be done again.

        The major accepted way of designating story pairings has been banned from summaries as well. That in particular affects most users of that site.

        No amount of user complaints and pleas has been able to change any of these problems. And those same users are politely informed that the lag over a week's time was because of scheduled maintenance that no one was told of, and any notified maintenance usually causes problems for weeks without any sign the owners and operators of the site care.

        This sort of common-sense treatment? It's new to at least some of us.
        • Well, I (for one) am glad that you found it here.
  • Thank you for letting us know :)
  • After coming from that other journaling service, it makes me feel so wonderful that you are informing us of maintenance issues...and ahead of time too!

    Thank you, you are my hero!
    • You're welcome.

      And thanks, I always wanted to be a hero .. but better yet a super hero!
      • Well, if you were a super hero, what kind of super power would you have?

        Side note: I can either imagine that you are thrilled that people have found your journal service and are flocking this way. Or you are scared witless at all these irate fangirls taking over. And you's all LJ's fault. ^_~

        Either way, may you reap the benefits! *cheers*
        • I'd love to be able to fly and be invisible.

          And I am thrilled that everyone is here.
  • I totally love you for this.

    No qualms about it now; I'm definitely getting another perm account here in the next few months. ^^
  • thanks!

    Thanks for the notice! it's really appreciated!!!!!


  • A+++ Would be grateful for this advance info again.
  • I'm just gonna echo the sentiments of everyone else. Hallelujah for good customer service!
  • Missed my IJ sooooooo much! Thanks for the notice. It would have made me crazy if I hadn't known why I couldn't get in!
  • ... You... the site... it's actually back up and running within the estimated service time? Not three days later with spotty service in the interm?

  • Holy Pizza rolls. You guys really do rock, sadly I didn't even realise that the site not working last night was downtime, I actually went to a friend and exploded. 'Don't you hate when you find something super good and it disappears.' xDD Thank gawd you guys aren't randomly disappearing.

    So my favourite new place.
    • Well I'm glad that you didn't even notice. That's how I hoped it woudl work
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