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Guilty Filthy Souls [May. 21st, 2014|08:44 pm]
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[User Picture]From: [info]tousaki_ryouma
2014-05-22 05:25 am (UTC)


Katsuko and Kakashi were both breathing slow and even when the captain and the lieutenant came limping back into the bunk room, but Ryouma pushed himself up on his elbow and craned to see over Kakashi's blanket-shrouded shoulder. Genma looked a bit better, not quite so pale, though the bruises under his eyes were darkening spectacularly. Raidou had clean bandages on his hands and a questioning lift to his brow.

"Kakashi's okay," Ryouma said. A bit too loud; Katsuko stirred and mumbled something, but didn't rouse.

It was probably safe to move, finally. He slid out from under the blankets, tucked them in against Kakashi's side, and eased painfully off the ledge. Over-strained muscles had begun to stiffen while he lay still and sleepless under the blankets. He should probably stretch, at some point, but just now the ache felt warranted.

Nothing else hurt, very much. He might have felt better if it did.

He stepped aside for Raidou to ease Genma down into the nest of mattresses and blankets on the ledge. A tin mug was still there, with its coating of green syrup at the bottom. He snatched it hastily out of the way and reported, "Katsuko had her tea and went mostly to sleep. Kakashi hasn't roused, but he's getting warmer. Finally stopped shivering about ten minutes ago."

Katsuko made a thin, fretful sound from her side of the pile of blankets, and pulled them over her head. Apparently mostly was still the operative word.

Genma allowed himself to be lowered into the space Ryouma had vacated, and his IV drip spiked to the wall next to Kakashi's, but he refused to lie down until he'd checked Kakashi's vitals. Assuring himself that Ryouma could actually tell sleep from death, apparently, or that Ryouma hadn't decided to kill Kakashi and then lie about it. "Did you give him another chakra burst, or is he holding his own?"

"We've just been cuddling, since you left," Ryouma said, a little too waspishly.

Raidou gave him a quizzical look. Genma dragged up an eyebrow.

Ryouma looked away, and tried to drain the irritation back out of his voice. Genma hadn't really done anything to earn it. "No, I haven't transfused him again. He seemed steady. And I don't want to overload his system, anyway, with his coils all burned like that."

"Good," Genma said, sounding pleased enough to forgive Ryouma's rudeness. "Your chakra must be a good fit for him, if it's holding steady." He was wavering with exhaustion, but he still pulled himself together enough to give Ryouma a sharp once-over. "Doing okay yourself?"

"Not sleepy," Ryouma said. It wasn't anywhere near answering what Genma'd asked, but it was the best he could manage.

The soldier pills were a valid excuse, anyway. He could blame the jitters and the crankiness on caffeine and chakra-surge, or even on the oversweetened tea Katsuko's clones had brought. No one'd think it strange if he didn't sleep for what remained of the night. They'd probably just be grateful there was someone awake to stand watch with the shadow clones.

He should make an effort, even so.

He jerked a thumb at Genma's bruised face. "You still want that nose set, or wait till we get real medics in?"

Genma winced. "Soonest we could get someone in here is probably six hours, and that's assuming there's a medic at one of the other safehouses who could come straight here. More likely they'll have to send someone from Konoha, and that's a day and a half…"

He sighed, swallowed, and braced himself, hands splayed over his knees. "You'd better do it. We've already waited a little too long as it is. I need to get some of the blood out and take the swelling down first, though. Taichou, you mind bracing me up while we do this? And Tousaki, get some gauze ready. I'm not clotting great. This could be messy."