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From Here On Out [Jun. 2nd, 2013|10:19 pm]
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[User Picture]From: [info]ueno_katsuko
2013-06-03 02:38 am (UTC)


“So,” Katsuko said, as pieces of slaughtered grass fluttered to the ground. “Who’s up for one last group spar as a team?”

Mitarou and Isamu made twin sounds of extreme distress. Raidou got one hand on Isamu’s arm and the other on the back of Mitarou’s shirt, hauling them up to their feet. “Come on,” he ordered, no sympathy in his voice at all.

Katsuko stood, rolling her shoulders. “We should probably dial it back a little. Want to set a time limit?”

“Four seconds,” Isamu said, instantly.

Mitarou gave him a judgemental look. “Wuss. Eight, at least.”

Katsuko rolled her eyes at them and turned to Raidou, smirking. “Your decision, captain.”

Startlement flickered behind Raidou’s eyes, there and gone again. He looked up at the sun, judging its position on the horizon. “We’ve got about an hour of light left. We’ll go until the sun’s down, then call it quits.”

“Excellent.” Katsuko rubbed her hands together. “Two against two? Free-for-all? I vote free-for-all.”

Isamu hugged Mitarou hard enough Katsuko was surprised she didn’t hear ribs creak. “Plant roses on my grave, okay?”

Mitarou elbowed him in the face.

“Free-for-all,” Raidou decided, grinning. “You’ve got four seconds to run. One...”

Mitarou blurred away in one direction. Isamu retreated in the other. Katsuko, impatient to get to the fun part of things, leapt off the ground and kicked Raidou in the face. His head snapped back as he staggered, but his hands shot out and caught her leg. He twisted at the waist, throwing Katsuko into the air like a discus.

She tucked her head in, hit the ground in a roll and sprang back up to her feet. Her katana and kodachi hissed out from their sheaths in one smooth motion; she started towards Raidou, but another chakra signature made her pivot on her heel and scythe out with her blades.

Isamu’s tanto clashed against her katana, drawing sparks. He grinned at her and disengaged, leaping back as he threw a kunai at her throat. She knocked it out of the air and gave chase.