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ANBU Legacy Ebooks [Feb. 25th, 2018|02:52 pm]
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ANBU Legacy vol. 1 ANBU Legacy vol. 2 ANBU Legacy vol. 1

The first three volumes of ANBU Legacy are now available in ebook form!

Volume 1 contains the chapters from Mama Come Home to The Way Home (from the prologue through the Demon Mission arc) and is 196k words long.

Volume 2 contains chapters from Short Straw to One of Those Lives (Get Used to It), from the Hikouto Coup arc through the Traitor Mission arc. It is 210k words long.

Volume 3 collects the chapters from Sound the Bells to Laws of Gravity, from the Intel Review arc through the end of the Team Reorganization arc. It is 217k words long.

Volume 1: epub | mobi | PDF
Volume 2: epub | mobi | PDF
Volume 3: epub | mobi | PDF

As always, these compiled versions of ANBU Legacy are available to you free of charge. However, if you’ve ever wanted to buy us a coffee or other hot beverage of choice, we are now on Ko-Fi and welcome donations toward the next Legacy Writers’ Retreat. :D

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