Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Who: Horace Slughorn, Alecto Carrow, Lavender Brown, Gabrielle Delacour, Fleur Delacour and Sara Moon
What: Lavender and Fleur need some time before Gabrielle gets here. Gabrielle needs to talk to her big sis and Gabrielle decides she needs a Slytherin to play with...
When: Friday, September 10
Where: Fleur's office, to start.
Rating: NC-17

Lavender had been giddy all day. Well, Giddy didn't even begin to describe it, actually. No matter how much pouting she had done, Fleur had stuck to her convictions that they needed to be subtle with their relationship. It was too easy to get caught if Lavender was always in Fleur's office or stayed the night or they shagged in the hallways. Jeez! It was like Fleur thought she couldn't keep her mouth shut!

However, all that was forgotten since she got to go to Fleur's quarters for a little while. She knew she would actually get some more time when Fleur's sister's visit was over. Deciding she wanted to tempt and torture her love a little bit, Lavender donned the sexiest outfit she could manage. It was a white mini-skirt, clingy blouse and purple scarf Fleur had bought in her in Paris. It had barely lasted ten seconds on Lavender's body once they got home so she knew Fleur loved it.

Making her way to Fleur's office, she stopped at the door and knocked lightly. "Professor Delacour? It's Lavender Brown. May I speak with you for a moment?" She was doing her best to sound proper and professional but failed miserably. Her voice was sing song and mischievous. Luckily, there didn't seem to be anyone around. After a few moments, Lavender let herself in and looked around excitedly for her mate once the door was closed and they were truly in private.
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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Who: Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy
When: 2 weeks after their time together on Prefects duty, Saturday visit to Hogsmeade
What: Hermione is feeling caged up and decides to get out of the castle without the boys
Where: The Hogs Head Bar
Rating: NC17, Het. This pairing is f*cked up...
Notes: Hermione and Draco started fooling around again months after their first tryst that ended with Hermione casting a spell on Draco to make him forget what had happened. She told him the truth after an romp in the halls after hours and they are meeting in secret again

Hermione was so happy the weather had finally evened out in time for the first spring visit to Hogsmeade. She had been feeling terribly caged up inside the castle since she and Draco were meeting in dark corridors and hidden corners of the grounds; they were insatiable. It made her shiver slightly when she thought of the things she let him do to her including little punishments that were downright demeaning and she loved them. She would feel herself blush under Harry and Ron’s gazes, they would never understand, she didn’t really understand.

Today she made excuses at breakfast when Ron and Harry bothered her about their trip into the village, saying she would catch up to them later, she had something to look up in the library, it wasn’t hard to believe…

She had dressed in muggle clothing today, a form fitting blue jumper that dipped squarely at the neck and a denim skirt that hit her above the knee. She had tamed her wild curls into silky tendrils with potion and painted on a little of the muggle makeup she had got over the summer at Harvey Nichols. She looked nice and she was hoping to catch Draco’s eye, he had mentioned meeting at some point today but he never made plans, she didn’t want to seem desperate.

Heading out for the day she treaded across the grounds and wound her way down the path in the village, seeing Ron and Harry through the window of the Three Broomsticks she ducked out of sight before they spotted her. She felt like a Butter beer but didn’t want to get trapped, she the Hog’s Head became her destination. Pushing the door open she found it mostly deserted and seated herself at a table in the corner, getting a scowl from the barman at her presence.
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Friday, March 26th, 2010

Who: Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy
What: A chance meeting of old enemies.
When: December 20th, 1999.
Where: London. The Crystal Wand.
Rating: Who knows…

Ginny needed a break. She needed to get away. Being around the Burrow, with all the happy couples congregating there for the holiday, was impossible for her to tolerate. She wasn’t going to be arriving with Harry and that was going to cause lots of annoying questions.

She hadn’t been seeing Harry for a while but no one really knew that besides Hermione and Ron and they had kept it to themselves. Harry had spent a lot of time talking to Hermione for the last couple months he and Ginny was together and thinking of that only soured Ginny’s mood more.

It hadn’t taken too much effort to make enough excuses about training camp and such to convince her mum that she wouldn’t be home until the twenty third. Until then, she was going to take some of her signing money and have some fun in London.

She had gotten the nicest room at the Leaky Cauldron and got herself gussied up for a night at Wizarding London’s hottest spot. The Crystal Wand was a bar and dance club for you, and often well-to-do, witches and wizards. There were still a lot of emotional wounds from Voldemort’s fall and younger people blew off steam often.

Ginny wore a long wool trench coat that she planned to check the moment she got there. Her hair was down and she wore dark eye make up. Her Quidditch toned body was in a tight, short, black satin dress that left her arms, legs and most of her back bare. She hoped it was warm in the club…

Arriving at the spot, she looked for the brick marked with the circle and pointed arrow. Taking her wand, she tapped it on the brick three times. The bricks moved to create and archway. From beyond was the pounding, loud music that lots of people were dancing to.

A section of leather chairs and couches was off to one side. On the other side was a long bar of chrome and black glass. Smoke and shafts of light filled the room. Smiling, Ginny decided this would be a great distraction.

Checking her coat, she set up a tab with the doorman so she didn’t need to carry anything and moved inside and up to the bar to get a drink.
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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Who: Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson
What: Draco needs to figure something out and Pansy is the perfect person to help.
When: January 16th, Noon 5th year
Where: Potions classroom
Rating: NC-17

Millicent’s words had really cut him and he found it impossible to think of much else in the days that had followed. It was the girl that was supposed to worry about the boy’s pleasure. Wasn’t it enough that they got to please him? Why was Millicent so displeased when Pansy seemed fine with it.

He had been tense the entire time. Draco snapped at nearly everyone and went out of his way to bully everyone he could. The tension between him and Millicent was so thick you could cut it with a knife but it wasn’t the good kind of tension like before.

He worried about her threat. Draco had been sure that Pansy would take it out on Millicent if she ever found out and not him. Sure he would get the cold shoulder for a few days or whatever but Millicent had seemed so sure that he would pay that it worried him.

Plus, she had said he was a bad lover. That stung. But what to do?

Sitting in potions, Draco had given the matter so much thought over the last few days that he had come up with a plan. Pansy shared a table with him and they were brewing a potion; well, he was sitting and watching while she brewed it.

Under the table, his hand came to rest on her knee. Studiously, he observed the potion as his fingers teasingly caressed the bare skin just above her knee high socks. After a few moments, his fingers wandered to the inside of her thigh.
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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Who: Millicent Bulstrode and Draco Malfoy
What: Late night in the Slytherin Common room
When: January 13th, 1 a.m. 5th year
Where: Slytherin common room
Rating: TBD

Millicent was laying on one of the plush sofas in the common room, curled up on one end with a book. She'd been avoiding Draco since they'd gotten back to school, knowing full well what he'd done with Pansy in the loo. She didn't want to think about that now, not even after her talk with Pansy. It had gone well and Pansy still remained queen of the Slytherin girls. Millicent didn't care though. All she wanted was to be left alone.

She looked up when she heard someone coming down from the dormitories and sighed heavily when she saw Draco's outline. If she could, she would sink down into the sofa so he wouldn't see her, but unfortunately, she couldn't. So she'd simply have to deal with him.

"What are you doing up?" she asked as he neared the sofa.
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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Who: Millicent Bulstrode and Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson
What: The ride back to Hogwarts.
When: January 8th, noon. 5th year
Where: Hogwarts Express
Rating: NC-17

Draco sighed in feigned annoyance as he and his gang strolled through the cars looking for an empty cabin for them to ride in on the long trek back to Scotland. Seeing one that had a couple of firsties, Draco motioned for Crabbe and Goyle to clear them out.

Standing back, aloof and confident, Draco acted like he owned the place. He looked the part too. Dressed in a black on black, pinstriped suit, it looked like it could have been created by Italian designers and people might have guessed it had if Draco would have ever been caught dead in something a Muggle had made. No, this suit was from Madame Zorbay’s Clothiers in Knockturn Alley.

His hair was slick and perfectly style and his thin and lanky frame was a stark comparison to that of his two goons. Dutifully, Pansy stood a few steps behind him and grinned evilly as the little kids were bodily expelled from the car.

With a bored wave of his hand, Draco motioned everyone inside car. He left his trunk in the hall knowing that Crabbe or Goyle would get it and moved inside. Not waiting, he took his seat first and sighed.

“I can’t believe we have to go back to this sorry excuse for a school,” he complained to no one in particular.
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Monday, September 21st, 2009

Who: Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy
What: Sometimes memory charms only work as well as the caster wanted them too...
When: nearly midnight during Prefect Duty
Where: 3rd Floor Landing
Rating: NC-17 HET

Once upon a time Hermione Granger had her entire life figured out. That was until three months ago when something had happened between herself and one of her greatest enemies, Draco Malfoy. She hated even thinking his name for almost two and a half of those months... but somewhere along the line her mind had began to wander back to the bruising kisses and rough thrusts they had shared on three separate occasions.

He remembered none of this though, Hermione had made sure of that the night of what she decided was going to be their last tryst. She had wandered around for all this time, stealing glances more and more lately at the boy she hate become a man she desired. Draco's arrogance made her stomach turn but the way he looked at her when he caught her gazing her way was what made Hermione so curious. He seemed confused sometimes, like he might remember, then it would turn into a snarl and she would look away.

She had caught him alone twice in the last month on Prefect duties, they had been assigned the same evening to patrol the corridors it seemed. Hermione had to force herself to stop from following him down a dark corridor one night when everyone split up their separate ways.

Tonight she was in the last corridor on the third floor, right near the Charms class room. It was quiet and she took a moment to lean against a pillar so she could close her eyes and try to shake off the curiosity inside her that was gnawing there... would he want her all over again if the chance arose? She chastized herself for even thinking it and shook her head, eyes still closed.
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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Who: Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy
What: They have to finish what they didn't finish for McGonagall the previous week, the last in this little trilogy of D/Hr :)
When: Oct 23, 1997. Friday, 7PM
Where: McGonagall's classroom to start
Rating: NC-17 eventually. HET

In less than one week, life had become uncomfortably complicated for Hermione Granger. )
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Monday, December 29th, 2008

Who: Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy
What: Hermione can’t stop thinking about what happened in detention
When: Oct 21, 1997. Wednesday, 1pm.
Where: outside the Arithmancy corridor
Rating: NC-17

Hermione knew that she had been acting strange, she didn’t need Ron to tell her or Harry to keep giving her funny looks over the breakfast table every morning. She couldn’t get that night she had spent with Draco in the closet out of her mind, it had been wrong, dirty, lewd, and it had been the best sexual experience of her life.

She had walked funny the next day just like he had wanted; she ached for nearly four days after he had fucked her from behind in their detention with McGonagall. She hadn’t taken a bath or a shower that night and laid there with his come leaking out of her, his smell on her skin in her Gryffindor bed, a mark of high treason she was sure in any Hogwarts handbook.

In the hall, she had only dared to catch his eye when none of his cronies or her friends were around. She didn’t stare at him but there was a brief moment and she felt her tummy flip a little. What they had done was wrong but Hermione wanted to do it again.

She was walking to her Arithmancy lesson on Wednesday afternoon, blissfully Ron and Harry free, Ron had been dogging her about what was wrong with her for two days, since she had become less bossy and more reserved. The corridors were mostly empty and she wondered if she was late, glancing down at her watch as she turned a corner.
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