Friday, March 7th, 2014

Who: Gabrielle Delacour and Luna Lovegood
What: Gabrielle catches a hint of something and is intrigued...
When: Tuesday, Oct 1. Trio's 7th year.
Where: Outside the Great Hall.
Rating: NC-17
Note: This thread takes place in the Tracey/Heidi AU storyline.

Things hadn't been going quite as Gabrielle had hoped since she had come to Hogwarts. It had been far, far too boring. For all her plans for lots and lots of adventures and trouble, she had found very little of it. Even the rumors about the depravity and fun to be had in Slytherin house seemed to have been greatly exaggerated. Oh sure, she had found some fun; Sara Moon was a stand out and what she had expected for Slytherins. But, it seemed most others were just prudes. There were tragically few sexy teachers and one had been strictly forbidden to her by Fleur. Gabrielle was wondering if she should try to return to Beauxbatons soon.

That was, assuming she was allowed to...

She hadn't discussed it with Fleur yet, but Professor Carrow had implied that the school was locked down and no one was to leave. At first, that sounded too good to be true. Now it sounded like a prison sentence.

Then there was Fleur. Gabrielle was still full of many mixed emotions about her sister, her sister's fiancé, and where that left Gabrielle. Fleur was one of the highlights sexually of being at Hogwarts but even she seemed to not have enough time for Gabrielle because of her job and Lavender.

Having had dinner, Gabrielle was looked at another disappointing night. Fleur was busy. Sara had Theo hanging all over her. And any other prospects that came to mind were far too desperate to be with her to be enticing in the least. Which was very sad because Gabrielle was in quite a state.

As dinner came to a close, Gabrielle was staring down at her plate when she suddenly caught an interesting scent. Her eyes immediately darkened and she hid behind her hair. She didn't look up for a few minutes while she got herself under control.

She glanced up and saw a quirky looking blonde girl in a Ravenclaw uniform almost skipping her way out of the Great Hall. As she moved away, Gabrielle was certain that was where the intriguing, enticing, intoxicating scent was coming from. Ignoring her hangers-on, she made her way out.

The other girl was moving slowly so it was easy to catch up with her. In her perfectly tailored Slytherin uniform, her hair neatly up in a clean bun, and subtle make up that was meticulously applied, Gabrielle approached her. "Allo," she greeted Luna, her French accent thick in that moment. "I am Gabrielle Delacour."
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Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Who: Narcissa Black and Hermione Granger
What: Narcissa dos not need to have a babysitter to throw a ball.
When: Thursday, October 12
Where: Hermione's office, Ministry of Magic
Rating: PG

Narcissa wore a completely unamused face as she rode the elevator up to the office of one H. Granger. Really, all she wanted to do was give back to the community with a charity ball. The same thing she had been doing for the past decade it seemed. There wasn't really much else to do as Lucius Malfoy's wife ,other than be a socialite. So to think that she really needed a supervisor for this, as the ministry seemed to think, was preposterous. What's even more preposterous was that her supervisor was no older than her own son! She tried to keep it at that shallow level of meaning rather than think about the other reason why she didn't want to work with Hermione Granger.

She remembers vividly how Bella tortured the poor girl. She wanted to stand up and stop her sister, do something to help the Gryffindor, but she was powerless and she had Draco to think of.Still, Narcissa knew that she had many regrets in life, but not doing something to save Hermione that day will always be one of the biggest.

Sighing, Narcissa straightened up and put on her usual icy demeanor to intimidate anyone in her presence. Stepping off the elevator, on Hermione's floor, she made her way to Hermione's office. Once outside it, she did a once over on her outfit, a form fitting green robe, with grey linings that showed off a hint of leg and bright red lips to top off the refined look.

Knocking on the door, Narcissa waited on an answer, knowing the younger woman was there.
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Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Who: Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood
What: Lavender and Fleur need some time before Gabrielle gets here. Gabrielle needs to talk to her big sis and Gabrielle decides she needs a Slytherin to play with...
When: Sunday, May 27. Trio's 6th year.
Where: The library, to start.
Rating: NC-17
Note: This thread takes place in the Tracey/Heidi AU storyline.

Hermione Granger was at her wit's end. Things had taken a drastic turn on Friday; it was a turn so drastic that Hermione still couldn't really believe that it had happened! At least until she reached under her skirt to discover her problem was still there! It had been almost three days! If it was going to just go away on its own, it would have done so already. Right?

There was one person to blame; Harry Potter.

If it wasn't for his insufferable love of that stupid potions book, his protectiveness of it, his secret meetings with Professor Dumbledore, his secrets in general, this never would have happened! Hermione wouldn't have been in the Restricted Section every night. She wouldn't have been researching all sorts of strange things. She wouldn't have been examining dark artifacts.

Hermione had no idea what had caused her...problem. Because of that, trying to find a solution had been impossible. She feared it might remain that way. Attending classes on Friday had been draining. She found herself thinking dirty thoughts no matter what she tried to concentrate on. Of course, when she did that, her problem was so much harder to hide under her school skirt.

She was growing desperate for help but had no idea who to turn to. Harry and Ron? It would be a cold bloody day in hell. Ron would say something crass and clueless. Harry would get all flustered. It would be a nightmare.

Ginny? No. Just no. The mere thought made Hermione want to die.

Nurse Pomfrey? She was a professional and Hermione thought she might work. Though, then she would need to explain what she had been doing and why, especially because she had no idea what caused it. Was it a potion she was brewing? A combination of the five she had been brewing? A dark artifact? Without knowing, Hermione would need to list them all then she would need to explain why she had been doing it. No, she couldn't do that. Not yet, anyways.

The same went for the rest of the staff.

That left only one person. Spying the one person who might, might be able to help, Hermione steeled her resolve and walked over to the blonde Ravenclaw. "Hello, Luna," she greeted her, trying to keep her tone light and even. "How are you?"

"I was might be able to help me with something," Hermione explained, though she really had no idea how she could go about asking what she needed.
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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey gives Heidi a second chance.
When: Saturday, Oct 17th 2003. 6pm
Where: Tracey's flat.
Rating: Who knows, PG-13 to start.
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

After Tracey had left the night before, Heidi had all but broken down. She spent practically the whole night sobbing; a mix of the drugs that were still in her system and the fact that Tracey had seen her like this and that she had gone so far as to almost hurt Tracey. Eventually, Heidi had fallen asleep. On the floor of her bathroom.

Waking up from her sob and drug-induced slumber Heidi realized that it was a new day and that she had one last chance to try and get Tracey back in her life for real. This time, she was determined not to screw it up. Spending the day as a nervous wreck, Heidi waited around anxiously since she had no civil service to do that day. Her mind kept racing, though it always landed back on one thing. Tracey Davis.

When four came around, Heidi decided to get ready. Again she chose a outfit not too formal, a nice black fitted muggle band tee and form-fitting red corduroy pants topped with a black leather studded belt and won black converse sneakers and a few rings on each hand.

Running a hand through her hair as she took one last look in her mirror, Heidi slipped on her old dull green military jacket - this time free of any drugs in the pockets - and left her loft.

As she apparated to near Tracey's flat, Heidi stopped at a florist and bought a single periwinkle orchid before continuing on. In a few minutes she was at Tracey's door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked and waited for an answer.
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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Fleur Delacour
What: Tracey hatches a desperate plan to save face and discredit Heidi after being outed. Fleur is a perfect candidate to help.
When: May 16, 1997
Where: Fleur's Classroom/office.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, dubious consent.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. This is, partly, how they did it…

Tracey was frantic, manic, as she set about to finding a way to hide the truths that had been blurted out about her. She had warred with herself over what she should do. Part of her wanted to just accept it, admit it and see what could be made with Heidi. She wanted it so badly, it hurt.

But then, there were other things in play. Then, Tracey's mother had gotten involved…

Since that day, Tracey had fully embraced everything about her that made her Slytherin. She skulked and schemed and plotted and pondered. Most of all, Tracey watched. She watched everything.

After a short time, it became clear who her greatest ally would be and who would be the key of getting that person in her pocket. Tracey began to follow, no stalk, Lavender Brown. She watched everything she did and everywhere she went. One day, she even stole from her.

She had spent day after day in her laboratory and the library researching and brewing. Tracey, much to her annoyance, was not successful the first time or even the second or the third. However, on the tenth try, she got it right. At least, she thought she had.

The result of all her work tucked safely away, Tracey made her way towards Fleur's classroom. She wore a pristine uniform and her golden hair was hanging loose over her shoulders.

Knocking lightly at the door, she tried her best to quiet her pounding heart and to affect the look of an innocent, yet alluring, school girl.
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Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Sara Moon
What: Sara must need something because she agrees to see Tracey.
When: Friday, Oct 16th 2003. 11pm
Where: Tracey's flat, Diagon Alleya, to start.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey was totally shaken after seeing Heidi. She had agonized all day over the same questions she had been asking herself at Heidi’s flat and then added a few more. What about Sara? What about what they had? How did that affect what she might have with Heidi? No matter what the question, Tracey couldn’t come up with an answer.

She knew she needed answers and the only place she could get them immediately from Heidi so she could only get answers from one person…

Taking the enchanted quill and parchment that Sara had given her, allegedly protected from being read by anyone else, Tracey began to scribble a note. She had to try a few times before she got a note that was anything close to what she was willing to send.

One version was too needy and desperate, Sara would never come if she read that. One was too cold, Sara wouldn’t feel desired enough. The space between their visits was always long enough for Tracey to be practically aching with need by the time she saw Sara.

Sara, I have been thinking about you the last few days. Our last night at that elegant hotel you took me to was exquisite. It still warms me to think of it. I feel warm now even as I write you.

See me tonight and I’ll show you how I feel now…

She hoped that would entice Sara enough to see her. Despite everything, all the tension with Heidi and the memories of Sara had made her unbelievably randy. Her inner turmoil had dampened it some, but it was less and less by the hour.

Sara, if she agreed to meet Tracey, always selected some random and lavish location. Tracey always had to sneak and assure that she wasn’t seen. As she dressed, Tracey hoped that Sara would send her a note…
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Friday, February 6th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey is having Heidi over for dinner. What is she thinking?
When: Friday, Oct 16th 2003. 10am
Where: Tracey's flat, Diagon Alleya.
Rating: Who knows? PG-13 to start
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey spent the whole week on edge. Hiding everything about her, as she always did, her job only added to her level of apprehension. First she worried about having Heidi over at all; it was a bad idea. Then she worried about her place, it was small and spartan on her meager salary. Then she worried about what she should make.

By the time Friday arrived she was nearly a wreck. If she hadn't called out sick so much at work, she surely would have. So, she went to the Ministry and just stewed at her desk all day. The end of the day couldn't come fast enough.

She survived to the end of the day, somehow, and left work to stop at the market. Picking out all the ingredients for the meal, she also bought a small bottle of wine. Once she got home she poured herself a glass to calm her nerves.

What should she do with her "shrine"? Tracey sighed when she looked at it. Heidi knew about it but she didn't know the scope. Taking down most of it, Tracey left a few pictures and articles up and hid the rest away.

Dressing in a proper, gray wool skirt with a white silk blouse. Dinner was cooking on the stove as Tracey waited nervously. With the time drawing near for Heidi to get there, she finished her glass of wine and hid the bottle away.
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey is coming back, despite her better judgment.
When: Tuesday, Oct 13th 2003
Where: Heidi's flat in Muggle London.
Rating: Who knows? PG-13 to start
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey barely slept the night before. Everything that was said at Heidi's flat played in her head over and over again. She spent most of the night crying and wondering why she had agreed to go back.

Morning came far too early. She had been tempted to call out sick to work but she was on thin ice with her boss. Tracey couldn't be without a job, no matter how much she hated that job. She didn't have mummy and daddy's money like some people…

Work was hell that day. She barely got anything accomplished except managing to avoid her boss. Which was good for her, Tracey's boss would have been less than impressed with how little work she had done.

Once her day was over, Tracey snuck off to change. She wasn't going to wear anything provocative by any means but her frumpy work robes needed to go. More nervous than she could explain away to herself, she applied some light make up in the loo before changing into a casual, big gray wool sweater and slightly baggy jeans before putting her hair up in a ponytail and sliding on a pair of trainers.

Stopping at the store, she took a long time to pick out what she wanted to make. After bagging up her groceries, Tracey began her trek to assure that she wasn't followed. Sure that she hadn't been, but paranoid she had, Tracey apprated to an ally near Heidi's place then quickly donned her invisibility cloak.

Riding the elevator up, she wondered if she would find the door open and welcoming or shut…
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey and Heidi have a chance encounter…
When: Monday, Oct 12th 2003
Where: London, outside the Ministry of Magic.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey Davis looked thoroughly defeated as she walked out of the Minsitry of Magic. Dressed in dark green robes that were nice but hardly extravagant, she looked like someone who used her clothes to convey the modest success she had achieved because her face didn't reflect even a hint of joy or pride. Her blonde hair was pinned up on her head and she wore heeled boots that clicked on the concrete as she walked and ducked into The Hog's Head so she could get to Diagon Alley.

Stepping inside, the brick wall crunched shut behind her. Sighing, she started to make her way to the shop to pick up something for dinner. Though, she really had no interest in eating; she never did and it showed that she lost the fullness in her cheeks that she had as a teenager.

While most of her coworkers took the Floo, Tracey never did. Her flat wasn't on the network, she didn't want anyone stopping by. At first it had been because of Sara and, more specifically, her husband, then it was just…she didn't really have any friends left to stop by.

Besides, it killed time which was something Tracey had in abundance. She really had nothing to do. She had lost her desire to experiment and make potions. She had no friends or social life. Tracey spent most of her time waiting to back to her tortuous job and going to her tortuous job.

Making her way into the market, she began to peruse the shelves and bins hoping that she could find something that might give her some joy if only for a little while.
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